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10 Books/Manga Like Ruri Dragon

Ruri Dragon is one of Shonen Jump’s latest manga series that touches upon family values with a twist. It revolves around a girl named Ruri who learns she’s a dragon and must find a way to cope with her powers. It was written and illustrated by Masaoki Shindou and was serialized by Weekly Shonen Jump in June 2002. Unfortunately, the series is on hiatus. However, the series has seen massive success and managed to outperform many of Shonen Jump’s popular works like Chainsaw Man, My Hero Academia, and One Piece.

If you’re in the mood for more slice-of-life or fantasy books/manga that offers a similar vibe, fear not! We’ve gathered together 10 books/manga to check out when you’ve caught up with Ruri Dragon. Of course, if you feel we’ve missed any of your favorites, do comment below and let us know!

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid – Cool-kyou Shinja

Similarities – Dragons, Slice of Life, Comedy

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid is a humorous slice-of-life comedy manga that will touch your heart. It delivers wonderful characters, a charming world, and a comforting atmosphere. However, the manga can feel a bit raunchy at times. Some characters have overexaggerated character designs that won’t vibe with specific audiences and some of its humor can feel just as bothersome.

If you can ignore the manga’s sensual comedy, then you’re in for a cozy time with this one. Before leaving for work, our protagonist, Kobayashi opens the door and gets greeted by a large female dragon. She transforms into a beautiful human maid named Tooru. Tooru reminds Kobayashi that she allowed Tooru to stay with her after a drunken encounter they had one night.

Although Tooru’s not the best maid in the business, she’ll develop a heartwarming bond with Kobayashi. Both manga offer themes surrounding family, love, and appreciation. For those looking for another cheerful manga about human-dragon relationships, Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid shouldn’t disappoint.

Naruto – Masashi Kishimoto

Similarities – Characters & Themes

Naruto is a well-established shonen manga with great fights, unforgettable characters, and motivational dialogue. It touches upon themes like friendship and follows a protagonist who is unlike most in his world. Although Naruto is feared and ridiculed for his powers, he learns how to control the beast sealed within himself.

This allows Naruto to gain a tight following like Ruri does at the start of her series. Furthermore, Naruto and Ruri don’t have fathers they can count on for support. They rely on people who are closest to them to help them through a tight spot. Ruri spends her time conversing with her mother. As for Naruto, he relies on people like Iruka, Kakashi, Jiraiya, and others to get him back on track.

Naruto is more action-packed and adventurous, unlike Ruri Dragon. However, Masashi Kishimoto places Naruto and his comrades in slice-of-life-themed scenarios to provide readers with breathing time away from the manga’s intense conflicts. If you’re looking for a classic manga to read with a character who embarks on a journey to receive what Ruri has at the start of her series, check out Naruto.

The Demon Girl Next Door – Izumo Ito

Similarities – Premise, Slice of Life, Comedy

The Demon Girl Next Door is Ruri Dragon but with demons instead of dragons. Upon waking up one morning, Yuuko discovers she has sprouted large demon horns and a tail. Yuuko’s mother tells her that she also has supernatural powers and must restore their family’s honor by defeating her magical girl classmate Momo in combat.

Despite being a fellow classmate, Yuuko doesn’t want to let her mother down. Yuuko may have supernatural powers and features, but she’ll need more than that if she plans to stop Momo. The Demon Girl Next Door is purely comical in every way compared to Ruri Dragon which tends to feel more realistic, serious, and pure.

This manga’s humor is parodic in nature. You can expect fast-paced jokes, gags, slapstick, and more from this work. At the same time, The Demon Girl Next Door tackles similar themes of self-discovery and personal growth. Both mangas have their characters struggle to live up to expectations and the importance of empathizing with others. If you enjoyed Ruri Dragon’s plot so far but want something that’s more absurd, The Demon Girl Next Door should suffice.

Kaiju Girl Caramelise – Spica Aoki

Similarities – Characters, School Life, Supernatural

As discussed with The Demon Girl Next Door, Kaiju Girl Caramelise is another work involving a girl with beast-like qualities. In it, we examine the life of Minami, a quiet high school girl. Minami encounters her school’s popular stud named Arata and her heart starts pounding instantly. Filled with some much emotion, Minami transforms into a large kaiju.

This occurs every time she feels overwhelmingly embarrassed. Not only must she find a way to win over Arata’s heart but she must avoid getting into any type of trouble with Japan’s military personnel. Caramelise offers beautiful cutesy visuals with a cartoonish art style as opposed to Shindou’s realistic and detailed artwork found in Ruri Dragon.

Caramelise feels goofier and more romantic compared to Ruri Dragon. Nonetheless, both tales explore personal identity and self-discovery. The stories involve our female protagonists learning to accept who they are and where they came from. If you’re looking for another wholesome manga with dynamic plot elements, give Kaiju Girl Caramelise a chance.

Spy X Family – Tatsuya Endou

Similarities – Slice of Life & Comedy

An action-packed comedy manga about an unnatural family awaits you in Spy X Family. Like Ruri’s family, Spy X Family’s familial group is made up of characters from different walks of life. However, each family member carries a special trait that helps them stand out. For instance, the man in the cover art above is Twighlight who takes on the alias Loid Forger.

He’s a spy but assumes the role of a caring father. He’ll be joined by a female clerk named Yor and a small girl named Anya. The former is an incredible assassin while the latter has a unique psychic ability. Unlike Ruri’s family, Loid, Yor, and Anya don’t know about each other’s alternate lives or secret powers. This is a family based solely on deceit.

Loid and the others will get sucked into many comical and deadly scenarios. The deadly scenarios tie directly to Loid’s mission to stop an evil man named Donovan Desmond. Each offers something exciting and compelling to read. The comedy varies between deadpan humor to witty comebacks. If you’re searching for a funny, exhilarating, and wholesome manga about a bizarre family, Spy X Family’s worth your time.

Yotsuba to! – Kiyohiko Azama

Similarities – Slice of Life & Comedy

Yotsuba to! is a heartwarming manga that will make you smile, laugh, and possibly cry. It doesn’t harbor any fantasy elements like Ruri Dragon, but the situations Yostuba indulges herself in are as grounded as the events Ruri experiences in her story. Our story follows Yotsuba, a 5-year-old who loves everything her world has to offer.

She moves into a new city with her father and greets all her new neighbors. Although the neighbors find Yostuba strange, they’ll learn to appreciate her company. Readers will examine Yotsuba’s daily outings in this city and none of them feel dull. Every adventure Yotsuba embarks on feels relatable, adorable, and fun. The storylines are simple and never steer into anything too complex. If you’re looking for a wholesome tale that feels more grounded, I’d give Yotsuba to! a shot.

Bocchi The Rock – Aki Hamaji

Similarities – Comedy, Slice of Life, Themes

Bocchi The Rock is an incredible music-themed comedy 4-panel manga written and illustrated by Aki Hamaji. This manga received immense praise for its genuine stance on social anxiety through its protagonist, Hitori. Hitori is a girl who suffers from extreme social anxiety to the point that she freezes up as soon as someone pays her attention.

Despite her mental struggles, Hitori wants to become an incredible musician for a popular band. One day, she meets Nijika, who asks her to join her band as a guitarist. Hitori takes Nijika up on her offer and visits Starry Club. Here, she meets Nijika’s bassist player Ryo and her older sister, Seika, and her friend Pa-san.

Together, they deem themselves Kessoku Band and plan to become the best band ever. Ruri Dragon and Bocchi The Rock feature unique protagonists who attend school and have wonderful traits and personalities. Their stories are simple for the most part and explore our characters’ lives inside and outside of school. Both Bocchi and Ruri learn how to make close friends and must overcome the inner quirks that hold them back.

Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible – Nene Yukimori

Similarities – Slice of Life & Themes

Need another story that will help you push through life’s horrid obstacles, Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible is one of those narratives. It presents readers with a distinct perspective on life through its memorable characters and fun narrative. Instead of focusing on drama, Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible likes to center its attention on the everyday lives of our cast.

Like Ruri Dragon, this manga feels character-driven as it hones in more on exploring the personalities, emotions, and relationships of its protagonists Kubo and Shiraishi. Kubo’s character is somewhat shy and insecure, unlike Ruri who is fascinated by humans. However, Kubo’s journey to overcome her social anxiety is touching and inspirational.

Many video content creators will resonate with her character since she’s also fond of video-making. Ruri Dragon and Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible touch upon themes like self-discovery, seeking one’s purpose in life, and overcoming life’s difficult hurdles. Both mangas also incorporate a dash of humor to give people something to laugh at.

Wolf Children – Mamoru Hosoda

Similarities – Themes & Hybrid Characters

Everyone practically knows that the Wolf Children anime is a masterclass work about family. However, many don’t know about its manga adaptation. While you miss out on the beautiful animation and music used for the film, the story, characters, and world design remain intact. In it, we examine the relationship between a Hana and Ookami. The former is a human while the other is a werewolf.

They have two kids named Ame and Yuki and live happily together. Unfortunately, Ookami dies in a tragic accident. This convinces Hana to take their children and move to the countryside to avoid any potential conflict. She’ll realize being a caregiver for two wolf children will be a lot harder than she anticipated.

This manga offers a strong take on single-parenthood and features the dilemmas that come from raising kids on your own. Like Ruri Dragon this manga contains themes involving family, self-discovery, and personal growth. If you’re after a story that will bring you to tears with its deep characters, emotional narrative, and mature themes, check out Wolf Children.

Nichijou: My Ordinary Life – Keiichi Arawii

Similarities – Comedy

Nichijou: My Ordinary Life is one of the most absurd slice of life mangas you’ll ever read. Our cast may not look as mythical as Ruri, but they feel like characters who ripped straight out of the fictional realm. Our premise revolves around five female friends who like to participate in all types of activities like racing in fancy vehicles, playing video games, completing homework, and hanging out.

Each girl has a remarkable personality and unique feature that helps them stand out from others. The mischief they get roped into is far from ordinary, too. You’ll see Nichijou’s cast fight wild animals, break ceilings with toast, and get overly upset over ruined artwork. It’s nonsensical but somehow works to get a laugh out of everyone.

Although Keiichi Arawii’s illustrations aren’t as realistic as Masaoki Shindou’s drawings, you’ll appreciate his simplistic approach after you see the chaos that ensues in this manga. If you cherished Ruri Dragon for its characters, but want something that’s funnier and over-the-top, Nichijou: My Ordinary Life will please you.

So there we have it, our 10 books/manga to read after you’re caught up with Ruri Dragon.

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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