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10 Books/Manga Like No Guns Life

No Guns Life is an enjoyable sci-fi drama with compelling action sequences. It’s written and illustrated by Tasuku Karasum. It’s set in the distant future where cyborgs called Extended roam the planet. After treacherous warfare, many Extended pursued crime, which is where our Resolver and protagonist Juzo comes into play. Despite dedicating his life to resolving the Extended’s actions, Juzo’s life takes a dramatic turn when he takes on a mission to protect a youngster named Tetsuro. 

If you’re in the mood for more action, drama, or sci-fi books/manga that offer a similar vibe, fear not! We’ve gathered 10 books/manga to check out when you’ve caught up with No Guns Life. Of course, if you feel we’ve missed any of your favorites, comment below and let us know!

Chainsaw Man – Tatsuki Fujimoto

Similarities – Action & Characters 

For fans who adored No Guns’ Life for its gritty setting and entertaining action elements, we’d like to turn your attention to Chainsaw Man. This series is known for having incredible monster designs, thrilling fights, and captivating storytelling. It centers around Denji as he tackles numerous devil-slaying missions with his comrades.

Like No Guns’ Life, Chainsaw Man features a dystopian-like setting where dark forces govern society. Not only must Denji contend with cruel devils, but he’ll face off against incredibly powerful devil hunters contracted by corrupt organizations. This echoes the conspiracies and battles Juzo encounters throughout his endeavors in No Guns’ Life. 

Moreover, both tales blur the lines between human and non-human entities. Denji has the ability to transform into a devil, thanks to the contract he forged with his Chainsaw Devil companion, Pochita. This mirrors how No Guns’ Life explores the psychological and physical consequences its Extends come across in No Guns’ Life. On top of having over-the-top battles with immense gore, Chainsaw Man is a great manga to read after No Guns’ Life. 

Dorohedoro –  Q Hayashida

Similarities – Atmosphere & Themes

Dorohedoro is another fantastic action series with a gritty atmosphere and focuses on nonhuman and human organisms. In Dorohedoro, the protagonist, Caimon, is a man with a lizard head who hunts sorcerers in a city called “The Hole.” The manga delves into Caiman’s identity issues as she tries to uncover his origins and regain his memories. This mirrors Juzo’s journey in No Guns’ Life as navigates a society where people have undergone grave mechanical enhancements.

Much like No Guns’ Life, Dorohedoro explores the importance of non-human existence and the moral difficulties that surface from it. Both mangas feature dark and violent worlds for readers to observe and immerse themselves in. 

Dorohedoro’s realm is chaotic and brutal. The artwork is graphical in nature and features grotesque and eerie imagery that’ll make your skin crawl. This echoes No Guns’ Life’s universe’s immoral nature.  

On top of having rich character development, Dorohedoro is a fantastic alternative to read after No Guns’ Life. 

Colorless – KENT

Similarities – Characters & Sci-fi

Colorless is a fun action-packed sci-fi series with a protagonist that’s just as manly as Juzo. Our story takes place in a world that lacks color and humans. At the center of it all is a wolf investigator named Avidia. He’s an excellent marksman who embarks on a quest to search for his world’s last morsel of color. Fortunately, he’ll meet a female who will assist him in his endeavor. 

Like Tasuku Karusum, KENT excels at making his world feel lively and unique to the human eye. Readers will adore how KENT ties the notion of color into their world’s mechanics and storytelling. It makes color feel less like an artistic technique and more like a way refreshing plot device to maintain readers’ attention. 

Furthermore, the characters in Colorless wreak of personality and charm like those found in No Guns’ Life. You’ll adore seeing Avidia interact and investigate new locales with his allies.

If you like tales with unique storytelling elements, Colorless is worth your time. 

Appleseed – Masamune Shirow

Similarities – Setting, Action, Themes

Appleseed is another enjoyable sci-fi tale with an intriguing narrative and technologically advanced world. Appleseed revolves around Deunan Knute, a soldier who lives in a world that explores the consequences of relying too heavily on technology much like No Guns’ Life. It’s narrative contains thrilling action sequences that’ll keep readers at bay too. 

As with No Guns’ Life, Appleseed includes jaw-dropping gunfights and high-stakes battles. Readers will love seeing Deunan and his partner fight various rogue AI lifeforms and corrupt humans in this tale. It’ll remind No Guns’ Life of the similar thrills they had seeing Juzo tear his foes a new one in his tale.

On top of delivering into the complexities behind humanity’s relationship with tech from an introspective lens, Appleseed is an interesting read that’ll make fans contemplate what a technologically-driven world would look like. 

Hellsing – Kouta Hirano

Similarities – Atmosphere, Action, Characters

Hellsing is a gritty vampire-themed horror manga that’ll appeal to those who loved No Guns’ Life for its dark content. In Hellsing, our story centers around the Hellsing Organization. They’re tasked with protecting England from supernatural threats like vampires, zombies, and ghouls. At the center of it all is the strong vampire Alucard and his sidekick Seras Victoria. They must aid the organization’s head, Integra Hellsing, by any means necessary.

Like No Guns’ Life, Hellsing contains thrilling action sequences that capture its world’s gritty nature. Expect Alucard to rip vampire’s limbs off and to show his foes no mercy. Both stories lean heavily into their otherwordly aspects to drive their plots forward. From Hellsing’s focus on supernatural entities to No Guns’ Life’s emphasis on the fusion between technology and humans, both stories offer thought-provoking commentary on the nature of power and control.

On top of having complex and strong male leads, Hellsing is worth investing time into. 

Black Lagoon – Rei Hiroe

Similarities – Action, Characters, Atmosphere

More action-packed gunfights and fantastic characters await you in Black Lagoon. This story is known for its dark atmosphere, action-driven narrative, and fascinating lawless world. Black Lagoon revolves around the lives of a group of mercenaries who work in the criminal underworld of Roanapur.

Like No Guns’ Life, Black Lagoon is a tale that exudes violence and rich character development. The gunfights are well-illustrated and bring out the characters’ raw emotions. Revy and Rock, the series’s protagonists, have fantastic chemistry and backgrounds that’ll entice readers to root for them. Folks who adored following Juzo and Mary’s relationship in No Guns’ Life will find Revy and Rock’s endeavors in Black Lagoon equally enjoyable.

If you adore tales with high-stakes confrontations, rich character dynamics, and a gritty aura, you’re bound to enjoy Rei Hiroe’s Black Lagoon. 

The Ghost In The Shell – Masamune Shirow

Similarities – Sci-Fi & Themes

The Ghost In The Shell is a marvelous sci-fi epic. It’s riddled with complex themes, fascinating characters, and a futuristic world that you’ll have a tough time ignoring. The story centers around Major Motoko Kusanagi, a cyborg who works for a special government organization tasked with dealing with many cyber-related threats and crimes. 

Much like No Guns’ Life, The Ghost In The Shell analyzes the balance between humans and technology in a futuristic universe. Both worlds feature humans who receive cybernetic enhancements and delve into the consequences that stem from a world where humans must coexist with technology. Both stories tackle this idea with great virtue, offering readers reasons to ponder the future.

On that note, both mangas feature deep philosophical themes worth contemplating. The Ghost In The Shell delves into the complexities surrounding identity and the impact technology has on humans, whereas No Guns’ Life presents readers with the consequences humans face when manipulating their bodies with technology. To that extent, both stories are excellent in their approach to helping fans question what it means to be human, making them must-read tales. 

Ninja Slayer – Yoshiaki Tobata, Bradley Bond, &

Philip Ninj@ Morzez

Similarities – Action & Sci-fi

Ninja Slayer is a splendid sci-fi manga brought to you by the combined effort of Yoshiaki Tobata, Bradley Bond, and Philip Ninj@ Morzez. While it may seem vastly different from No Guns’ Life at first glance, it shares many things in common with it. For instance, both tales feature leads who grapple with identity issues and problems that arise from external forces. 

In Ninja Slayer, the protagonist, Kenji, is transformed into a ninja cyborg avenger. This occurs after he experiences his family’s murder, which leaves a devastating impact on his existence. Like Juzo, Kenji experiences many life-changing scenarios throughout his journey in Ninja Slayer that’ll help him redefine who he is as an individual. 

Moreover, both stories implement fantastic action sequences that drive their tales’ forward. Ninja Slayer includes hyper-stylized battles between cyborgs and ninjas which are fast-paced and well-drawn.

On top of having a fully realized world where cybernetics and ninja cults coexist, Ninja Slayer has enough appealing ideas to entice No Guns’ Life fans to read it. 

Gangsta – Kohske

Similarities – Atmosphere & Action

Gangsta is an enjoyable mafioso story with an excellent take on gangster culture. Its author Kohske delivers a deep dive into the harsh realities of the criminal underworld and explores topics relating to drugs, human trafficking, and other things. Much like No Guns’ Life, readers will appreciate Gangsta for exploring the murky areas of its respective urban setting. 

Furthermore, both stories feature protagonists with alluring backgrounds and personalities. Like Juzo, Gangsta’s Worick and Nicolas live lives rooted in mystery. They’ll indulge themselves in dangerous and exciting gunfights with opposing factions, many of which will have our characters put their lives on the line for a particular female.

Therefore, if you’re into dark stories that properly handle mature subject matter, Gangsta is worth your time. 

Dimension W – Yuuji Iwahara

Similarities – Sci-fi & Action

Dimension W is a fun sci-fi action series with a beautiful futuristic world and enough fights to keep readers hooked. The story’s set in the distant future where wireless energy called “coils” powers society. This entices some individuals to embark on a hunt for illegal and dangerous coils. Similarly, No Guns’ Life presents readers with an equally enticing future where technical innovation has dire effects. 

On that note, both mangas tackle subjects involving human manipulation and enhancement. Yuuji Iwahara’s work has a fascinating stance on human cloning that’s comparable to No Guns’ Life’s examination of extensive mechanical human enhancements. Both authors raise questions about individuality, ethics, and what humanity loses out on when relying too much on technology. 

Lastly, both tales feature captivating action elements. These moments aren’t only pleasing to the eye. They provide readers with a break, allowing them to ponder each tale’s more resonant concepts.

Hence, if you’re looking for another corrupt futuristic story to get lost in, check out Dimension W. 

So there we have it, our 10 books/manga to read after you’re caught up with No Guns’ Life.

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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