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10 Books/Manga Like Vampire Hunter D

Vampire Hunter D is a captivating vampire novel series with remarkable characters and a fabulous gothic aesthetic. It’s written by Hideyuki Kikuchi and illustrated by Yoshitaka Amano. It follows a half-human and vampire hybrid bounty hunter named D. He embarks on a quest to rescue a rich man’s daughter from a dangerous vampire. However, he’ll need to confront numerous bounty hunters who are after a similar prize.

If you’re in the mood for more vampire-themed or dark fantasy books/manga that offer a similar vibe, fear not! We’ve gathered together 10 books/manga to check out when you’ve caught up with Vampire Hunter D. Of course, if you feel we’ve missed any of your favorites, do comment below and let us know!

Hellsing – Kouta Hirano

Similarities – Vampires, Supernatural, Atmosphere

Hellsing is a gritty vampire manga that Vampire Hunter D fans will cherish. Like Vampire Hunter D, this tale envelops readers in a dark and brooding atmosphere. This story revolves around a vampire warrior named Alucard who works for a secret organization called Hellsing. He must fight off everyone who opposes the corporation regardless if they’re monsters or humans. 

The battles Alucard and his accomplice Seras Victoria endure in this work establishes the series’ dark tone, leaving readers with an exhilarating and satisfying experience. Moreover, like D, Alucard is a morally complex individual with his own set of rules and motivations. He often walks a thin line between good and evil due to the actions he displays in the story.

If you’re after another work about vampirism that’s just as atmospheric as Vampire Hunter D, check Hellsing out. 

Blame! – Tsutomu Nihei

Similarities – Hostile Worlds, Action, Themes

While Blame dabbles into sci-fi territory unlike Vampire Hunter D, it shares striking similarities with this gothic tale. For instance, both stories are set in dystopian worlds. Blame takes place in a colossal city called “The City.” This area channels strong post-apocalyptic energy and features humans struggling to survive in a world full of questionable machinery. 

In Vampire Hunter D’s case, its world takes place in a post-nuclear future, where creatures, including vampires, thrive in the ruins of civilization. Both series present their audiences with inhospitable universes and explore the consequences behind humanity’s fall from grace and struggle to live. Moreover, both stories offer fabulous depictions of humans clashing with otherworldly entities. 

In Blame, the protagonist, Killy, encounters a variety of cyborgs, humanoid creatures, and hostile entities. As for D, he battles various supernatural creatures like werewolves, demons, vampires, and fellow bounty hunters.

For those looking for another dark and intriguing work, Blame shouldn’t disappoint. 

Black Lagoon – Rei Hiroe

Similarities – Action, Characters, Themes 

Black Lagoon is another work that may not resemble Vampire Hunter D at first glance. However, if fans take a deeper look at the two, they’ll uncover the similarities between them. For instance, both stories feature morally ambiguous characters who aren’t clear-cut heroes or villains. In Black Lagoon, we follow the exploits of the Lagoon Company. 

They’re made up of mercenaries who operate in the criminal underworld. The characters like Revy, Rock, and Dutch are complex and have their share of sins and integrity that’ll pique fans’ interest. This mirrors how D, a warrior who fights evil monsters, has his own share of internal struggles that don’t make him a true hero. 

Vampire Hunter D and Black Lagoon explore themes of violence and survival. In Black Lagoon, the characters find themselves in brutal gunfights, hostage situations, and high-stakes battles for survival because of their line of work. Similarly, D’s occupation forces him to get into rough confrontations with mean-spirited or skilled hunters.

For those looking for a manga with a more modern but equally gritty setting though, Black Lagoon should suffice. 

Dorohedoro – Q Hayashida

Similarities – Dark Settings, Action, Supernatural 

Dorohedoro is a great manga with a bleak and twisted world on par with Vampire Hunter D’s. In it, we follow Caiman. He’s a reptilian-headed man searching for his true identity in a post-apocalyptic environment. The manga’s riddled with gore and disturbing imagery, creating an atmosphere that’ll keep Vampire Hunter D fans on edge. 

Like Vampire Hunter D, Dorohedoro offers some enjoyable supernatural elements. It introduces various forms of magic, curses, and grotesque transformations that’ll pique your interest. Q Hayashida successfully weaves these aspects together in their narrative, making things feel natural and grand. Furthermore, the characters in this story have their own personal demons they’ll need to overcome.

If you like stories with interesting characters, dark universes, and stellar action, Dorohedoro is a must-read. 

Devilman – Go Nagai

Similarities – Dark Fantasy, Characters, Action

Devilman is a classic manga series from the legendary Go Nagai. It’s another dark fantasy work that bears many similarities with Vampire Hunter D. For starters, these tales delve into the realm of supernatural beings and their impact on society. In Devilman, the protagonist Akira becomes infused with a demon, transforming him into the warrior Devilman. 

Akira will fight to protect innocent people and those he cares about from other demons like himself. As for D, he traverses a dystopian-like area plagued by vampires and other creatures. Both works have phenomenal world-building and showcase the complexities that arise in a society where humans and supernatural figures coexist. 

Both stories feature characters whose motives don’t align on the kind or evil spectrum. In Devilman, Akira’s companion Ryo, displays actions that are driven by his perceived vision for the world. This mirrors how D, while heroic in ways, constantly walks the line between his humanity and the bloodlust of his vampire side.

With their exploration of human nature, emotionally charged storytelling, and riveting action scenarios, Devilman is worth reading after Vampire Hunter D. 

Chainsaw Man – Tatsuki Fujimoto

Similarities – 

Chainsaw Man is a modern Shonen Jump hit in some fans’ eyes. This story is known for its cinematic-like illustrations, fun action elements, and interesting characters. Like Vampire Hunter D, Chainsaw Man provides readers with a hostile world to immerse themselves in. In Chainsaw Man, we follow Denji, a boy with the power to become a chainsaw-wielding and headed warrior. 

Denji spends most of the manga traveling to different locales to defend humanity from various human-craving devils. Denji’s adventures mirror D’s endeavors in Vampire Hunter D. D will fight numerous vampires, monsters, and bounty hunters to complete his rescue mission. The foes he encounters are just as skilled and menacing as those Denji fights in Chainsaw Man.

Furthermore, Denji and D have internal issues they’ll need to combat alongside their physical threats. Denji comes from a tragic background and desires to form genuine connections with various folks in Chainsaw Man. Likewise, D struggles to wrestle with his dual nature.

On top of both tales successfully blending horror and action well, Chainsaw Man is a great contemporary tale worth reading. 

Trigun – Yasuhiro Nightow

Similarities – Action & Characters

Despite being a science-fiction Western tale with a comedic twist, Trigun and Vampire Hunter D aren’t all that different upon closer inspection. For instance, Trigun’s Vash The Stampede comes off as a morally grey protagonist much like D. Despite being a clumsy wanderer, Vash is a skilled bounty hunter who hides a dark and traumatic past. 

As Trigun unfolds, readers discover how deeply-written Vash is as a character as he grapples with the consequences of his past actions and seeks redemption. Much like Vash, D is a flawed character who is feared and loved by many people he encounters during his journey. Furthermore, both tales offer exhilarating action sequences.

Trigun is littered with intense shootout scenarios that are properly paneled and appealing to the eye. On top of raising compelling philosophical questions about violence, heroism, and forgiveness, Trigun is a wonderful sci-fi tale that’ll certainly capture your heart. 

Berserk – Kentarou Miura

Similarities – Dark Fantasy & Action

Berserk is an intense medieval fantasy manga. It went on to inspire many prolific individuals and is known for having one of the most tragic narratives you’ll ever experience in your lifetime. That said, Berserk and Vampire Hunter D tackle dark themes that’ll pique many manga enthusiasts’ interests. Berserk dabbles into topics concerning betrayal, revenge, fate, and free will. 

Berserk’s world is shrouded in mystery and hardship. Readers will be hooked by its protagonist Guts’s exploration through various locales. He’ll struggle to find his place amidst the constant bloodshed and suffering he experiences along the way. Likewise, D witnesses his share of horrific sights and must do what he must to survive and complete his mission. 

Both tales feature stark depictions of violence. Kentarou Miura gave it his all when illustrating Guts’s fights with demons and the internal issues that linger in his mind.

On top of making Guts an extremely relatable figure, Berserk is a must-read for anyone who enjoys dark fantasy literature. 

Black Butler – Tano Toboso

Similarities – Supernatural, Gothic Aesthetic, Suspense

Another tale with gothic undertones, suspense, action, and supernatural elements is Black Butler.  This story takes place in Victorian London and explores themes of corruption, secrets, and the macabre. The series has a distinct visual aesthetic. Its elegant setting and detailed character designs mirror the gothic architecture and fashion of the period it’s imitating well. 

Similarly, Vampire Hunter D features similar gothic elements via its haunted castles, gloomy terrain, and grotesque creature designs. Moreover, both tales boast intricately woven storylines with captivating twists and great character development. Tano Toboso successfully weaves supernatural plots, historical connections, and personal rivalries to create a layered tale for their audience. 

This imitates how Yoshitaka Amano combines horror, action, and philosophical reflections in their tale to present readers with deep character backstories and intricate story beats.

In addition to having some interesting action-centric bits, Black Butler is a great option for Vampire Hunter D fans to check out. 

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood – Hirohiko Araki

Similarities – Vampires, Action, Adventure

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood is the first part of Hirohiko Araki’s well-beloved series. It happens to share many aspects with Vampire Hunter D concerning its complex character dynamics, epic battles, and themes. In Phantom Blood, we follow Jonathan Joestar as he must contend with his rival Dio Brando’s vampiric abilities to protect innocent bystanders and his loved ones. 

His journey won’t be an easy one. Much like D, Jonathan must overcome numerous foes that Dio sends his way, many of whom consist of fellow vampires and strong humanoids like Jonathan himself. The battles are just as captivating in Phantom Blood as they are in Vampire Hunter D. Araki doesn’t hold back on the violence and sadness that occurs in this part of the series. 

With their shared emphasis on adventure, action, and supernatural elements, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood will entertain Vampire Hunter D fanatics. 

So there we have it, our 10 books/manga to read after you’re caught up with Vampire Hunter D.

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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