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Before Saitama, Denji, and Goku, there was a robotic hero named Astro Boy. He may not be popular like he was during his reign in the 60s, but he’s a legacy character from a historical anime that set the stage for many future heroes to follow. This anime follows Astro as he defends Japan against many sinister threats. With his abilities and strength, Astro hopes that his acts of kindness will show his world’s human inhabitants that not all robotic life is evil.

Fear not if you’re having trouble finding anime similar to Astro Boy! We’ve discovered 10 alternate shows that’ll give you a similar experience as Astro Boy.

Additionally, for each anime we’ve reviewed, we’ve included a link that allows you to view our full thoughts about the series to see if it’s worth your time.

So without further ado, we present 10 TV shows/anime that should whet your appetite when you’ve finished streaming Astro Boy!


Similarities – Robots & Action

Gigantor and Astro Boy serve as pioneers in the mecha and sci-fi genre of anime. In Gigantor, we follow Shotaro who finds his deceased father’s powerful robot called Tetsujin-28. Alongside his father’s colleague Dr. Shikashima, Shotaro vows to protect Tetsujin-28 from evil criminals who want to use his powers for nefarious purposes.

Both anime have a similar tone and atmosphere, favoring a gripping sense of danger and imminent peril. Viewers will adore seeing Gigantor’s narrative highlight Shotaro and Tetsujin-28’s struggles during times of chaos. Like Astro, these two will need to fend off enemy robots and dastardly crooks if they want to maintain peace within their environment. While it doesn’t offer the most complex plot, Gigantor is a great anime to watch if you’re dying for a mecha series with a retro aesthetic.

Speed Racer

Similarities – Heroic Protagonists & Vintage Anime

Despite its racing theme, Speed Racer’s not far off from feeling like Astro Boy. Both anime have decent storylines, mild animation, and fun characters. Furthermore, both anime deal with ideas concerning heroism, technology, and morality in a time when Japan was undergoing a period of rapid technological advancements.

On that note, both anime use advanced tech as a defining aspect of their worlds. In Speed Racer, the protagonist Go drives the Mach 5, a car with many futuristic features ranging from a homing robot to an invisible deflector. Likewise, Astro is a robot that can fly, lift extremely heavy objects, and shoot lasers. Their diverse tech will make anyone contemplate what we could achieve down the line.

Astro and Go are heroic protagonists who like to foil the schemes of evildoers. The criminals are your run-of-the-mill bad guys, but the ways these two defeat their enemies will bring a smile to your face. Although they may not feel relatable, Speed Racer is guaranteed to fill you with the same excitement as Astro Boy.

Ninja Hattori-kun

Similarities – Themes

Are you seeking another simple and heartwarming story to digest? Ninja Hattori-kun should entertain you. This anime offers a compelling episodic structure filled with likable characters and wholesome scenarios. It’s another anime that follows a young, skilled protagonist who must save the world from evil and contains some compelling action and humor.

Like Astro Boy, Ninja Hattori-kun tackles themes like friendship and teamwork. Our protagonist Hatorri likes enlisting the help of his friend Kenichi in his fight against evil. As for Astro, he relies on his many friends, including Professor Ochanomizu, to help him defeat his enemies. These anime emphasize the importance of working together to accomplish or overcome a difficult goal.

Many episodes of Astro Boy and Ninja Hattori-kun have underlying morals and values for younger audiences. Hattori will touch upon subjects like honesty, determination, and responsibility. These themes and morals will resonate with people of all ages, making this a work that’s great to tune into if you’re trying to help someone strengthen any of these skills.

The Fantastic Adventures of Unico

Similarities – Same Creator & Themes

Astro Boy isn’t the only fabulous work from the late Osamu Tezuka’s catalog. The Fantastic Adventures of Unico is a great gem with child-like characters, adult-oriented themes, and a magical world for folks to immerse themselves in. In it, we follow a newborn unicorn named Unico. He’s known for establishing peace wherever he goes, resulting in the gods banishing Unico to the Hill of Oblivion.

Fortunately, the West Wind (a mystical force) takes Unico under her wing. We examine Unico’s various adventures exploring new islands, befriending creatures, and defeating evildoers. This anime touches upon similar subjects like friendship, heroism, and love. Unico is just as innocent and charming as Astro.

Both characters get treated like outsiders, with Unico constantly fleeing from an evil force to Astro struggling to find his place in his world. At the same time, these anime highlight how one’s actions and heart define them, not their abilities and power. If you’re looking for a magical anime that’ll leave you with a similar answer to what it means to be a hero, check out The Fantastic Adventures of Unico.


Similarities – Action, Sci-fi, Themes

For something that’s more modern, Inuyashiki should do the trick. This anime doesn’t have the best use of CGI, but it has some incredible characters, emotional segments, and compelling action scenes that will get you pumped. It follows Inuyashiki, an elderly fellow who is on his last days of survival but his family could care less about his fate.

One day, he travels to the park with his canine companion and finds a boy named Hiro. Both get hit by a meteorite and wake up the following day to learn they developed robotic capabilities. While Inuyashiki wishes to use his powers for good, Hiro will use them for evil. The two’s paths will cross again, leading to an emotional and climatic finale you don’t want to miss.

Inuyashiki and Astro Boy explore themes of humanity, morality, and societal issues. You’ll develop a fond connection with Inuyashiki throughout the anime and will respect him for his acts of kindness toward others. Inuyashiki also grapples with the idea of being a half-man and half-machine and will struggle to fit into his world. If you can bear with this anime’s weird-looking CGI, then you’re in for a swell time with it.

Prince Planet

Similarities – Action, Characters, Sci-fi

Prince Planet is about Prince Planet, a member of an intergalactic unit who visits Earth to see if they meet the standards set by the Galatic Union of Worlds. Prince Planet, our protagonist, changes his name to Bobby and will find himself fighting off evil aliens and humans. Like Astro, Bobby uses advanced weaponry to defend Earth from evildoers.

The fights look fun in this anime, despite it being a work from the 1960s. The aliens and humans have distinct characteristics to set them apart and you’ll enjoy seeing Bobby thwart his enemy’s plans. At the same time, both anime examine what it’s like to be a hero and highlights the responsibilities that come with the position.

Bobby will need to make grave sacrifices and decisions in most of his battles, leading to thrilling character-driven moments. If you’re looking for another retro anime that offers a decent storyline, check this out.


Similarities – Adventure, Themes, Characters

Metropolis is a sci-fi action anime with breathtaking futuristic locales and characters who experience severe experimentation. Like Astro Boy, this anime’s world is inhabited by robots and humans. At the center of this story are Detective Ban and his sidekick Kenichi. They’re looking for Dr. Laughton, a scientist who is working on the super android Tima for the evil Duke Red.

Kenichi finds Tima and retreats. We examine Kenichi and Ban’s attempts at protecting Tima from Duke Red. Like Astro Boy, Metropolis features a universe that’s heavily influenced by technology and the dangers that come from it. Tima’s desire to be human will make viewers question what actually makes humans human!

Although he’s a robot, Astro experiences a human transformation of his own by developing consciousness, emotions, and a likable personality. Metropolis’s Duke Red has defining qualities that help him feel more multifaceted and fun to examine. If you’re looking for an anime with a sci-fi world that’s corrupt, beautiful, and intriguing, check out Metropolis.


Similarities – Adventure & Sci-fi

Steamboy is a fabulous sci-fi adventure anime. It follows Ray, an inventor who receives a Steam Ball from his grandfather from the United States. Ray’s grandfather wants him to keep the Steam Ball safe from evil people. Like Astro, Ray is a hero with a likable personality. Unfortunately, his character lacks depth like most of the others found in the anime.

Nevertheless, Steamboy’s most recognized for its visuals. Unlike Astro Boy, this anime evokes the strong vibes of the Victorian Age. It reflects that period’s facilities, automobiles, and tone well. Technology, family, and the hero’s journey are core themes shared between Astro Boy and Steamboy. Both protagonists rely on their diverse skillset to save the world from danger.

These anime reflect on the pros and cons of technology in intricate and meaningful ways. If you’re after an anime with more immaculate animation and imagery, Steamboy is worth watching.


Similarities – Childhood Icons, Sci-fi, Humor

For something more child-oriented, we’d like you to check out Doraemon. He’s a childhood icon in the anime industry who likes to go on whimsical, technological adventures with his human friend Nobita. Doraemon hopes by the end of their elongated journey, Nobita will transform into a better, fun-loving individual. Astro Boy and Doraemon tackle technology and how it impacts society.

While Doraemon uses his gadgets from the future to benefit Nobita, Astro uses his robot capabilities to defend his people from evildoers. Both anime feature child protagonists who learn valuable life lessons. In Doraemon, Nobita learns why it’s significant to have close relationships and how being a hard worker has its benefits.

As for Astro, he learns why it’s important to do the right thing, even when the odds are stacked against you. Both anime contain humorous moments that will make fans smile and giggle. If you’re searching for a fun retro anime for you and your kids to watch, Doraemon is a great choice.

8 Man

Similarities – Action, Sci-fi, Characters

8 Man is another 60s anime with a decent premise and fun action scenes that will appeal to those who liked Astro Boy. This anime follows Hachirou, a man who sacrifices his humanity to become a powerful cyborg crime-fighter named 8Man. It’s up to 8Man to stop his world’s continuous violence with his newfound strengths and abilities.

As one can tell, this is another anime following a robotic crime fighter with various abilities. Hachirou isn’t the most rounded character, but he gets tossed into enough entertaining fights and scenarios that will appeal to most audiences. Furthermore, 8 Man tackles themes like justice, morality, and humanity like Astro Boy. Some folks will find it intriguing to see how Hachirou balances his new lifestyle.

The fights in 8 Man look astonishing for their time. Hachirou utilizes many abilities in his fights to get many folks’ pumped for what’s to come per episode. While it doesn’t have the most complex storyline and protagonist, it offers some entertaining action sequences you don’t want to overlook.

So there we have it, our 10 anime/TV show alternatives to watch when you’ve caught up with Astro Boy!

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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