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Mature teen romances are at an all-time high, and thanks to streaming platforms like Netflix and Prime Video, there have been a lot to pick from in recent times. Through My Window is one such erotic romance that narrates the story of two next-door neighbours. The high school couple, Ares and Raquel, fall in love despite the differences in their cultural backgrounds.

If you enjoyed watching both movies in the ongoing romantic saga, you may be looking for some alternatives to whet your appetite. Well, fret not. Here are 10 movies like Through My Window that you will definitely enjoy.


The Girl Next Door (2004)

This movie follows the story of 18-year-old Matthew Kidman, a straight-arrow overachiever, who has never really lived life. He falls for his new neighbour, a beautiful and seemingly innocent Danielle.

When Matthew discovers this perfect girl next door is a one-time porn star, his sheltered existence begins to spin out of control. Ultimately, Danielle helps Matthew emerge from his shell and discover that sometimes you have to risk everything for the person you love.

The Choice (2016)

Based on a Nicholas Sparks novel, the movie follows the story of Travis Shaw, a ladies’ man who thinks a serious relationship would cramp his easygoing lifestyle.

Meanwhile, Gabby Holland is a feisty medical student who’s preparing to settle down with her long-term boyfriend. Fate brings Gabby and Travis together after Gabby moves next door to Travis, sparking an irresistible attraction that upends both of their lives.

Culpa Mia (My Fault) (2023)

Similarities: Bad Boy Romance, Forbidden Romance, Erotic

This popular 2023 movie tells the tale of a forbidden romance between Nick and his step-sister – Noah. After her mother marries a rich businessman, Noah is forced to leave her town, boyfriend and friends behind. She moves into the mansion of her mother’s new rich husband.

There, she meets Nick, her new stepbrother, and the two are soon drawn to each other despite the situation their parents are in. Noah discovers that behind the image of a model son, Nick, is hiding something.

Everything Everything (2017)

Similarities: Neighbors to Lovers, Romance

The movie follows the story of Maddy, a smart, curious and imaginative 18-year-old who is unable to leave the protection of the hermetically-sealed environment within her house because of an illness. She meets Olly, the boy next door, who won’t let that stop them from being together.

The two often gaze through windows and talk to each other through texts as they form a meaningful connection that prompts them to risk everything to be together, even if it means losing everything.

After (2019)

Similarities: Bad Boy Romance, Erotic

Based on the Wattpad novel series of the same name, the movie narrates the beginning of a young girl named Tessa Young’s college romance. Before she moved away from home for college, Tessa used to be a dedicated student, dutiful daughter and loyal girlfriend to her high school sweetheart.

However, once she does enter college, Tessa’s guarded world opens up when she meets Hardin Scott, a mysterious and brooding rebel who makes her question all she thought she knew about herself. After meeting Hardin, Tessa’s life turns upside down when she discovers the ways of the world, while also learning what her innate desires are.

Purple Hearts (2022)

Similarities: Romance, Melodrama

The popular 2022 movie follows the romantic journey of Cassie Salazar and Luke Morrow, two people who couldn’t be more different. Cassie works nights at a bar and struggles to make ends meet while pursuing her dream of becoming a singer/songwriter.

Luke is a troubled Marine who is about to ship out for duty, and someone who finds comfort in discipline. However, after chancing an encounter with Cassie at her bar, the lives of both Luke and Cassie change.

The Kissing Booth (2018)

Similarities: Teen Romance, Rich Male Lead

The first movie of a trilogy, The Kissing Booth follows the story of a high school student who finds herself face-to-face with her childhood crush and the brother of her best friend after she signs up to work at the spring carnival’s Kissing Booth. What starts off as a kiss soon turns into a whirlwind romance involving the betrayal of childhood friendships as well as the journey of finding true love through different challenges.

Pretty Woman (1990)

Similarities: Forbidden Romance, Rich Male Lead

This classic story follows the story of Vivian, a prostitute who finds herself falling in love with a wealthy businessman, making for an unlikely pair. After Edward meets a hooker, Vivian, on his business trip in LA, the two get close to each other.

Over their weekend together, Edward and Vivian discover that there are significant hurdles to overcome as they try to bridge the gap between their very different worlds.

Fifty Shades of Grey (2015)

Similarities: Erotic, Rich Male Lead

Another movie based on a novel trilogy is the 2015 sensation, Fifty Shades of Grey, which follows the story of college senior Anastasia Steele, who interviews a prominent businessman, Christian Grey, filling in for her roommate and best friend.

The rich, powerful, and enigmatic Christian finds himself strangely drawn to Ana, and she does to him. Despite being sexually inexperienced, Ana plunges headlong into an affair and learns that Christian’s true sexual preferences push the boundaries of pain and pleasure.

Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

Similarities: Forbidden Romance, Rich Male Lead

The popular romance follows the story of Rachel Chu who accompanies her longtime boyfriend, Nick, to his best friend’s wedding in Singapore. There, she learns that Nick’s family is extremely wealthy and he’s considered one of the country’s most eligible bachelors.

After suddenly being thrust into the spotlight, Rachel now contends with jealous socialites, quirky relatives, as well as Nick’s disapproving mother.

There we have it, our list of the 10 movie alternatives to the Netflix original film series, Through My Window!

What do you think about our picks? Did your favourite make the list? Were there any honourable omissions? Let us know in the comments below.

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