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10 More Chaotic Comedies

2003’s Cheaper By the Dozen is arguably the most recognizable version of this movie which has been remade several times; a fun, vibrant family comedy, with plenty of gags, jokes and hijinks throughout!

If you’ve finished watching this one and are looking for alternate picks, we’ve combed through the archives and saved you the hassle with our top choices for alternate viewing. Oh, and we’ve intentionally not included the 2022 remake of Cheaper by the Dozen either. You should absolutely skip that one!

As usual, let us know your thoughts about our picks in the comments below!

Little Miss Sunshine (2006)

Little Miss Sunshine is a comedy-drama about a dysfunctional family that embarks on a cross-country trip in their VW bus, intending to support their daughter in her bid to win the Little Miss Sunshine beauty pageant. The journey is filled with funny and poignant moments, especially as this unforgettable trip reaches its crescendo.

Both films center around large, chaotic families that face a series of comedic mishaps. They explore the dynamics and challenges of family relationships and the growth that comes from overcoming obstacles together.

Daddy Day Care (2003)

This one had to make the list, right? Daddy Day Care is tailor-made for fans of Cheaper by the Dozen, centering on two unemployed fathers who start a daycare business when they can’t find another job. The fathers, not used to dealing with a group of young children, face a series of comedic challenges along the way as the kids cause havoc.

Both films involve the comedic aspects of adults managing a large number of children. That familiar idea of parental responsibility, not to mention balancing family with work, and the joys and challenges of raising children, make this a must-watch.

The Pacifier (2005)

The Pacifier is about a tough Navy SEAL who is tasked with protecting the five Plummer kids from enemies of their recently deceased father. This antagonist happens to be a government scientist whose top-secret experiment remains hidden in the kids’ house.

Much like Cheaper by the Dozen, The Pacifier centers around an adult figure managing a large group of children in an amusing and comedic context. They both explore the contrast between strict discipline and familial warmth, making for a very enjoyable watch.

Mrs. Doubtfire (1993)

Mrs. Doubtfire is undoubtedly one of Robin Williams’ best performances. The story follows a divorced actor who disguises himself as a female housekeeper in order to be close to his children held in custody by his former wife. In the process, he learns about the challenges of being a parent, and finds himself humbled and growing over time, becoming much more self-less as a result.

Both movies involve the comedic challenges of parenting and managing a large family. The main characters in both films go to great lengths to spend time with their children, resulting in a bunch of hilarious hijinks to ensue.

Yours, Mine and Ours (1968)

Yours, Mine and Ours is about a widowed man with eight children who marries a widow with ten of her own. The two are forced to find ways to function as a single family, despite initial reluctance and cultural differences… oh and now having to juggle 18 kids too!

Both movies center on the theme of a large, crazy family learning to live together and the comedic challenges that ensue as a result of this. Both movies showcase various trials and tribulations, as well as the warmth and love, in large families.

The Parent Trap (1998)

The Parent Trap is about identical twins, separated at birth by their parents’ divorce, who happen to meet at summer camp. The girls decide to switch places in order to meet the parent they never knew, and eventually, they plot to reunite their parents.

Much like Cheaper by the Dozen, The Parent Trap is a family-oriented comedy revolving around the theme of family unity and the bonds between siblings. They feature plans made by children, as they try to bring the family closer together.

Cheaper by the Dozen (1950)

Based on a semi-autobiographical novel by Frank B. Gilbreth Jr. and Ernestine Gilbreth Carey, the 1950 version of Cheaper by the Dozen so it makes sense to place it on this list. The movie focuses on the comic chaos and eccentricities that emerge from large family life, particularly given Frank’s passion for productivity and efficiency.

Both versions focus on a family with twelve children, along with the comedic chaos that ensues from having such a large family. You’ve also got the importance of unity and love in a family setting. While the 2003 film modernizes the story and adds elements of career tension and the challenges of moving, the original focuses more on the parenting methods and their effects on the family. Nonetheless, the fundamental themes remain the same.

Parental Guidance (2012)

Parental Guidance is a comedy about grandparents who are asked to take care of their three grandchildren when the parents go away for work. Their old-school methods clash with 21st-century problems, resulting in a variety of comedic situations to ensue.

Like Cheaper by the Dozen, this film centers on handling a house full of kids and the comedic situations that arise as a result of that. They both focus on the clash of different parenting styles and the challenges and joys of raising children.

Instant Family (2018)

Instant Family is about a couple who decide to start a family and are suddenly in over their heads when they foster three children. As a result, they must learn how to become a family while facing a series of comedic and heartwarming challenges.

Both films are about families that expand quickly and have to adapt to the challenges that come with it. That delicate balance of comedy and heartwarming moments, alongside showcasing the complexities of family dynamics and love, make this another solid watch.

Cheaper by the Dozen 2 (2005)

In this sequel to Cheaper by the Dozen, the Baker family, still with their 12 children, go on a summer vacation at Lake Winnetka, where Tom Baker (played by Steve Martin) squares off against his long-time rival, Jimmy Murtaugh, who has an equally large and competitive family.

As a direct sequel, Cheaper by the Dozen 2 continues the story of the Baker family and of course, the chaotic, comedic situations that arise from having a large family continue. The sequel further amplifies the chaos though, introducing a rival family and extrapolating the family’s competitive spirit.

There we have it, our list of best movies that are similar to Cheaper by the Dozen. What do you think about our picks? Did one of your favourites make the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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