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10 Books/Manga Like Kuroko’s Basketball

Kuroko’s Basketball is a grand basketball tale with invigorating supernatural elements. It was written and illustrated by Tadatoshi Fujimaki. It’s a shonen series praised for its thrilling portrayal of basketball, likable cast, and enjoyable humor. The story centers around two high school students named Kagami and Tetsuo. Despite coming from different walks of life, the two must utilize each other’s strengths to help their team excel in numerous basketball games.  

If you’re in the mood for more sports books/manga that offer a similar vibe, fear not! We’ve gathered 10 books/manga to check out when you’ve caught up with Kuroko’s Basketball. Of course, if you feel we’ve missed any of your favorites, comment below and let us know!

Blue Lock – Muneyuki Kaneshiro

Similarities – Characters & Sports

Despite tackling soccer instead of basketball, Blue Lock is another fascinating sports series that’ll appeal to Kuroko’s Basketball fans. Like Kuroko’s Basketball, Blue Lock has its players perform otherwordly maneuvers during their games. These abilities will remind folks of tactics like “the Zone” from Kuroko’s Basketball. 

Moreover, this manga’s lead protagonist, Isagi is a skilled and motivated soccer player. He won’t let anyone stand in his way, regardless if they’re better or inferior to him from a skill standpoint. Moreover, the other characters in this series are equally entertaining. They all have great backgrounds, motivations, and shining moments to help them stand out.

If you’re looking for another sports series with great characters and one that embraces competition, check out Blue Lock. 

Ao Ashi – Yugo Kobayashi

Similarities – Characters, Themes, Sports

Ao Ashi is about a proficient yet self-centered soccer player named Ashito. After costing his team a victory, Ashito finds himself in a pickle. Thankfully, a youth coach named Tatsuya offers him a chance to play for a Japanese team. Although he’s unfamiliar with the location, Ashito accepts Tatsuya’s proposal and we examine his progress with his new team. 

Friendship, sportsmanship, and competition are three themes shared between Kuroko’s Basketball and Ao Ashi. Like Kuroko and Kagami, Ashito will develop a compelling connection with his new teammates. Although Ashito starts off as a talented player, he’ll attain new skills that’ll make him feel more genuine and wonderful to root for.

On top of having incredible illustrations that bring out its cast’s emotions on and off the court, Ao Ashi is a compelling read for Kuroko’s Basketball and sports fanatics alike. 

Slam Dunk – Takehiko Inoue

Similarities – Basketball & Themes

If you’re after a basketball series with a realistic spin, look no further than Takehiko Inoue’s Slam Dunk. Inoue excels at delving into his characters’ psyche on and off the court. However, Kuroko’s Basketball who adore the series for its competitive nature and character strategies on the court, will adore what Inoue presents in Slam Dunk. 

Our tale follows Hanamichi, a boy who wants a girlfriend and couldn’t care less about basketball. However, after a girl at his school brings him to their school’s basketball court, he attempts to impress her with a slam dunk. He fails miserably. Fortunately, the girl introduced him to the basketball team captain, resulting in Hanamichi joining the team.

If you’re looking for a shonen basketball manga with a more grounded take on the sport, give Slam Dunk a shot. 

Eyeshield 21 – Riichiro Inagaki

Similarities – Sports & Themes

Eyeshield 21 is a fascinating American football series that shares many characteristics with Kuroko’s Basketball. Both series revolve around competitive sports. They highlight why it’s significant for players to be passionate, determined, and a good sport while competing in these activities. Moreover, both stories feature leads with extraordinary abilities that lend them great success. 

In Eyeshield 21, we follow Sena, a boy who becomes his school’s quarterback because of his fabulous agility. Sena’s journey will bring him great highs and some lows. All of these culminate in helping Sena grow as a player and to help him develop deeper connections with his team and others outside of the American Football court. 

Much like Kuroko’s Basketball, Eyeshield 21 utilizes superhuman abilities to elevate the intensity of each sporting event. Sena’s incredible speed makes him an impenetrable force in Eyeshield 21. His abilities will remind folks of the powers Kuroko, the Generation of Miracles, and Kagami possess in their series. These special quirks allow these sports manga to feel fresh, engaging, and memorable. 

Ahiru No Sora – Takeshi Hinata

Similarities – Characters, Themes, Basketball

Another fantastic basketball manga that’s worth your time is Ahiru No Sora. It centers its tale around a short basketball player named Sora who wants to make it big in the sport. He enrolls in a famed high school but learns its basketball club lacks drive. He hopes to reignite this club’s passion for the craft by leading them to countless victories. 

As with Kuroko’s Basketball, Ahiru No Sora touches upon key fundamentals every basketball player needs to succeed. From proper sportsmanship to determination, you’ll adore Takeshi Hinata’s approach to this sports tale. Furthermore, Ahiru No Sora’s cast is well-rounded and receives proper time to shine to allow folks to grow invested in their individual journeys.

On top of having captivating artwork that brings out basketball’s charm, Ahiru No Sora is worth adding to your reading lists. 

Prince of Tennis – Takeshi Konomi

Similarities – Sports, Themes, Characters

Much like Kuroko’s Basketball, Prince of Tennis is a series that’ll get you pumped for the sport its characters participate in. It offers grand storytelling, wonderful characterization, and a nice spin on the sport.

In Prince of Tennis, Ryoma, a young tennis prodigy, joins the Seishun Academy tennis team and we observe his journey off and on the court. Like Kuroko and Kagami, Ryoma’s quest brings him a nice mix of hardships and triumphs. These all led to him and other tennis players receiving incredible growth and reasons to improve their craft.

Furthermore, both manga feature protagonists who utilize fancy techniques during their games. From Royoma’s “Twist Serve” tactic to Kuroko’s “Vanishing Drive,” sports fans have a lot to look forward to in both tales.

On top of emphasizing teamwork and sportsmanship, Prince of Tennis is worth reading. 

Cross Over – Kouji Seo

Similarities – Basketball, Characters, Themes

For those who need another basketball manga made from the heart, Kouji Seo’s Cross Over should suffice. Much like Kuroko’s Basketball, this story involves our protagonist Ogata Natsuki joining his average high school basketball team and leading them to victory. It’s a tale with great illustrations, an excellent understanding of basketball, and a focus on interpersonal relationships. 

Like Kuroko and Kagami, readers can expect Ogata and his team to face off against fierce competitors. Seo excels at making the characters’ shots look marvelous to the eye and you’ll love the way they make each game feel intense.

On top of being a shorter story and one that tackles similar themes like sportsmanship and friendship, Cross Over is worth reading during your spare time. 

Hajime No Ippo – George Morikawa

Similarities – Characters, Action, Sports

Hajime No Ippo is a classic sports manga everyone needs to read. This manga captures the heart of what makes shonen stories great in manga fanatics’ eyes. It’s a tale that’ll not only motivate you to pursue your dreams but one that could get you interested in the world of boxing. This works similarly to how Kuroko’s Basketball entices folks to play basketball. 

Hajime No Ippo is about its protagonist Ippo’s journey to becoming a fabulous boxer. He hopes to earn people’s respect and improve himself since he lived a life of sorrow. Like Kuroko and Kagami, Ippo encounters many challenging opponents during his rise to the top. He’ll develop new techniques on his own and seek professional guidance from his training partners and coach. 

Ippo experiences hardships outside of the sport regarding romance and low self-worth. It’s these obstacles that help Ippo feel more human and relatable to newcomers and fans alike.

While this series doesn’t dabble in the realm of basketball, it has enough similar ideas and life messages that make it a work worth experiencing. 

Haikyu – Haruichi Furudate

Similarities – Sports & Themes

Haikyu is another great sports series with grand story beats, interesting themes, and fun characters. It follows Hinata, a boy who joins his school’s volleyball team to become the best at the sport. Like Kuroko and his friends, Hinata succumbs to much turmoil and victories throughout his journey. Each volleyball game and encounter will help Hinata grow as a person and athlete. 

Both stories highlight the significance of teamwork, passion, and grit. Readers who enjoyed Kuroko’s Basketball stance on these core concepts will adore how Haruichi Furudate handles it in Haikyu.

Furthermore, both series excel at making the games their characters compete in feel like spectacles on the page. If this sounds up your alley, definitely give Haikyu a read.

Basketball Fighter – Takao Aoyagi

Similarities – Story & Themes

Basketball Fighter delivers a fantastic narrative about the joys of basketball. Its tale revolves around Higashito Akatsuki, a person who wants to become a phenomenal basketball player. Higashito endures the same obstacles Kuroko and his friends deal with in Kuroko’s Basketball from tough competitions to troubling life scenarios.

However, both characters have an undying spirit about them that makes them enjoyable to observe over time. Moreover, both series deliver excellent portrayals of basketball from an artistic and writing perspective. Each game feels stylish and will meet fans’ expectations. Both tales tackle personal development and teamwork well.

With a touch of lighthearted comedy for good measure, Basketball Fighter is a compelling basketball manga that’s worth reading after Kuroko’s Basketball. 

So there we have it, our 10 books/manga to read after you’re caught up with Kuroko’s Basketball.

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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