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Action movies with a touch of absurdism

Evelyn is a Chinese woman who does ordinary things and has normal problems like dealing with the IRS, evading her husband who wants to divorce her and getting ready to welcome her overbearing father who is about to visit her.

That is till all of this seems worthless when someone from an alternate universe arrives and announces that the alpha version of Evelyn had created verse-jumping. But it has led to a mysterious danger that can destroy the world unless Evelyn steps up and stops it.

A mash-up of Chinese kung-fu movies, the superhero genre and absurd comedy, Everything Everywhere All At Once is a fun watch with layers of meaning that will have you returning to it again and again. But if you want to check out something new with the same theme, we’ve got something on that front too. Here are 10 similar action movies to watch if you enjoyed Everything Everywhere All At Once.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Similarities – Asian, action, superhero

If you have compared Everything Everywhere All At Once with Shang Chi, you’re not alone. The Marvel superhero movie introduces the MCU’s first Asian leading superhero character (Mantis and Wong, unfortunately, are yet to get their time to shine) as Shaun aka Shang Chi leaves his checkered past behind to live a normal life.

However, it catches up to him when his father, the all-powerful Xu Wenwu sends assassins after him to steal the pendant his mother had given him. Realising that it is a pair with the second one belonging to his sister Xialing, Shang-Chi must find her and warn her.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Similarities – Superhero, action, multiverse

America Chavez and Doctor Steven Strange are running through parallel universes as they are being chased by a demon while they look for a secret book. However, Strange is killed and in an attempt to escape, Chavez ends up on our Earth where the Avenger’s Strange and Wong help her. After she explains that she is being attacked for her verse jumping, Strange decides to ask the help of an old friend who he may not know anymore.


Similarities – Absurd, superpowers

A black comedy, Horns follows Ig who after being suspected of killing his girlfriend gets roaring drunk only to wake up with horns on his forehead. While he is the only one who panics and tries to get it removed, no one else finds it odd.

Instead, the horns allow him to get people to tell them their darkest desires (pretty much akin to our dear Lucifer from the Netflix show). So, with nothing else to do, Ig goes about uncovering the murder of his girlfriend with his newfound powers.


Similarities – Action, superhero

A group of powerful aliens, Eternals land on Earth with the task to protect the planet from Deviants. However, centuries pass and with the disappearance of the alien demons, the Eternals go their separate ways and assimilate with the humans. However, after a bizarre attack that kills their leader, they are forced to give up their lives and get back together to face the new danger.


Similarities – Action, manipulating time, end of the world

After The Protagonist is indoctrinated into the secret organization Tenet, he is told that man has invented a new facet of time travel that allows bullets to move back in time and for people to talk to those in the future.

The Protagonist and his partner, Neil now must manipulate time to stop those who have weaponized time and are set to destroy the world by attacking from a future time period (watching it is as confusing as trying to explain the plot, trust us, but may be worth it — we’ll leave that to you).

Spider-Man: No Way Home

Similarities – Superhero, action, multiverse

After Quentin reveals Spider-Man’s identity to the world, Peter Parker requests Doctor Strange to erase everyone’s memory of his identity. But he keeps adding his loved ones who should be an exception to the spell that ends up messing up the whole ritual. Instead, all of the villains that Spider-Man ever fought in all the other universes appear and start targeting him. Overwhelmed with several powerful supervillains, Peter decides to get some help.

Donnie Darko

Similarities – Absurd, unnatural powers, end of the world

Donnie is your typical emo angsty teenager who is a loner at school, goes to therapy and sleepwalks. Following an episode of sleepwalking that saved his life after a plane crashed into his empty bedroom, Donnie gets a premonition.

The world will end in 28 days and this date is accompanied by visions from Frank, a huge rabbit. With his therapist telling him that he might be schizophrenic, Donnie must decide whether to save the world or chalk up the visions as simply a symptom.

White Noise

Similarities – Absurd, tragedy

Jack lives a chaotic life as he finds the ‘Hitler’ studies at his college, doesn’t actually speak German, and lives with his fourth wife and kids from his previous marriages while dreaming about his death. However, one day a train crashes in his town that contaminates the air with toxic chemical waste. Jack and his neighbours must evacuate but every time they try to leave, they face some obstacle or the other.

Don’t Look Up

Similarities – Absurd, end of the world

NASA scientists Kate and Randall discover a comet heading for Earth that can pretty much destroy the planet. They take it to the White House only for the President to laugh it off. They share the news with the press only for Kate to become a meme after she is frustrated with the way everyone takes the literally earth-shattering news lightly.

But as the news starts gaining traction, everyone does their best to take advantage of it from the President using it to bury her sex scandal while a billionaire tries to mine the comet for rare elements.

Crazy Rich Asians

Similarities – Asian, comedy

Rachel needs to be on her best behaviour when she is invited by Nick, her boyfriend to attend his friend’s wedding in Singapore where his family and friends will be present. Rachel struggles to fit in as they are from old money and do not accept her including the bride’s friends. If that wasn’t the worst part, she needs to impress Nick’s mother who already disapproves of their relationship.

So there we have it, our 10 movie alternatives to watch when you’re finished watching Everything Everywhere All At Once.

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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