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10 Books/Manga Like Ajin Demi-Human

Ajin: Demi-Human is a horror mystery series written and illustrated by Gamon Sakurai with story assistance from Tsuina Miura. It follows Kei Nagai, a high schooler who endures a fatal car accident. Fortunately, he survives but learns he’s become an Ajin. Ajin are dangerous entities in Kei’s world and are sought-after government specimens.

With this in mind, Kei must hide from the world, never to return to the life he once had. Known for its interesting storytelling and impressive artwork, Ajin: Demi-Human is a tale you don’t want to overlook. 

If you’re in the mood for more horror or action-themed books/manga that offer a similar vibe, fear not! We’ve gathered together 10 books/manga to check out when you’ve caught up with Ajin: Demi-Human. Of course, if you feel we’ve missed any of your favorites, do comment below and let us know!

Tokyo Ghoul – Sui Ishida

Similarities – Supernatural, Themes, Horror

Tokyo Ghoul is a fascinating dark fantasy that explores similar ideas as Ajin: Demi-Human. For example, both manga spend time highlighting the internal struggles of lead characters who must deal with their newfound supernatural identities. For Kei, he had to cope with the fact that he’s become an Ajin. As for Kaneki, he must live with the notion of being a half-human and ghoul hybrid. 

Their supernatural sides have a dramatic toll on their mental and physical stature. They’ll wind up questioning their humanity and confronting desires that could lead them down heinous paths.

Furthermore, bot manga presents morally grey narratives that challenge traditional notions of good and evil amongst the ghoul, ajin, and human populations.

If you’re after another work that’s dark, deep, and action-packed at times, check out Tokyo Ghoul. 

Inuyashiki – Hiroya Oku

Similarities – Action & Psychological

Despite having a subpar anime adaptation, Hiroya Oku’s Inuyashiki’s source material is worth checking out, especially if you love Ajin: Demi-Human. Like Ajin, Inuyashiki focuses on an ordinary individual whose life is forever changed when they receive extraordinary powers during one fateful night.

Furthermore, both stories excel at delving into each individual’s newfound lifestyle with their abilities and the consequences that stem from them achieving them. 

Additionally, both series employ intense action sequences and thoughtful character development to keep readers hooked. Inuyashiki and Ajin explore the dark elements of human nature and raise ethical questions concerning the use of their power and the boundaries they must adhere to.

Visually, both manga have incredible artwork and dynamic panel layouts that reflect their stories’ intensity. Both series’ overall atmosphere is enhanced by both artist’s gritty art styles, making for a compelling read for fans of both works. 

Parasyte – Hitoshi Iwaaki

Similarities – Concepts, Action, Characters

Parasyte is a popular manga from the 80s that gained traction after Studio Madhouse released a solid anime adaptation based on it. In it, we follow Shinichi, a boy who becomes a host to a parasitic alien named Migi. Migi informs Shinichi that more of his species plan to invade Earth. With Migi’s help, Shinichi must stop the aliens from taking over his world. 

Like Kei’s journey as an Ajin, Shinichi’s unique encounter with Migi spirals into him confronting his own humanity. Additionally, he must grapple with the moral implications of his symbiotic relationship with Migi, resulting in many thrilling fights and philosophical lessons.

Furthermore, both stories focus on their characters’ unclear nature. In Parasyte, the parasites who succeed in controlling humans must grapple with their primal instincts while residing in human society.

Through Shinichi, Iwaaki poses questions regarding the human and parasites’ ingrained nature, leading to deep scenarios that’ll make viewers ponder. This will remind folks of how Sakurai and Miura challenge the notion between good and evil with their depictions of the ajin.

If you’re after another complex manga to read with bits of action, check out Parasyte. 

Jagaaaaaan – Muneyuki Kaneshiro

Similarities – Characters, Supernatural, Action

Jagaaaaaan is a compelling action horror manga with similar themes and characterization as Ajin. Like Ajin, this story revolves around someone who develops unexpected powers beyond human understanding.

In Jagaaaaaan, our lead character, Shintarou, gains a significant hand ability that gives him a chance to battle grotesque monsters. Similarly, after a fatal vehicle incident, Kei becomes an immortal ajin, resulting in humans and ajins hunting him down. Both series explore the struggles our protagonists face concerning their new identities.

Jagaaaaaan questions the notion of good and evil much like Ajin. As Shintarou fights numerous monsters, he must make unpredictable and brutal choices that challenge readers’ morals.

Coupled with its intense action and psychological sequences, Jagaaaaaan is a wonderful tale that’ll leave you on the edge of your seat. 

Chainsaw Man – Tatsuki Fujimoto

Similarities – Action, Horror, Themes

Chainsaw Man is a popular Shonen series with a strong following, an interesting storyline, and compelling action sequences. Like Ajin, this tale revolves around a male lead who achieves supernatural capabilities. After a meeting goes south for our protagonist Denji, his Chainsaw Devil sidekick Pochita sacrifices himself, granting Denji the ability to become the fierce Chainsaw Man. 

Like Kei, Denji’s newfound powers bring him closer to discovering his world’s violent and brutal nature. Another parallel between the two works lies in their exploration of good and evil. Despite getting hired to fight demons to save humanity, Denji’s nefarious goals and questionable decisions will make viewers question if he’s someone worth rooting for. This aligns with Kei’s journey a bit since he’ll make morally ambiguous choices to survive.

In addition to placing both male leads in thrilling and worrisome bouts against enemies more powerful than themselves, Chainsaw Man is a fabulous alternative for Ajin: Demi-Human fans. 

Kaiju No. 8 – Naoya Matsumoto

Similarities – Action & Themes

Kaiju No. 8 is a story that’ll appeal to anyone who adores works where giant monsters are its main attraction. However, with respect to Ajin, this story should appeal to its fanbase too. For starters, Kaiju No. 8 centers around a protagonist, like Kei, who finds themselves stuck between two different worlds in a thematic sense. 

The protagonist in question, Kafka, transforms into a kaiju after a brief encounter with a small parasitic one. Like Kei, Kafka struggles to reconcile with his new identity and must navigate through his world’s hostility and perceptions toward him. Both characters make difficult choices and are driven by their own motivations and desires which blur the lines between good and evil. 

Additionally, both stories feature compelling action-packed scenarios. These scenarios give fans time to breathe and showcase each character’s defining qualities exceptionally.

With their intense action sequences and psychological depth, fans will adore Kaiju No. 8 for its dark aspects and complex cast. 

Attack On Titan – Hajime Isayama

Similarities – Action & Psychological

Attack On Titan is a fabulous manga series with a complex world, deep cast, and riveting action sequences. Like Ajin, this story revolves around a protagonist who struggles to grapple with his identity and must survive in a world plagued with dangerous adversaries. In it, we follow Eren, who vows to rid his world of man-eating humanoid monsters called Titans. 

Like Kei, he’ll later achieve powers that’ll assist him in going toe-to-toe with the beasts who ruined his life. Eren will make many choices that will challenge viewers’ notions of right and wrong. Moreover, Attack On Titan’s level of violence is on par with what you’ll find in Ajin: Demi-Human. Expect to see humans and Titans get their limbs snapped and torn apart a lot in Attack On Titan.

Whether you adore Ajin for its violence or its storytelling, you’re bound to enjoy Attack On Titan for similar reasons. 

Deadman Wonderland – Kazuma Kondou & Jinsei Kataoka

Similarities – Horror, Action, Characters

Deadman Wonderland and Ajin: Demi-Human suffer from not having the best anime adaptations. However, their similarities stretch beyond that. For instance, Deadman Wonderland’s protagonist, Ganta, obtains extraordinary powers like Kei and undergoes a newfound lifestyle that’s far from upbeat. He’s falsely accused of murdering his classmates and is sentenced to fight in a  facility called Deadman Wonderland for visitors’ entertainment. 

While he and Kei receive great powers, they lead lives that aren’t satisfactory in the slightest. Readers can expect characters to endure extreme psychological and physical pain throughout their ventures. The fights incorporated in this series drive those points home flawlessly. They’re drawn with incredible detail to help readers immerse themselves in both tales’ worlds and understand the characters’ frustrations.

If you’re looking for another story with a likable protagonist and fun fights, check this one out. 

Dorohedoro – Q Hayashida

Similarities – Action & Horror

While Dorohedoro contains more comedic scenarios than Ajin, it shares many similarities with it. Both stories present readers with worlds filled with supernatural elements and feature protagonists who are caught in conflicts they barely understand. In Dorohedoro, we follow Caiman, a reptile man immune to magic who wants to meet specific magic users who can cure him of his illness.

Like Kei, Caimon finds himself in relentless danger and must navigate his world to search for answers. Moreover, both manga delves into topics regarding identity and morality. Readers will see Caimon struggle to understand his true identity and form an unlikely partnership with his friend Nikaido.

Furthermore, Dorohedoro and Ajin are known for having violent sequences. The brutal confrontations emphasize their world’s gritty nature, resulting in readers feeling tense.

Readers who enjoy complex narratives with morally ambiguous characters in dark and unforgiving worlds will find themselves captivated by Dorohedoro’s content. 

Elfen Lied – Lynn Okamoto

Similarities – Supernatural, Psychological, Horror

Lynn Okamoto’s Elfen Lied manga is the preferred way of experiencing his story. Not only does it contain content not found in the anime’s adaptation but it extends the story forward, resulting in a conclusion many readers will enjoy. That aside, this tale bears many similarities with Ajin: Demi-Human too. Both stories contain human protagonists who are ostracized and hunted by society. 

In Elfen Lied, we follow Lucy, who happens to be a Diclonius. These are beings with vast telekinetic abilities and deadly vectors that can slice anything in their path. After escaping the clutches of a nefarious government, Lucy accidentally bumps her head, adopts a calmer persona Nyu, and resides with two regular citizens. This results in many chaotic battles that’ll leave you speechless and shaken. 

Both stories excel at creating a sense of isolation and focusing on our character’s struggles to navigate through their worlds. Lucy faces difficult situations regarding her identity and morality, much like Kei does in Ajin. From severe trauma, abuse, and heartbreak, many readers will sympathize with Lucy’s situation and root for her to obtain happiness.

If you happen to stumble upon this manga and enjoy Ajin, you won’t be disappointed. 

So there we have it, our 10 books/manga to read after you’re caught up with Ajin: Demi-Human.

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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