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Gritty supernatural films with comic elements

Teen Wolf fans rejoice as finally after 4 years, we got a reunion in the form of Teen Wolf: The Movie. With all of our favourite characters growing up and going their own way, they all reunite in Beacon Hills after they start hallucinating their old and very dead friend, Allison Argent.

Their plan to put her soul to rest backfires. On top of that, an old enemy returns to get revenge on them by manipulating them with what they have lost. With a shocking ending that has us begging for more, we have curated a list of supernatural films to turn to instead.

Here are 10 similarly supernatural movies to watch if you enjoyed Teen Wolf: The Movie.

Teen Wolf

Similarities – Comedy, teen, werewolves

Did you know that Teen Wolf: The Movie is based on the 2011 teen show Teen Wolf which is based on the 1985 supernatural comedy film Teen Wolf? See a whole new Scott and Stiles as the two navigate high school while Scott faces a new kind of puberty – turning into a werewolf.

In a classic coming-of-age movie, Scott’s newly found powers make him the popular kid in school and he needs to figure out how to stay true to himself while also getting the hottest girl, winning the championship and finding a date for the Spring Dance.


Similarities – Gritty, action, romance, hunters, werewolves

Underworld is a dark action film series which focuses on the war between werewolves and vampires. It follows the vampire Selene who is a werewolf hunter. While investigating Lucien, a supposedly dead werewolf she finds out that both vampires and werewolves are after a human, Michael.

She helps him escape but not before Lucien bites him. Selene must now uncover the truth behind Lucien’s existence, why both species are after Michael and whether to kill the infected human.

Van Helsing

Similarities – Gritty, action, hunters, werewolves

In a campy, gothic film, we see the legendary Van Helsing in his youth and how he used to go about hunting monsters. He happens upon Transylvania which is overrun by every creature imaginable from Frankenstein, its monster, Dracula, his brides and werewolves.

Unable to defeat them alone, he enlists the help of Anna who is looking for her brother. However, she catches the eye of Dracula and they must race against time to kill him before he unleashes thousands of vampires upon the world.


Similarities – Gritty, action, hunters, supernatural

In a world where vampires are the scourge of the Earth, Blade takes it upon himself to be a vigilante of sorts to hunt and kill vampires. Along with the help of his mentor Whistler and Karen, a victim he saves, he uses his supernatural powers akin to vampires to kill them all. He is the perfect vampire hunter as he has none of their weaknesses and all of their strengths except for the fact that his blood is much sought after as it can awaken the vampire god.

Red Riding Hood

Similarities – Action, romance, werewolves

Made by the same director of Twilight, this Red Riding Hood live-action is a gothic and romantic version of the fairy tale where our protagonist, Valerie falls in love with a monster. In a small town where everyone knows everyone, Valerie is betrothed to a rich blacksmith but she is in love with a poor woodcutter, Peter. At the same time, their village is plagued by a werewolf with all signs pointing to someone precious to her.

Warm Bodies

Similarities – Comedy, action, unnatural

Warm Bodies is a black comedy with a dystopian setting as the world is overrun by zombies. However, in this universe, zombies are conscious beings and can read the memories of their victims. During a raid, Julie gets stuck at an airport with a zombie, R who happens to fall for her after eating her boyfriend’s brains. Their interaction also starts bringing about changes in R which just so could be the cure for the infected.

Jennifer’s Body

Similarities – Teen drama, supernatural

Jennifer’s Body is a black comedy that has now achieved a cult-like status for its critique of sexism and LGBT+ representation. It follows the friendship of Jennifer, the popular high school mean girl and Needy, the quiet and shy introvert. Despite their pole’s apart personalities, they are the best of friends that is until a kidnapping turns Jennifer into a boy-killing monster. And the only one who can stop her is Needy, the one person who trusts and loves her.

The Covenant

Similarities – Gritty, teen drama, supernatural

The Covenant is another dark teen drama on the list thanks to its gothic aesthetic and moody and broody characters. In a town where witches have an almost royal status, four boys, the heirs to the highest witch families rule their school. However, with the incoming of a new student who drives a rift between the four boys and a sudden murder, suspicion and mistrust starts bubbling.

Seventh Son

Similarities – Supernatural, hunters

After Gregory fails to kill the all-evil witch, Mother Malkin, he realises his old age is limiting him and looks for an apprentice he can trust to take his place as the next monster hunter. With Malkin’s army getting powerful, he chances upon a farmer’s son, Thomas who shows promise. He must train him before Malkin regains her powers and sets out to get revenge on the old hunter who had almost killed her.

Beautiful Creatures

Similarities – Teen drama, romance, supernatural

Beautiful Creatures is set in Gatlin where the supernatural exists. Ethan is an ordinary high schooler who cannot stop dreaming about a girl till one day she materialises in front of him as the new transfer student, Lena. However, there are rumours that her family worships the devils and has evil powers. But that doesn’t stop Ethan who befriends her as he cannot help but get the feeling that they are somehow linked.

So there we have it, our 10 movie alternatives to watch when you’re finished watching Teen Wolf: The Movie.

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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