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Level Up

Boss Level is a surprisingly refreshing movie, taking the tried and tested formula of a time-loop and spinning it into something wholly original.

If you’ve finished watching this one and are looking for alternatives – fret not! We’ve combed through the archives and saved you the hassle with our top picks for alternate viewing.

So without further ado, we present 10 movies to check out when you’ve finished watching Boss Level.

Happy Death Day

Happy Death Day happily fills the horror boots of the time loop, armed with a simple and interesting premise in the process. The story here follows an arrogant, spoilt student called Tree who’s forced to relive her birthday over and over again. Unfortunately this always results in her death.

As the movie progresses though, she starts to make sense of what’s happening to her and tries to find a way to fight back.

The result here is a movie that’s part-horror, part-comedy mash-up that fits the bill nicely for those who enjoyed Boss Level.

Groundhog Day

The one that started them all; Groundhog Day is the quintessential time-loop movie and a solid movie from start to finish. The premise is simple, revolving around a weatherman named Phil who’s forced to repeat the same day over and over again.

What begins as an amusing trip soon turns into a soul-crushing reality, as Phil realizes he’s doomed to spend the rest of eternity doing the same things and seeing the same people.

Groundhog Day also doubles up as a romantic comedy too, and given how many of those there are, the fact this one stands out next to so many others is testament to how well regarded this movie is.


Triangle is a clever film. It’s a movie that takes a simple mystery and folds it into an origami-shaped brain-twisting puzzle. The story works on several levels, and definitely benefits from repeat watches too.

The story revolves around Jess, a young girl who heads off on a yacht with a group of friends. The whole time though she feels like something is wrong, crescendoing into a storm that forces them to seek shelter and refuge on a passing ocean liner. Only, Jess begins to feel a sense of Deja vu, like she’s been on this ship before.

With someone seemingly hunting them down, it’s up to Jess and the others to figure out what’s happening before it’s too late.

Cleverly written, full of some great reveals and incredibly tense, Triangle is certainly a time loop movie you should check out.

Scott Pilgrim VS The World

Based on the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels, Scott Pilgrim VS The World is a uniquely stylized movie, delivering an off-beat comedy that’s a real visual treat from start to finish. This movie is also backed up by some dazzling action and a unique spin on the teen drama formula.

Our protagonist here is Scott Pilgrim himself, who plays in a band with big aspirations. Scott is currently dating Knives Chau, a high-school girl five years younger than him. Scott still hasn’t got over being dumped by his ex though, setting up a triangle of sorts as he turns his attention toward a girl called Ramona.

Only, Ramona comes with baggage of her own; seven ex-lovers who Scott must do battle with in order to win over her heart.

It’s a simple concept but one that has an awful lot of fun in the process, this one’s definitely worth a watch.

Edge Of Tomorrow

Edge Of Tomorrow is another time-loop movie, this time taking the idea of a big, expansive battlefield and forcing a soldier into reliving this epic battle over and over again.

At the center of all this is Major William Cage, who finds himself dropped into what appears to be a suicide mission. Aliens have declared war on Earth and hit the planet with an unrelenting assault. Killed within minutes, Cage slowly starts to memorize the attack patterns and eventually teams up with fellow survivors, determined to try and stop this endless cycle before it’s too late.

Edge Of Tomorrow thrives on its big action set pieces, and this movie is a real sci-fi spectacle.


Looper is another of those films that warrants repeat watches and delivers some pretty neat tricks with time. Set in 2074, the rules of the world revolve around the mob sending their target to the past to get rid of them.

When the protagonist of this tale is sent back to kill himself however, it brings with it a twisty-turny, unpredictable picture that keeps you guessing right to the very end.

This is one of those movies that plays better with its themes and tone than it does the sci-fi elements, but it’s one heck of an experience nonetheless. This one should definitely be on your radar.

The Matrix

The Matrix is quite simply a ground breaking movie. From its bullet time camera work to the shocking reality our main characters find themselves in, The Matrix is sci-fi at its absolute best.

For those unaware, the movie revolves around a hacker called Neo. When a beautiful stranger called Trinity invites him to a club by following a white rabbit, he stumbles upon a shocking truth about our reality.

Well written, intriguing and incredibly though provoking, The Matrix was a landmark picture for its time and remains one of the quintessential sci-fi movies of our time.

Ready Player One

Set in the year 2045, Ready Player One sees us venture into another bleak dystopian world. This time though the characters are so fed up with it, that they don virtual reality headsets and escape to the OASIS, a truly immersive virtual universe where most of humanity spend their days.

At the center of this visually stimulating world is James Halliday, the creator of Oasis. He leaves the prize of controlling Oasis and his fortune to the winner of a three part contest designed to find a worthy heir.

Step forward Wade, who finds himself intent on winning this contest no matter what. Only, it soon becomes clear that there’s more to this than first meets the eye.

Directed by Steve Spielberg, much like Chaos Walking this movie has some wonderful visuals that help prop this movie up.


Another Nolan classic, Memento is a story that plays out in reverse. This isn’t just a gimmick though, and instead the movie works beautifully by playing on this concept time and again.

The main protagonist of the piece has a severe case of short term memory loss and as the movie progresses, we shift further backwards through time to uncover exactly what’s going on. With the end already known, it’s left up to us to work out why this incident has occurred.

With black and white segments along with colour being used to show time played out in both directions, Memento is a stunning achievement and an excellent movie well worth checking out.

Source Code

Suspenseful and mind-bending, Source Code is another time loop movie that takes this concept and cranks up the tension to extreme levels.

The story revolves around army captain Colter Stevens, who finds himself working on a special program where his consciousness can be inserted into another human being. However, there’s a catch – it will only allow a person to stay for 8 minutes at a time.

That morning, a bomb blast explodes a commuter train outside Chicago, prompting the team to uncover what happened.

In order to do so, Colter occupies the body of a teacher on his morning commute; onboard the very same train that’s due to explode. Now it’s up to Colter to figure out who the bomber is and where the bomb is located. Tick tock.

This movie is dripping in tension and really puts the thrill in the word thriller. Much like Boss Level, this movie isn’t trying to be anything but an entertaining flick, and that really helps Source Code stand out.

So there we have it, our 10 Movie picks to keep you busy after watching Boss Level.

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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