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Revenge for the sake of family

As the first Netflix Vietnam Original film, Furies (Thanh Soi) is an exciting action movie that encompasses everything we love about the country from martial arts and the nightlife to melodrama and revenge stories. Helmed by Veronica Ngo, the high-octane action thriller focuses on four women who decide to become vigilantes and help the weak after they each go through a traumatic incident. Well, if you want more such exciting revenge dramas and action films, we’ve got you. 

So, without further wait, here are 10 movies with a similar premise to watch if you liked Furies.


Similarities – Action, revenge, missing family

Taken is pretty much the blueprint for the parent planning revenge/rescue operation after their child is kidnapped trope in action films. Bryan Mills, a former military man and CIA agent decides to give into his daughter’s demands and allows her to take a trip to France with her friend. However, he is upset when he learns that the girls lied and hope to follow U2’s tour.

He calls them just as they are settling in but he is distraught to find that some Albanian traffickers have broken in and kidnapped the girls. One of the men takes the mobile from the daughter and as Mills threatens him, the man wishes him luck. With only a voice to go by, a cat-and-mouse chase ensues as Mills searches for his daughter.

578 Magnum

Similarities – Action, Vietnam, revenge, missing family

The Vietnamese take on Taken, this time we have a surly truck driver whose whole world is his young daughter. After he drops her to a new school, he is horrified to find out she had been kidnapped and raped by some gangsters before she is once again found.

Angered by the incident, he decides to avenge her by tracking down those responsible. However, he finds himself in a much bigger conspiracy that he may not be able to handle on his own.


Similarities – Action, Vietnam, revenge, missing family, main lead

Considered a sequel to Furies, Veronica Ngo returns as a badass gangster with family troubles. She plays Hai Phuong who falls in love with a gangster and is disowned by her family. She lives a secluded life with Mai, her daughter and works as a ruthless debt collector. One day, while she is working, she suddenly finds Mai missing only to see that she has been kidnapped.

She chases the kidnappers to her best abilities till she loses sight of them in Saigon, her old haunt. Forced to contact her old henchmen, she must first get through unresolved tensions before she can get some help.

John Wick

Similarities – Action, revenge

Each decade requires a revenge film franchise, and in the late 2010s, we got John Wick starring the charismatic Keanu Reeves. It all begins with a petty incident when Iosef, a young gangster tries to buy Wick’s favourite car.

As the former assassin refuses, Iosef steals the car and for added measure kills his puppy. With the pet being his last connection to his late wife, Wick goes on a rampage that has the underground world putting out a bounty as they fear for their lives.

American Assassin

Similarities – Action, revenge, missing family

Having lost the love of his life, much like Jacqueline in Furies, Mitch Rapp’s only purpose in life is to get revenge. However, as an ordinary citizen, he isn’t able to do much when he infiltrates the terrorist group that killed his fiancée.

He is caught in the crossfire when the CIA take action before he can. Upset that he never got a chance at revenge, he goes berserk. However, seeing his potential, they recruit him for a black ops unit which is being run by the no-nonsense veteran, Stan Hurley.

The Rebel

Similarities – Action, Vietnam, main lead, hidden agenda

Considered a Vietnamese superstar, it is no surprise that Veronica Ngo once again stars in this cult martial arts film made in 2007. With a historical twist, it is based in the 1920’s when the country was rebelling against the French occupation. In order to quell the rebellion, the government enlists Vietnamese agents who will know the inner workings of the locals.

However, one of the agents, Cuong who struggles with a guilty conscience of killing his own countrymen faces a crisis when he saves a rebel leader and falls for his daughter, Thuy. To make matters worse, they are targeted by Cuong’s superior, the brutal Sy.

The Batman

Similarities – Action, revenge, vigilante

The 2022 version of The Batman takes everything we love about Bruce Wayne, the masked vigilante and gives us a dark and gritty tale of revenge and betrayal. An already-established Batman meets a new nemesis, the Riddler as it starts picking off people one by one. However, instead of targeting the superhero, the villain offers to befriend him and offers the targets as gifts to Batman.

With the help of Gordon and Selina Kyle, as they try to find a connection between the victims, a dangerous secret threatens to spill out and ruin the Wayne family.


Similarities – revenge, missing family, female-centric

After Rawlings and his gang are killed by the police for stealing $2 million and the money is lost, their wives end up in the line of fire. Turns out they stole from the ruthless Jamal Manning who has half of Chicago behind his back.

Short of funds for his political campaign, he threatens the women to get back the money their husbands stole from him. Veronica Rawlings is forced to get in touch with all the wives of her husband’s gang and come up with a way to steal that money for Manning.

Promising Young Woman

Similarities – Revenge, female vigilante

If Jacqueline hadn’t betrayed the girls in Furies, we would have gotten something like Promising Young Woman. Unable to let go of a traumatic incident where her classmate Al raped her friend Nina which led to her death, Cassie spends her nights as a female vigilante, targeting predatory men who may want to take advantage of drunk women. As she learns that Al is set to marry, she decides to exact revenge on him and those involved in the incident.

Miss Meadows

Similarities – Revenge, female vigilante, missing family

Similarly, Miss Meadows is another film where the woman is successful in becoming a female vigilante who roams the streets taking down criminals and men who target women, children or the weak. In the day, Mary Meadows is a cheerful and bright school teacher whose only friend is her mother and by night she uses her delicate frame to lull men into a false sense of security and kills them.

However, the sheriff who has a crush on her starts investigating the murders and cannot help but shake the feeling that something is off with Mary. Meanwhile, she faces a dangerous threat as her newest target ends up stalking her.

So there we have it, our 10 movie alternatives to watch when you’re finished watching Furies.

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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