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10 Books/Manga Like Higurashi When They Cry

Higurashi When They Cry is a popular visual novel series that spawned numerous adaptations. From anime to manga, the series has gained immense praise for its gripping storytelling, spooky atmosphere, and memorable characters. The manga was illustrated by multiple artists but the story retains the same craftsmanship from the original creator, Ryukishi07.

If you’re in the mood for more horrific and mind-numbing books/manga that offers a similar vibe, fear not! We’ve gathered together 10 books/manga to check out when you’ve caught up with Higurashi When They Cry. Of course, if you feel we’ve missed any of your favorites, do comment below and let us know!

Umineko When They Cry – Ryukishi07

Similarities – Mystery & Horror

Higurashi When They Cry isn’t the only work by Ryukishi07 to receive a manga adaptation. Umineko When They Cry also received one with artwork illustrated by Kei Natsumi. Many argue Umineko exceeds Higurashi by a large margin due to it having strong twists, mind games, and intelligent characters. It’s a tale about murder, magic, and mystery and involves the rich Ushiromiya family.

After seeing all his family members perish, Battler Ushiromiya challenges the evil Golden Witch Beatrice to a variety of games. Beatrice hopes that by the end of it all, Battler will admit that magic exists. Despite being more intricate in its themes, Umineko harbors the same gruesome horror elements as Higurashi. Some characters also display similar personalities to the series’s cast.

Expect to see our characters endure numerous deaths since it’s integral to Beatrice and Battler’s games. If you adored Higurashi for its plot, characters, and chilling atmosphere, you’ll walk away from Umineko just as impressed.

King’s Game: Origin – Nobuaki Kanazawa

Similarities – Psychological, Setting, Atmosphere

If you’re after a work that feels heavily inspired by Higurashi, then King’s Game: Origin should hook you. This acts as a prequel to King Game’s events and features our characters in a remote village environment. This manga’s setting echoes the same bone-chilling atmosphere found in Higurashi’s Hinamizawa.

This story takes place in the year 1977 and follows two people named Kazunari and Natsuko. Many don’t approve of their familial relationship, but the two manage to live a peaceful existence in Yonaki Village. Unfortunately, everyone is informed about the King’s Game event and learns that they’ll be forced to participate.

Although many think it’s a prank, they’ll realize King’s Game is not your typical everyday competition. Like Higurashi, readers can expect characters to turn on each other regardless of their associations. With its gripping mind games, deadly scenarios, and compelling characters, you’re in for a swell time with this one.

Another – Yukito Ayatsuji

Similarities – Horror & Mystery

Another’s manga is better than its anime adaptation. Instead of giving fans ridiculous murders, it spends time developing characters and giving fans better explanations for its Final Destination-like murders. With its mesmerizing artwork, stronger storytelling, and excellent handling of the series’s cast, Yukito Ayatsuji delivers a narrative that’s on par with Higurashi’s.

The manga’s plot is similar to the anime’s. It follows Kouchi befriending Mei and she’s as quiet as her anime counterpart. Despite everyone telling Kouchi that Mei’s bad news, he pays them no mind. As Kouchi strengthens his relationship with Mei, weird things start happening in their town leading to multiple murders and engrossing mysteries.

The structure is relatively the same as the anime. Characters will die one by one for strange reasons. This causes some to panic and others to form questionable theories about the events taking place. Ayatsuji’s artwork is polished and captures Another’s horror and brutal elements well. For Higurashi fans, this is an enticing mystery they don’t want to overlook.

Ibitsu – Haruto Ryo

Similarities – Horror & Plot Twists

Ibitsu is a short seinen manga that’s easy to binge through. It has two volumes worth of nightmarish content that will give Higurashi fans horrid flashbacks to their time spent reading that work. From its well-detailed gore to its exotic close-ups of characters’ spooky complexions, you’ll want to read this one with a few lights on in your home.

While completing chores one night, Kazuki stumbles upon a dirty girl in a gothic dress. He keeps bumping into her after their first exchange, each instance getting more chilling than the last. After hearing rumors that this girl is part of an urban legend that will pose a threat to his younger sister, Kazuki must do whatever it takes to protect his sister from this psychotic child.

Ibitsu specializes in its body horror and shock value. You’ll be enamored by the number of chilling scenarios Ryou Haruto implements in this work. Furthermore, the plot contains some unpredictable twists that you won’t see coming. If you’re looking for a short horror manga to read after completing Higurashi, Ibitsu’s worth checking out.

The Garden of Sinners – Type-Moon & Kinoko Nasu

Similarities – Horror & Psychological

The Garden of Sinners is an epic horror and supernatural series. It features strong psychological themes, well-written characters, and riveting plot points. In it, we examine the life of a teenage girl named Shiki. She can peer into everyone’s death and kill them by attacking their origins. Shiki’s known for harboring a yin and yang male and female persona.

After waking up from a two-year coma, she can’t contact her male presence. Shiki also loses grasp of her memories. To retrieve what she lost, Shiki develops a personality that blends both personas together and embarks on a mission of self-discovery. This manga features a plethora of twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The Garden of Sinners touches upon deep subjects concerning cultism and religion. It also features suggestive themes that aren’t child-friendly in the slightest. However, it handles all these topics with great integrity. If you’re searching for a series that’ll grip you with its phenomenal story beats and artwork, The Garden of Sinners is worth reading.

Doubt – Yoshiki Tonogai

Similarities – Paranoia, Mystery, Horror

Doubt is a fun psychological mystery manga. Where Higurashi takes inspiration from found footage flicks like The Blair With Project, Doubt feels more inspired by death game films like Saw. This manga follows a group of people who get roped into a deadly survival game where they must identify the killer before he murders them.

Like Higurashi, the characters in Doubt have clashing backgrounds, ideologies, and personalities. You’ll see characters bickering and pointing fingers at each other many times in this work. The murders in Doubt are imaginative and fun. You’ll be bewildered by the killer’s different ways of taking down his victims. At the same time, Doubt builds great tension after each death.

As more people fall victim to the killer’s actions, our characters will be overcome with paranoia, trauma, and worriment. Therefore, if you adored seeing our characters undergo psychological breakdowns in Higurashi, you’re going to have a blast reading this short Horror manga.

Re: Zero: Starting Life In Another World – Tappei Nagatsuki

Similarities – Characters, Time Travel, Psychological

Re: Zero: Starting Life In Another World is a light novel series with psychological and supernatural elements. It’s an isekai series following a boy named Subaru. After he’s whisked away into this fantasy world, he gets attacked by a group of gang members. A ninja girl named Satella saves Subaru and he helps her retrieve some devices.

Everything goes swimmingly until they’re ambushed and killed by evildoers. Strangely enough, Subaru wakes up in the same world again and relives the same experiences again. After learning about his time-warping powers, Subaru plans to craft a peaceful life in this new fantasy setting. However, this won’t be an easy endeavor.

Like Higurashi, Re: Zero offers similar time-altering shenanigans. However, Tappei Nagatsuki presents his story’s time-altering essence from the start while Ryukishi makes it out to be a huge reveal for Higurashi’s plot. The characters who harbor this power deal with heavy trauma due to experiencing death numerous times in the works. While Re: Zero’s light novel format doesn’t give it much imagery to work with, the portraits it offers are nicely detailed. Check this out if you need more suspense and time-travel antics in your life.

All You Need Is Kill – Hiroshi Sakurazaka & Ryousuke Takeuchi

Similarities – Themes

All You Need Is Kill is a short sci-fi action series with captivating militaristic battles and psychological components. In it, strange aliens called Mimics invade Earth and the humans form the United Defense Force to fight them. At the center of the conflict is Keiji, who gets killed and brought back to life before his death, surprising him.

He realizes he’s stuck in a time loop. After several deaths, Keiji develops a better understanding of the alien threat and uses his countless experiences to build upon his strength and challenge fate. As one can expect, Higurashi and All You Need Is Kill utilize their time-looping themes to tell a riveting and engaging plot. The tone for both is vastly different though.

Higurashi relies heavily on suspense and mystery to carry its narrative. As for All You Need Is Kill, it banks on its stories science fiction, and action elements to captivate its audience. Immortality plays a large role in helping our characters overcome their obstacles, but has them reliving many traumatic occurrences that will have a massive toll on their minds. If you’re searching for an incredible manga with a great futuristic setting and fun alien battles, check this out.

Pandora Hearts – Jun Mochizuki

Similarities – Supernatural & Mystery

Pandora Hearts is a great manga with hints of mystery, drama, and adventure. It follows Oz, a spirited heir to the Vassalius family. Despite hearing rumors about terrifying creatures hidden in a deep abyss, Oz chooses to ignore those claims. However, he’ll regret that decision when he meets the Baskerville Clan. They condemn him to the abyss for committing a sin he doesn’t remember.

Oz forms a contract with a unique creature named Alice and they embark on a quest to unravel the mystery behind his sin. Like Higurashi, Pandora Hearts is littered with multiple mysteries that’ll toy with readers’ minds. You’ll be pondering and theorizing about everything this world throws at you. The manga’s art style is imaginative and appealing.

Characters exhibit grand facial reactions and look stunning on the page. Our protagonists receive great character development over the course of the story and will encounter many enemies they’ll have to fight. Where Higurashi feels more horrific, Pandora Hearts feels more adventurous and grand. Check this out if you want something with a bit more emphasis on exploration.

Monster – Naoki Urasawa

Similarities – Mystery

Monster is a riveting manga created by legendary author and artist Naoki Urasawa. It has well-written characters, great tension, and excellent storytelling. In it, we follow a proficient medical surgeon named Dr. Kenzou Tenma. He’s performed countless successful surgeries but gets ridiculed by some for saving specific higher-ups over the less fortunate.

When given the chance to save his mayor’s life over a toddler, Kenzou chooses the kid over him. Many people shun him for his decision, but Kenzou believes he made the right call. Unfortunately, his naysayers were proven correct. The child grows up to become a mass serial killer who identifies himself as Johan Liebert.

To make amends for his mistake, Kenzou leaves everything behind to stop Johan from killing more people. This manga offers a grounded world compared to Higurashi’s supernatural setting. Furthermore, Monster is a page-turner as every chapter ends with a succulent cliffhanger that’ll persuade you to keep reading. It’s one of Urasawa’s finest works that deserves every book enthusiast’s undivided attention.

So there we have it, our 10 books/manga to read after you’ve caught up with Higurashi When They Cry.

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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