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Another is a fun horror anime. Many claim it to be the anime equivalent of the Final Destination film franchise. It evokes a strong sense of mystery but doesn’t deliver the best characters. Nonetheless, it’s a series that doesn’t hold back with its nightmarish imagery and gruesome deaths. In it, we follow Kouichi, a boy who befriends a mysterious girl named Mei.

Everyone warns Kouichi not to bother her. However, he chooses to ignore his classmate’s warnings and gets to know Mei better. Little does Kouichi know that Mei may share a direct correlation with the murders happening around him. Therefore, Mei and Koichi must work together to solve the mystery behind the heinous deaths taking place in their town.

Fear not if you’re having trouble finding anime similar to Another! We’ve discovered 10 alternate shows that’ll give you a similar experience as Another.

Additionally, for each anime we’ve reviewed, we’ve included a link that allows you to view our full thoughts about the series to see if it’s worth your time.

So without further ado, we present 10 TV shows that should whet your appetite when you’ve finished streaming Another!

Higurashi When They Cry

Similarities – Horror & Thriller

Higurashi When They Cry (Higurashi) is a series that enjoys toying with its audience. Its first season is littered with many mysteries for viewers to solve while it’s the second season grants them the answers they seek. To some extent, it evokes feelings of a literal video game, which is appreciative considering this is based on a sound novel.

Nonetheless, Higurashi offers a compelling mystery filled with impressive thrills and dark imagery. Like Another, viewers will find themselves looking away from their screens with the number of gruesome visuals inserted into this show. On that note, the series builds upon its characters to a similar extent as its cast feels more rounded than those found in Another.

Although the anime starts off slow, it excellently builds off its creepy atmosphere and tension. If you’re looking for another creepy anime to watch that’ll give you chills, check this one out.



Similarities – Horror

Shiki is a vampire-themed anime with incredible scares. The mystery surrounding its spooky setting and shady cast will encourage viewers to continue watching. The series offers an incredible twist that’ll make you question who really are the monsters in this show. It offers excellent commentary on human nature and features pinches of gore to keep things moving.

The deaths in this show are gruesome. Many viewers who don’t like seeing people’s limbs snap or having their faces caved in by weapons and vehicles will not have a pleasant experience with this one. If you’re someone who adores series that go the extra mile to get a scare out of you, Shiki might be the show for you.

Give it a watch if you’re into vampire shows with clever twists and gruesome imagery.

Elfen Lied

Similarities – Disturbing Imagery

Elfen Lied is a walking pile of tragedy, violence, and beauty. Unlike Another, its animation hasn’t aged the best. Characters appear stiff and jagged when they move and stand in place. However, the show offers constant thrills and gory imagery that’ll appeal to many horror enthusiasts. This show went on to inspire a few smash hits like Stranger Things.

In it, we follow Lucy, a woman whose been held hostage by a government facility because of telekinetic powers and killing intent. Declared a Diclonius, Lucy escapes her imprisonment and wreaks havoc on the facility’s personnel. Unfortunately, she winds up jumping into a roaring ocean and getting a concussion.

She wakes up along a shore and develops a split personality. Two college students find Lucy and take her in. Little do they know, that there now a part of a government conspiracy. Elfen Lied’s a dreadful show that doesn’t hold back on its violence and explicit content. It’s a show that’s not for the faint of heart. From puppies getting brutally murdered to children receiving excessive beatings, it’s a show that’s not for everyone. However, if you have a strong stomach and are okay with extremely violent shows, give it a shot.

Death Note

Similarities – Mystery & Thriller

Death Note is a nightmarish roller coaster that never gets dull. It features constant twists and turns that’ll get you excited. With its well-crafted mind games, gloomy visuals, and multiple mysteries, you’ll be hoping the show never concludes. In it, we follow Light Yagami, a high schooler who wants to rid the world of criminals.

One day, he finds a notebook called the Death Note. Its owner can murder anyone they want as long as they write their full name in it. Light goes on a murder spree and gets hailed as a hero in the eyes of many. With his alias Kira, Light will feel unstoppable. However, his world comes to a stop when he learns that a profound young detective named L Lawliet is after him.

Therefore, we follow Light and L’s constant battles of good vs evil in this exhilarating crime series. If you’re searching for a show with excellent characters, clever writing, and engaging scenarios, give this one a shot.

You can read our thoughts on Death Note in our full-season review here!

Tokyo Ghoul

Similarities – Thriller

Tokyo Ghoul is a nightmarish thriller with strong supernatural elements. No one in this show is safe from danger and everyone appears as a monster. With a decent narrative, gloomy world, and gruesome fights, horror fans will find a lot to enjoy with this one. In it, we follow college student Kaneki, who goes on a date with a girl named Rize.

His date doesn’t go accordingly, resulting in Kaneki waking up in the hospital the following day. Upon leaving the hospital, Kaneki realizes that he’s become a half-human and ghoul hybrid. We examine Kaneki’s newfound life as he tries to strike a balance between the two. Folks that enjoyed the mind-numbing deaths in Another, will adore Tokyo Ghoul’s gruesome tone and imagery.

The show provides some mysteries worth contemplating. However, fans will fall in love with the show’s cast and epic battles more. If you’re looking for a fun action-centric horror series, give this one a shot.

Angel Beats

Similarities – Supernatural & Themes

Angel Beats contains similar themes of romance and tragedy. This series offers subtle mysteries worth speculating about with friends and contains a well-rounded cast. The show offers some soothing OST that’ll help viewers remain entranced by the show’s setting and tone. In it, we follow Otonashi, a boy who dies in a tragic car accident. He winds up in a strange dimension between life and death.

He encounters the Afterlife Battlefront. It consists of students who are determined to murder their president Angel. Upon meeting Angel, Otonashi realizes she’s not as evil as the Battlefront says she is. Otonashi hopes to establish peace between both enemy factions. This show’s relentless with its drama and depressing imagery.

It offers more romance than Another but handles its supernatural aspects well. Give this a watch if you’re looking for another dreadful show with some lighthearted moments.


Similarities – Themes

Erased are a mystery and sci-fi-themed anime with a fun plot, cast, and world. The mystery isn’t challenging to solve but the drama wrapped around its cast is something to behold. This anime tackles similar themes of death and despair. It has horrible things happen to young children, so those with a faint heart may not love this one.

While it’s not afraid to depict children in harmful situations, it’ll feature them participating in harmonious activities that’ll fill you with glee. In it, we follow a man named Satoru who travels in time to prevent an old classmate from dying. He must uncover the suspect responsible for her and his mother’s demise.

If you’re looking for a sci-fi-themed anime with a mysterious edge, give this one a chance.

Ghost Hunt

Similarities – Mystery

This show is an underrated gem. It features fun story beats, likable chaarcters, and a tense atmosphere. Its premise revolves around school students hunting supernatural ghosts and creatures. These monstrosities aren’t friendly and will do whatever they can to instill fear in our cast and the viewers.

To that extent, it offers a similar angle to Another. Both shows have students banding together to resolve supernatural issues. Both groups will witness cruel things happen to innocent and deserving people. The show’s pacing isn’t the best, but it provides you with enough intense moments that’ll get under your skin.

If you’re looking for a classic detective series with strong supernatural themes, give Ghost Hunt a try.


Similarities – Characters

Hyouka follows Oreki, a boy who desires a mundane life. One day, Tomoe, his sister, asks him to save her school’s Classics Club from closing. He’s against it at first but decides to offer her a helping hand. Therefore, we peer into Classics Club’s lives as they solve numerous puzzles, mysteries, and crimes.

Both anime harbor premises involving students solving problems. The issues Another’s cast endures feel more deadly and traumatic than most of the things Oreki and his friends handle. However, both series give off a sense of dread and suspense. Hyouka’s cast feels a bit more rounded than anyone you’d find in Another though.

In any case, Hyouka is worth checking out if you enjoy school-themed anime with a hint of mystery, problem-solving, and intriguing characters.

Hell Girl

Similarities – Characters, Themes, Gore

Hell Girl is a show that engulfs viewers in creepy imagery. It fabulously depicts the dark sides of humanity and includes an intruiging plot structure that’s worth investing your time in. Like Another, this show knows how to balance its mystery and horror aspects. You’ll find yourself getting constant chills from what its cast indulges in per episode.

The story examines the rough life of Ai Enma and her assistants. They work for an esteemed website and receive several requests to send people’s souls to hell. It’s a terrifying and depressing job, but Ai isn’t afraid to dish out these punishments. This shows does an excellent job of showing viewers what goes on inside a killer’s mind.

You’ll get to see how they perceive death from a victim and murderer’s point of view. It also offers an interesting take on the afterlife. Give this show a watch if you’re looking for an unsettling horror anime.

So there we have it, our 10 anime/TV show alternatives to watch when you’ve caught up with Another!

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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