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Escaping Reality with Suspense Thrillers

You know you’re in for a ride when the summary of a film states that a mundane life of an ordinary protagonist is toppled when they notice something is amiss while the genre states that it is sci-fi. And that is what Don’t Worry Darling was as we went in thinking that it would be a simple melodrama about a bored suburban housewife only to be hit in the face with the wildest plot twist anyone could ever imagine.

And if you’re in the mood for some more alternate reality movies and TV shows with a similar premise, we’ve got you!

Of course, before you go any further, it bears repeating that this list while spoiler-free is for those who have watched Don’t Worry Darling otherwise the whole point of its mystery is lost. So, keeping that in mind, let’s dive into this very niche genre.

Stepford Wives

Similarities – Illusions, Female protagonist

Let’s be honest, if you can’t see the similarities between the two movies, it is probably because you haven’t watched Stepford Wives and you need to remedy that ASAP. Stepford Wives follows Joanna taking a vacation in Stepford and noticing that all the women look perfect and act robotic while their sloppy husbands control them. She races against time to uncover the truth before she too ends up like them. 

Bonus – Nicole Kidman getting her hair and makeup done to portray a greasy hobo for the majority of the film only to abandon all that and flaunt her natural beauty when she needs to look like one of the gorgeous, tall, blonde Barbie-like Stepford wives.

The Matrix

Similarities – Virtual reality

The beauty of Don’t Worry Darling was that we did not know about the bigger picture until the very end which is why the plot twist was satisfying. Thankfully, we do not have to worry about spoiling The Matrix as the very premise is that of the virtual reality created by aliens and Neo’s fight in reclaiming the real world and saving all of humanity.

But this movie is not for the faint of heart as it is full of action, blood and gore. If Don’t Worry Darling was about Alice figuring out what is wrong with her reality, The Matrix series focuses on the aftermath.

The Truman Show

Similarities – Kept in the dark, Protagonist

Do you enjoy first-person storytelling as you try to uncover the truth along with the protagonist? Then The Truman Show is for you. It focuses on Jim Carrey’s Truman who lives a simple life, going about the same motions. Once in a while, a wrench is thrown into his life and he figures out how to solve it before going back to his life. That is until one day, he realises that his life may not be his own when his wife does something unimaginable – promotes a product as if she is in a commercial in the middle of an argument with him.

Alice In Borderland

Similarities – Alternate reality

While goofing around on the street and running from the police, Arisu and his friends come out of their hiding place to see that everyone has disappeared. They find some who go around playing games but that’s not it. Win all the games and return home or lose and die. But the J-drama Alice in Borderland is closer to Don’t Worry Darling than Squid Games as there is something more sinister going on than the straightforward gaming ‘country’ they have been transported to.


Similarities – Alternate reality, Unsuspecting antagonist

Let’s be honest, we all thought that the German Netflix show Dark’s younger brother 1899 would be quite similar but we were all so wrong. Sure, we have a mystery that keeps getting even more complicated with each passing episode, but 1899 leans more towards the category of alternate realities.

While we cannot give away more of the plot to explain why it is similar to Don’t Worry Darling without spoiling it, 1899 is labelled as a supernatural show where the passengers start losing their minds and seeing things after they come in contact with the missing ship Prometheus.

Memories of Alhambra

Similarities – Virtual reality

While Don’t Worry Darling and Stepford Wives may have been an exception to this type of escapist genre, most virtual reality plots are full of action and adventure. The same goes for the thrilling K-drama Memories of Alhambra where investor Jin-woo enters a virtual reality game. However, he soon realises that if you die in the game you die in real life. The only catch is that now he is stuck and his only hope is the elusive creator who may be losing control of his own game.

Last Night in Soho

Similarities – Preference for another time period

Last Night in Soho is more supernatural than sci-fi when Eloise, a girl who can see ghosts is sent back in time after she rents out a room where Sandie, an aspiring singer lived in the 60s. Like Frank and Jack and all those of the Victory project in Don’t Worry Darling, Eloise hopes to abandon her real life and live vicariously through the adventures of Sandie.

All that sounds fun, of course, till Eloise realises that Sandie’s life may not have been as glamorous as one would have hoped for especially for a young, single girl trying to make it big in show business during a particularly sexist time period.

Midnight in Paris

Similarities – Preference for another time period

Are you tired of murders and fight scenes and just want a simple fantasy-like movie where like the character you can escape reality for a better time period? Well, Gil feels the same in Midnight in Paris as one day while trying to escape his overbearing family during a Parisian vacation walks into 1920 Paris. From Hemingway to Fitzgerald, Gil’s glittery new hangout place and historical friends have him torn between the present where he belongs and the roaring 20s.


Similarities – Fake reality

What would you do if tourists came to your small town daily and behaved as if they owned you, ordering you to serve them at your beck and call? Dolores does it all without question till a mysterious guest taunts the hosts and messes with them.

Such odd behaviour stirs something in their memories till they realise that they are all AIs and that their world is just an amusement park for humans – Westworld managed by a Dr. Ford and his team. But when the programmers start losing control over Westworld, it leaks into the real world, risking every individual’s memories and making them question what is real and what is programmed.

Disturbing Behavior

Similarities – Perfect society

It looks like James Marsden has a type. But this time, instead of a fake reality like in Westworld, Disturbing Behavior is set in Cradle Bay where transfer student Steve notices that several of his classmates who are part of the Blue Ribbon behave almost too perfectly. The school prides itself on running a behavioural workshop that can turn troublemakers into top students. Along with the help of Rachel, a loner, they investigate the workshop before the authorities can turn them into Blue Ribbons. 

So there we have it, our 10 movie and TV show alternatives to watch when you’re finished watching Don’t Worry Darling.

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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