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Thrilling Experience with Futuristic Movies

Netflix Korea kicked off 2023 with some interesting choices like the sci-fi action movie Jung_E. We got a Dr. Yun working hard to create the perfect combat robot AI based on her own comatose mother who was a war hero. Unfortunately, the obviously evil company Kronoid has its own plans which have Yun racing against time to save the only semblance of her mother that remains. The ending left us hankering for more but fortunately, there are thematically similar movies for you to turn to.

Here are 10 similarly futuristic movies to watch if you enjoyed Jung_E.

Space Sweepers

Similarities – Korean characters, sci-fi

In a space adventure film, our heroes are literally space sweepers aka fancy garbage collectors just trying to earn enough to survive. That is till they end up finding Dorothy, a robot that has a powerful weapon that can cause large-scale destruction. It is now up to them to either ransom it and give it to its creators, a terrorist organization or the space authorities that also have suspicious motives.


Similarities – Korean characters, dystopian setting

Ever wondered what today’s kids would do if a zombie apocalypse took place? #Alive takes us through a world-ending scenario through the camera of a live streamer who is afraid to venture out. In his struggle to survive, Joon-woo must face his inner demons as well as the demons outside and find hope in his neighbour, Yoo-bin.

The Matrix

Similarities – Sci-fi, inhuman antagonist

Matrix can be considered the blueprint of humanistic sci-fi movies and is pretty much there in every futuristic genre recommendation. Much like Captain Yun’s AI of Jung_E, Neo realises that his surroundings are not real and that he is the only one who can save the human race from aliens. And the only way to do that is by escaping reality and fighting them in virtual reality/simulation.


The Terminator

Similarities – Sci-fi, AI hero

Oh, fun fact, we are closer to the year the Terminator came from – 2029 than the original release date of the movie…which was in 1984. Feels unreal right, just like the concept of this series. We have a cyborg assassin travelling back to the 80s to kill a woman whose child will be the one who can save humanity from an AI attack. And the only one who can stop him is a time travelling rebel who must get to the woman, Sarah before the Terminator does.

Train to Busan

Similarities – Korean characters, dystopia, against all odds

Made by Yeon Sang-ho, the same director of Jung_E, Train to Busan gives us a similarly exciting adventure. Passengers of a bullet train must survive till they reach the last destination as a zombie outbreak destroys almost all of Seoul immediately. Every passing station reduces the number of survivors as they struggle to fend off the zombies.


Similarities – Korean characters, unnatural protagonist

Director Yeon Sang-ho seems to have a preference for futuristic films as this time Psychokinesis puts a spin on the superhero genre. A completely ordinary security guard accidentally gets superpowers that allow him to move things with his mind. While he has a strained relationship with his ex-wife’s daughter, he decides to help her after she goes up against a corrupt company.


Similarities – Futuristic, AI character

While most films show a futuristic setting with the advent of technology, Her is set in the present day with only one difference – AI assistants exist. A lonely and introverted Theodore falls in love with his AI, Samantha who encourages his feelings for her by reciprocating them. They start dating but as the AI continues to develop, he starts to lose control of the whole situation.

Ex Machina

Similarities – Futuristic, AI characters

Caleb gets a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to shadow reclusive CEO Nathan Bateman in his home after winning a programming contest. He comes across the AI robot Ava which Nathan has been working on and starts getting close to her. Her emotional outburst has Caleb convinced that the CEO is working on something nefarious and hopes to free Ava from him.

Blade Runner 2049

Similarities – Sci-fi, AI characters

In a sequel to the 1982 Blade Runner, we have K, a humanoid robot coming across a case where a humanoid fell in love with a human and biologically gave birth to a child. His boss orders him to hunt down and kill the child so that the knowledge does not lead to a war. As K gets closer and closer to the child’s location, he can’t help but shake off the feeling that he has memories of childhood, something humanoids aren’t supposed to have.


Similarities – Sci-fi, cyborg

If you wished that Jung_E focused more on the AI, RoboCop is the series you should turn to. After Officer Alex Murphy is fatally wounded during a case, he is saved by OCP, a technology firm. However, there is a catch. Since only his torso survived in the accident, he has been turned into a cyborg with no memory of his previous life.

However, as he starts serving as a RoboCop, he uncovers the truth behind OCP’s motives while also finding out who he is and what happened to him.

So there we have it, our 10 movie alternatives to watch when you’re finished watching Jung_E.

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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