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A Place Further Than The Universe is an excellent anime that’ll persuade you to travel with your friends to new locations. It follows four girls named Mari, Shirase, Hinata, and Yuzuki as they travel to Antarctica to locate Shirase’s mother, who got abandoned in a blizzard during one of her expeditions. This series does an excellent job of giving its cast likable personalities and intriguing backgrounds. You’ll find yourselves rooting for our cast to succeed and feeling down whenever they’re met with a fearsome challenge.

Fear not if you’re having trouble finding anime similar to A Place Further Than The Universe! We’ve discovered 10 alternate shows that’ll give you a similar experience as A Place Further Than The Universe.

Additionally, for each anime we’ve reviewed, we’ve included a link that allows you to view our full thoughts about the series to see if it’s worth your time.

So without further ado, we present 10 TV shows that should whet your appetite when you’ve finished streaming A Place Further Than The Universe!

Laid-Back Camp

Similarities – Atmosphere & Characters 

For those looking for another series with a cozy atmosphere, Laid Back Camp should keep you warm inside. This anime is about a group of females learning more about each and the world around them during their camping endeavors. It doesn’t feature the most intricate plot, but it’s girls who indulge themselves in wholesome activities.

Like A Place Further Than The Universe, this anime’s cast has amazing chemistry and it’s charming to see them discuss silly and emotional topics. It’ll remind people of the times when they went out with their friends, regardless if the place they traveled to was a shop, city, or another fancy area. Both anime feature settings that create a sense of tranquility.

Laid-Back Camp takes place in multiple campsites throughout Japan, showcasing the beauty of the country’s natural landscapes. As for A Place Further Than The Universe, you get to see the girls visit different cities and shops before they embark on their trip to Antarctica. Both anime’s locales emphasize the importance of unwinding and finding harmony in nature.


Similarities – Themes & Characters

K-On is a popular anime known for its characters, relatable situations, and charming narrative. Like A Place Further Than The Universe, this anime follows a female-dominant cast who embark on a journey of self-discovery, forming new connections along the way while highlighting the significance of pursuing your life goals.

In K-On, the protagonists form a band with the aim of becoming successful musicians and performing in front of large crowds. Like Mari and her friends, you’ll admire these girls’ determination to pursue their goals, despite the countless hurdles that await them. Furthermore, the girls in K-On’s relationship is strengthened by their love of music, support for each other, and journey for fame.

Like A Place Further Than The Universe, K-On shows how friendship can help you get through multiple unexpected hurdles and events that’d you’d least expect. If you’re looking for a show that will fill you with warmth, check out K-On.

Hibike! Euphonium

Similarities – Themes

Hibike! Euphonium is a fun music-themed anime with charming romance aspects and enjoyable characters. This anime also evokes an adventurous feel with the protagonists joining their school’s concert band and aiming to compete in a national competition. This echoes Mari and her friends’ journey since they’ll need to accomplish certain tasks that’ll help them reach Antarctica.

Both anime feature characters who are determined to accomplish their goals. In Hibike! Euphonium, the characters endure various obstacles and setbacks, such as internal conflicts within the band and personal hardships. Fortunately, our cast will continue to push themselves and practice, giving viewers multiple reasons to root for their success.

The characters also receive fantastic development like Mari and her friends. Despite having some issues in the past, our protagonists Kumiko and Reina will strengthen their bond through their shared passion for music. In addition to having solid animation and an emotional soundtrack, Hibike! Euphonium is a music anime you don’t want to skip over.

Bocchi The Rock

Similarities – Themes & Characters

Bocchi The Rock is a great anime that examines the quest of Hitori, a girl who wants to become an excellent musician. One day, she meets Nijika, who offers her a spot in her band called Kessoku Band. After performing alongside her new bandmates and earning the name “Bocchi,” Hitori vows to overcome her social anxiety and help her new band succeed.

Like A Place Further Than The Universe, this anime highlights the significance of friendship. Although Bocchi struggles to overcome her social issues, she learns to open up and form connections with those around her. She’ll earn herself a job and will attend trips with her friends to overcome her problems and embrace her unique qualities. If you’re searching for an anime with great comedy aspects and characters, check out Bocchi The Rock.

You can read our thoughts on Bocchi The Rock in our full-season review here!

Aria The Animation

Similarities – Atmosphere & Characters

Aria The Animation is an atmospheric slice-of-life anime that will resonate with you. It takes place during a time when some humans fled to Mars while others stayed on Earth. Our protagonist Akari is a new resident of Mars and wants to become a tour guide. To take a step in her career, she joins the Aria Company to accomplish her goals.

Like Mari, you’ll enjoy seeing Akari forge new connections with her friends. The anime evokes a relaxing atmosphere with its less-populated environments. Although these areas may not look as lively as you’d expect, it helps make the world feel more calming as a result. The characters in Aria are likable and lively, though. Many have great personalities and interesting stories to share.

Akari seems more sophisticated and intelligent than Mari and the others. You’ll adore hearing her speak fondly of Mars and give intricate takes on the sights she stumbles upon. If you need an anime that’s calm and sci-fi-like, check out Aria The Animation.

Space Brothers

Similarities – Adventure & Themes

Space Brothers is a funny slice-of-life anime with underlying messages about pursuing one’s dreams and following one’s passions. While Space Brothers and A Place Further Than The Universe have different settings and protagonists, they capture the spirit of adventure and showcase why it’s important to strive for your goals.

Our story follows Mutta and Nanba, two siblings who want to become great astronauts. As with A Place Further Than The Universe, this anime shows how being a hard-working, determined individual has its merits. You’ll see our characters struggle to achieve their dreams and feel hopeless in certain scenarios. However, through their willpower, they’ll conjure the strength necessary to overcome their challenges. This mirrors our female cast’s problems with getting to Antarctica in A Place Further Than The Universe.

They’ll struggle to raise money and must deal with many personal conflicts to enjoy themselves on this eventful expedition. Both anime highlights the significance of forming human connections. Nanba guides and motivates Mutta every step of the way. Similarly, Mari, Hinata, and Yuzuki will instill hope in Shirase that she’ll find what she’s looking for in Antarctica. In addition to having great animation, Space Brothers is a great anime to watch after Space Brothers.


Similarities – Characters & Themes

Have you ever wondered what life would be like as an animator? If so, then I recommend giving Shirobako a watch. As with A Place Further Than The Universe, Shirobako provides a batch of female protagonists who set out on a journey to achieve their wildest dreams. By supporting each other’s efforts, the girls overcome various challenges that will prevent them from achieving their goals.

Shirobako follows Aoi, Ema, Mirdori, Shizuka, and Misa. They form an animation club in high school due to their shared love for anime. While Aoi and Ema find success in the industry later, the other three are struggling or have their sights set on different dreams now. These five friends learn life likes to throw many curve balls, but with enough determination, they can overcome its sneaky tactics.

Everyone from Aoi to Misa receives excellent character development. They’ll engage in thoughtful interactions that will make them ponder about their lives and help them grow as people. The anime has stunning animation, allowing people to immerse themselves in our characters’ world. If you ever wanted to work for an animation company, this anime will help you decide if that’s the perfect route for you.

Girls' Last Tour

Girls’ Last Tour

Similarities – Characters & Adventure

Girls’ Last Tour may look harmless, but it’s a lot darker than you can imagine. It follows two girls named Chito and Yuuri. They spend their lives traveling through the remains of a dead civilization. While exploring and searching for valuables, Chito and Yuuri reflect on this area’s past. Like Mari and her friends, Chito and Yuuri receive great development and have excellent chemistry.

Viewers will love seeing them interact with each other and learning more about their takes on this once-thriving community. Even though mankind has perished, Chito and Yuuri must overcome multiple hurdles from food shortages to locating new resting spots during their expedition. This mirrors the training regimes and personal struggles Mari and her friends encounter in their world. Although Girls’ Last Tour is darker than A Place Further Than The Universe, it’s another great adventure series worth watching.

Tamako Market

Similarities – Characters & Tone

Are you in need of another anime that’ll make you feel relaxed? Tamako Market promises that with its characters, wacky humor, and comfy atmosphere. Like A Place Further Than The Universe, this anime tackles friendship and has its protagonist Tamako embark on a personal journey that’ll help her become more confident and mature.

This anime is brimming with lighthearted humor and heartwarming moments. You’ll adore seeing Tamako build stronger relationships with her friends and other residents in her area. Each interaction will fill you with glee and make you smile. On that note, both anime evoke a sense of community. Mari and her friends receive support from their loved ones, friends, and the expedition team.

Tamako receives support from those who stop by her family’s market and her close friends. Both anime showcase how having a supportive following can make you feel loved and give you the motivation you need to accomplish any of your desired goals. Give this anime a watch when you’re depressed or lack motivation.

Violet Evergarden

Similarities – Characters & Adventure

Violet Evergarden delivers a complex world full of well-written characters. It’s set in a futuristic society where robots and humans work and live in unison. At the center of this tale is Violet. She’s a former army veteran who lost her arms during a war. With her new robotic prosthetics, she embarks on a journey to understand what her Major meant when he said he loved her.

Violet and Shirase are similar characters. They set out on journeys and hope to receive an answer to a question that’s been clouding their minds for a long time. For Shirase, she wants to know if her mother’s alive in Antarctica, while Violet travels through multiple locales to understand her Major’s confession.

Both girls receive excellent growth and become more rounded individuals by their anime’s conclusion. That said, both anime emphasizes why it’s important to establish close connections with new people. By interacting with others and learning about their qualms, Violet reconnects with her dormant emotions and develops meaningful relationships with many individuals. With its breathtaking animation and glorious soundtrack adding more fuel to the fire, Violet Evergarden is a must-watch anime.

You can read our thoughts on Violet Evergarden in our full-season review here!

So there we have it, our 10 anime/TV show alternatives to watch when you’ve caught up with A Place Further Than The Universe!

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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