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10 More Movies Like Captain Marvel

With the recent release of The Marvels, it has had a polarizing reputation among fans; some liked it, some hated it, and some also didn’t go see it and just carried on with their lives. 2019’s first appearance by Carol Danvers was also met with some pushback between dissatisfied fans and the movie’s own star.

Captain Marvel seems to have drawn from a lot of past films. So, if you happen to give Captain Marvel a re-watch soon, pair it with one of these 10 movies on your double feature.

The Cat From Outer Space

Both of these films are under the Disney umbrella, and maybe there can be two fused cinematic universes depending on how you look at them. In Captain Marvel, Goose the Cat was the scene stealer of the whole movie as an alien cat who has been on earth for some time. In 1978’s The Cat From Outer Space, a similar-looking cat crashes on earth and needs its ship repaired—that is, until the government steals it. There has to be some fun crossover appeal here if Disney+ wanted to produce an eight-episode short series.

Wonder Woman

No doubt, this is an obvious one. Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel don’t necessarily share the same sort of plot or origin story. But the two are the big female heroes of their respective comic book brands. Wonder Woman may lead the charge with being the biggest and most well-known superhero in terms of what makes a female superhero, but that doesn’t mean Carol Danvers can’t kick butt in her own kind of way. Imagine a team-up of these two. Whoever wanted to do battle against them loses in mere seconds.

Independence Day

Independence Day

Captain Marvel shares a lot of high-octane alien spaceship chases throughout the film. Some feel reminiscent of the big-budget sci-fi action films of the 1990s. One of which is the one most of us think about when that era is referenced, and that is Independence Day. The high-speed alien jet chases throughout desert-like terrain feel reminiscent of the ones with Will Smith in ID4. The canyon chase in both films, if put side by side, could be twins.

avengers endgame

Avengers: Endgame

Another Marvel film needed to make the cut. If anything, it had to be Endgame because it is the second time we see Danvers, and yet she just debuted on the big screen a month before End Game was released. Around the time of Captain Marvel’s release, there was confusion as to how she would play into the final film of the Infinity Saga. With the film taking place in the 1990s, this made room for there not to be a massive convoluted overlap. And thus, having Danvers fit right in with how they would take it to Thanos when it became time to save the world.

Man of Steel

Man of Steel and Captain Marvel both share a hero’s journey and how they become self-aware of how they can thrive with their powers here on earth. Both films are also very polarizing for fans. There are many fans of comic book adaptations that will die on the sword of Man of Steel, saying that it nails the Superman origin story. And many of them would do the same for Captain Marvel.

The Long Kiss Goodnight

This underrated gem of a mid-1990s action thrill ride is a highly comparable film to most female-led action movies these days. As a matter of fact, it feels like Captain Marvel in almost a reverse kind of way. Geena Davis plays an amnesiac woman who gets a form of self-discovery as she learns that her life as a suburban mother actually isn’t the only thing about her. She is, in fact, an assassin. It must also be mentioned that The Long Kiss Goodnight also co-stars Samuel L. Jackson as the number two character in all of this. Thus adding to the similarities between these films.


The way Brie Larson carries herself in Captain Marvel and while she’s doing press for the movie comes off very confident. She knows she’s a woman in what has been labeled as a man’s industry with superheroes. The original animated feature from Disney, Mulan, is a tale of just that. A girl who thinks she can thrive in a world of men and can back it up with a lot of butt-kicking Mulan and Carol Danvers also share an animal side kick. Danvers has Goose; Mulan has Mushu, the loud-mouthed dragon.


Co-director Anna Boden has even gone on record saying RoboCop is a huge inspiration for Captain Marvel and really appreciates the comparisons. Carol Danvers and Alex Murphy both share similarities as two highly advanced beings who have no recollection of their human lives. Both RoboCop and Captain Marvel also encapsulate the emotional side of having a past you can’t remember. This is always something overlooked in action-packed thrillers, and both films execute that side of the plot really well.


The Kevin Smith sophomore feature that became a classic has a super-meta connection to Captain Marvel. So meta that it needed to be high on this list. The late great Stan Lee has been making appearances in Marvel films since 2000’s X-Men. When Captain Marvel returns to earth, she gets in a big chase through Los Angeles and collides with the LA transit system. It’s here that Stan Lee has his cameo, and he just so happens to be reading a script and practicing lines for his cameo in Mallrats. The film would be released not long after the time window that Captain America takes place.

Top Gun

Top Gun may not be about superheroes or have alien battle sequences. But you can tell from the idea of fighter pilots woven in and out of the plot that the filmmakers are fans of the movie. “Higher, Further, Faster” feels like a saying from Top Gun. Some of the aerial footage has a pacing to it that echoes Tony Scott’s 1980s classic.

The cat named Goose is clearly inspired by Anthony Edwards character in the film. Some of the scenes at the Air Force hangar, with sunsets in the distance, are nostalgic of the movie; the list keeps going. Yes, Top Gun doesn’t go into the sci-fi world of aliens, but it’s clear that you can see these two films mirroring themselves for their protagonists professions.

So there we have it, our 10 Movie picks to keep you busy after watching Captain Marvel.

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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