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10 Books/Manga Like Sweet Home

Sweet Home is a popular action and horror-themed webtoon. It was written by Kim Carnby and illustrated by Hwang, Young-chan. It follows the life of a boy named Hyun-soo, who lives alone in his apartment. Little does he know of the horrors that await him and his neighbors.

This webtoon was published by Naver Webtoon and can be read via the Webtoon Android and iOS applications. It was praised for its countless plot twists, engaging characters, and tense atmosphere.

If you’re in the mood for more horror or action-oriented books/manga that offers a similar vibe, fear not! We’ve gathered together 10 books/manga to check out when you’ve caught up with Sweet Home. Of course, if you feel we’ve missed any of your favorites, do comment below and let us know!

Bastard – Kim Carnby

Similarities – Drama, Horror, Suspense

For those who enjoyed Kim Carnby and Hwang, Young-chan’s work on Sweet Home, you’ll adore their other work, Bastard. This webtoon offers strong psychological themes, compelling characters, and endless mind games that will keep you hooked. In it, we follow a bullied boy named Seon Jin. He doesn’t let his critics get to him.

He’s more concerned about his father. He looks wholesome on the inside but is a cold-blooded murderer on the inside. To make matters worse, Seon Jin often covers up his father’s crime because he’s afraid to defy his orders. However, when his dad targets a new classmate of his, Seon Jin feels it’s time to hero up and stop his father once and for all.

This webtoon will instill genuine fear into its readers. While the horror elements found in Sweet Home felt more fictional in nature, Bastard feels more realistic. Characters don’t harbor supernatural powers in this work. They need to rely on their basic human instincts and attributes to overcome their obstacles. If you’re looking for a more grounded webtoon from the same folks who brought you Sweet Home, Bastard should be high on your reading list.

Jagaaaaaan – Muneyuki Kaneshiro

Similarities – Horror, Characters, Monsters

In Jagaaaaaan, our protagonist Shintarou dreads his police officer career and craves something better. He’d rather murder people than save them. One day, he sees a strange-looking murderer kill his partner and the monstrous humanoid sets his sights on him next. Unknowingly, Shintarou shoots an otherwordly projectile at the being.

Afterward, he meets an owl, who tells him his arm’s been infected by a frog-like parasite. After learning that one of these organisms tried infecting his wife, Shintarou vows to exterminate every last one to protect those he loves. The monsters in Jagaaaaaan follow similar principles to those found in Sweet Home. They’ll transform people into beasts that reflect their inner desires.

Each monster looks distinct from the others, allowing Jaaaaaagan’s world to feel lively. Both tales offer an enticing romantic subplot that will provide fans with breathing room from their intense chase and action segments. For those looking for another manga with an alluring apocalyptic setting, Jaaaaaagan should please you.

Parasyte – Hitoshi Iwaki

Similarities – Action & Horror

Parasyte is a splendid sci-fi horror series with an excellent take on human nature. It examines the life of Shinichi Izumi, a boy who looks weak and lacks courage. Shinichi wakes up one day and notices that a parasite named Migi has taken control of one of his hands. Migi informs Shinichi that others creatures will be arriving on Earth to conquer it.

Forced into a heroic role, Shinichi must overcome his insecurities if he hopes to protect humanity from a grim fate. Sweet Home and Parasyte offer well-written characters who develop gradually throughout their respective narratives. Both stories offer great suspense and deliver on their fights. The parasite designs aren’t as unique as the monsters you’d find in Sweet Home, though.

Nonetheless, the designs you’ll find the most appealing stem from the story’s well-rounded villains and heroes. The manga offers very little humor like Sweet Home but isn’t afraid to throw in some jokes that will make you chuckle. If you’re looking for a great sci-fi-themed story that will remind you of classic horror flicks like The Thing and Alien, check Parasyte out.

Attack On Titan – Hajime Isayama

Similarities – Horror & Action

Attack On Titan is a popular manga with great characters, impressive lore, and stunning artwork. It takes place in a world where humans reside in civilizations surrounded by large walls. These walls protect them from large humanoid creatures called Titans. The Titans are mindless creatures who desire human flesh. One day, a Colossal Titan arrives and damages one of the walls.

This allows his fellow Titans to rampage through the city, leading to many people’s deaths. The survivors of this instance are our protagonists Eren, Mikasa, Armin, and a boatload of other lucky people. After today, Eren vows to wipe out every Titan his world has to offer by enrolling in the Survey Corps. Both stories carry action-packed plots that tackle themes like sacrifice and survival.

Hyun and Eren are similar characters. They both experience loss along the way that fuels their desires to achieve a world free of chaos. Throughout both narratives, our characters will receive superb development and incredible powers that will lend them assistance in combatting monsters and crazed humans. Expect more nightmarish imagery from Attack On Titan, though.

King of Eden – Takashi Nagasaki

Similarities – Suspense & Horror

King of Eden gives readers a Hollywood film experience in comic form. Like Sweet Home, it’s a horrific and suspenseful webtoon that’s known for its gritty tone, constant thrills, and epic monster clashes. Both webtoons offer worlds where humanity must defend itself against powerful supernatural creatures. King of Eden feels more expansive as all the action doesn’t take place in one area.

Survival is a theme shared between both stories. Both protagonists are forced to fight for their lives and must utilize their wit and strength to overcome the odds. Each series features a good portion of characters who feel multi-dimensional and relatable. Their diverse backgrounds and strengths help them stand out the most.

Both series like to instill fear and trauma into readers. Many characters undergo psychological breakdowns that feel authentic due to the horrid situation they’re a part of. Nothing feels forced and you’ll find yourself cheering for them to make it out alive. Lastly, readers should anticipate Takashi Nagasaki to include multiple plot twists in King of Eden that will leave them speechless.

Weak Hero – Seopass

Similarities – Action, Drama, Monsters

Weak Hero is an action-packed webtoon full of drama and monsters. The protagonist starts off weak like Sweet Home’s Hyun and grows to become a fierce adversary to the monsters he needs to stop. Both webtoons offer high-stakes combat and intense action sequences that will get you excited for its future material.

The stories carry a dark tone to emphasize the harsh realities our characters are in. In Weak Hero, Eunjanh High School suffers from widespread bullying and students live in fear that they’ll become targets. However, a student named Gray Yeon stands up to a bully and shocks everyone due to his scrawny demeanor.

After earning the moniker “White Mamba” from his classmates, Gray plans to defeat every bully that threatens people that look as weak as he does. Although the monsters differ between the webtoons, the bullies and gangsters Gray fights are as fierce and menacing looking as the monsters Hyun tackles in Sweet Home. Both webtoons tackle themes like gore, trauma, loss, redemption, and death. For those looking for a webtoon with great character development and inspirational imagery and dialogue, check out Weak Hero.

Berserk – Kentarou Miura

Similarities – Themes & Action

Berserk is a mature-heavy work. It follows Guts, a noble warrior who winds up joining a powerful syndicate led by a fierce leader named Griffith. After several years of defeating armies with Griffith, Guts becomes the commander of his army and earns a lot of respect. However, life will find a way to tear everything Guts worked so hard for to pieces.

This manga contains intense violence and nightmarish creatures. Kentaro Miura’s illustrations look captivating, realistic, and gritty. You’ll adore the dark bold lines and strokes given to the series’s merciless enemies. It helps bring out the characters’ raw emotions and makes everything pop out at readers as a result. Furthermore, Guts and Hyun as well-rounded characters.

You’ll see them experience numerous hurdles related to their past events that will help them grow. The other characters receive adequate development and personalities to resonate with audiences too. If you’re looking for a story with similar themes but feels more violent and mature with its imagery and messages, check out Berserk.

ReLIFE – Sou Yayoi

Similarities – Drama & Themes

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you could restart it from scratch? Would it be a walk in the park or would it be more challenging than you expect? ReLife explores this idea with its protagonist, Arata, who receives another chance to redo his mistakes during his teen years. He also has knowledge from his past, so you’d think it’d be easy for him.

However, that’s far from the truth. Arata will experience multiple failures during his endeavor in the past. From being out of shape to failing tests, the challenges are just as relentless to him now as they were in the past. Arata developed insecure emotions about himself since he can’t correct the mistakes he thought he could. This is a solid coming-of-age tale that entices readers to ponder.

Like Sweet Home, this manga leaves readers with a positive message, motivating and empowering them to overcome their struggles and to become better people in the present. Both stories explore deep and emotional themes like trauma, redemption, and loss well. If you’re looking for something that leans into its slice-of-life, drama, and romance elements harder, give ReLife a read.

Tokyo Ghoul – Sui Ishida

Similarities – Characters & Action

Tokyo Ghoul is action-packed horror series with a protagonist who endures an internal journey like Hyun. In it, we follow Kaneki, a college student who scores a date with a mysterious girl named Rize. The date doesn’t go well and results in Kaneki waking up the next morning in a hospital bed. After departing the clinic, Kaneki realizes he’s turned into a ghoul and craves human flesh.

We examine Kaneki’s new life as a ghoul where he’ll meet many deranged humans and ghouls. Sui Ishida’s artistry is unique, gothic, and stylish. Every character and locale looks brilliant and captures the story’s dark tone well. Kaneki and Hyun are both broken characters who’ll meet and befriend others who will help them overcome their past and present trauma.

Kaneki and Hyun grow over time and develop excellent fighting techniques to combat skilled humans and ghouls. The ghouls look relatively the same and don’t have varied designs like the monsters in Sweet Home. However, the action segments will blow you away due to how Ishida makes everything look expressive and grandiose. If you’re looking for a gothic-like horror manga to read with some intense action sequences, read Tokyo Ghoul.

Chainsaw Man – Tatsuki Fujimoto

Similarities – Violence & Monsters

Chainsaw Man is a well-acclaimed manga due to Tatsuki Fujimoto’s realistic art style, enjoyable storytelling, and fun characters. This manga offers more comedy than Sweet Home but doubles down on the action sequences. Fujimoto knows how to make his action scenes look like they were ripped out of a Hollywood blockbuster film.

Anyway, Chainsaw Man centers its story around Denji and his Chainsaw Devil pet, Pochita. They hunt other devils and complete small jobs to earn money. Denji hopes to pay off his deceased father’s debt, so he can live a luxurious life. One day, Denji and Pochita visit an abandoned warehouse to slay a Zombie Devil for the yakuza. They get betrayed by them and murdered.

Pochita sacrifices himself to save Denji and he becomes Chainsaw Man and wipes them out. Later, a woman named Makima arrives and offers Denji a devil-hunting job at Public Safety. Denji accepts her offer and we examine him enjoying life as a devil hunter. Although Denji and Hyun follow similar paths, their ideals and personalities are different. Denji’s goal is to get with a beautiful girl while Hyun wants to survive along with his friends. If you can overlook Denji’s bizarre desires, you’ll have a blast reading Chainsaw Man.

So there we have it, our 10 books/manga to read after you’re caught up with Sweet Home.

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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