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Gears of War is one of Microsoft’s trademark shooter titles next to Halo. It boasts incredible storytelling, well-developed characters, and exhilarating gameplay. You’ll battle monstrous individuals in an apocalyptic world filled with gore, pain, and misery. With its thrilling narrative, over-the-top bloodshed, and dark setting, you’ll find yourself amazed by what takes place in this series.

If you’ve finished playing Gears of War and are looking for alternatives – fret not! We’ve combed through the archives and saved you the hassle with our top 10 picks.

Of course, for all the games we’ve reviewed, we’ve also added a handy link, so you can check out our full thoughts on that and see if it’s something you want to invest your time in.

So without further ado, we present 10 games to check out if you’re looking for a game like Gears of War.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

For those who adored Gears of Wars’ third-person shooter combat, we’d recommend giving Mass Effect a shot. It features similar gunman gameplay as Gears but overlays it all with satisfying RPG mechanics. In it, players control Commander Shepard and will help him fight numerous foes to save his universe.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is jam-packed with all three titles. The developers improved each entry’s graphics and gameplay to make it suitable for a new generation. These games offer players the opportunity to steer the narrative to a different path unlike Gears of War, which is more linear in that respect.

Mass Effect’s gameplay isn’t as brutal, though. However, the weapons Commander Sheppard and his allies wield are visually stunning and fun to utilize. This game contains great world-building elements with its varied species and incredible environments. If you’re looking for a fabulous sci-fi shooter with alternative story routes, check out Mass Effect Legendary Edition.


Bulletstorm is an intense first-person shooter game that will get your heart racing. Our story is about a band of mercenaries called Dead Echo who must protect the lives of a futuristic confederation. However, the game’s protagonist Grayson and his friend Ishi get betrayed by their commander and are exiled into the far reaches of the galaxy.

Now stranded on a planet full of monsters, you must help Grayson and Ishi escape and enact their revenge on their commander. This game features extreme violence and over-the-top scenarios that will leave you speechless. With its insane combat, exaggerated weaponry, and unique skill shot system, you’re bound to fall in love with the mayhem that ensues in Bulletstorm.

If you’ve been searching for a game that will give you the same adrenaline rush as Gears of War, give Bulletstorm a shot.

Kill Switch

Kill Switch is a third-person shooter game developed by Namco USA. It popularized the whole cover mechanic way before Gears of War would implement it in its franchise. While its storyline isn’t as impressive as its impact on the industry, many critics praised the title for its riveting shooter gameplay. In it, players control a super soldier named Nick Bishop.

He’s being led astray by a man known as Controller. Controller leads Nick through several action-packed tasks that will convince the North and West to go to war. Despite having several twists in its storytelling, the game’s plot doesn’t offer anything special. The missions can get repetitive fast, even though the game’s run-and-gun and cover mechanics provide players with a fabulous time.

Give this title a shot if you’re okay with games with lackluster storytelling but compelling gameplay.

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2

Given Ubisoft’s track record with shooter titles, many folks were surprised with how great Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 turned out. This game is leagues better than the first one and contains a breathtaking world, fantastic shooter gameplay, well-designed levels, and clever enemies for you to dispose of.

In it, players create a customizable Division agent who’ll aid his group in bringing restoring peace to America. It’s not the most memorable or original premise, but it gets the job done. Gamers will adore this title more for its riveting gameplay than its cliched storytelling. You’ll adore traversing this game’s world and squaring off against its countless enemies.

Enemies become more of a hassle the further you get into the game. Some missions are locked behind level caps, but gaining experience points isn’t too difficult in this game. The game runs into some pop-in issues occasionally, but nothing too overwhelming that will hamper your immersion. If you’re looking for a fun Ubisoft shooter to play, The Division 2 is worth your time.

You can read our thoughts on The Division 2 in our game review here!

Remnant: From the Ashes

Need more monsters to slay, check out Remnant: From the Ashes. This game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world with horrid monsters for you to defeat. In it, players control one of Earth’s lucky survivors. It’s up to you and your comrades to reclaim Earth from this dangerous threat.

This game’s creatures scale from small to large and have diverse abilities that will lead you down treacherous paths. To combat this, you’ll be searching your area for deadly weaponry to hold them off. Like Gears of War, players will adore fighting these creatures with their friends. This game includes multiple maps for you to traverse through.

Some maps have intriguing secrets, routes, and monsters that mesh well with the game’s tone and theme. If you’re looking for another dark title with similar themes, violence, and epic spectacles, check this one out.

Red Faction Guerrilla: Re-Mars-tered

Red Faction Guerilla: Re-Mars-tered is a third-person shooter game for those who liked causing endless mayhem in Gears of War. In it, players control a mining engineer who embarks on a mission to free Mars as a guerilla fighter. Like Gears of War, you’ll be tackling foes head-on while shielding yourself behind cover.

This “remastered” version of the original 2009 title contains better graphics and technical improvements than the original game. You’ll find yourself immersed in the game’s overworld and cherish the designs of its characters and their enemies. The gameplay allows you to use your environment to set up traps for your foes as well.

If you want a game that’s over-the-top and will give your an adrenaline boost, check this out.

Binary Domain

Binary Domain is Gears of War, but with robotic enemies. This game explores squad-based gameplay and incorporates the same cover-based combat you’d find in the Gears of War titles. Instead of demonic entities, you’ll be fighting hordes of humanoid robots known as Hollow Children. Like Gears of War, humanity is at its climax in Binary Domain and struggles to rebuild itself.

The robots will push you to your limits in this game. It’s up to you to forge real-time moral decisions if you hope to survive this game’s relentless wave of enemies. The game also emphasizes collaboration and trust as you fight robots alongside your teammates. Over time you’ll learn to appreciate your comrades as you guide them to safety. Check Binary Domain out if you’re looking for a futuristic take on Gears of War.



Vanquish is a stellar third-person shooter game. It has fast-paced gameplay and a dazzling world. It’ll make you feel like you’re taking part in a well-crafted action flick. In it, a Russian extremist group controls  Providence, an orbital space station. They use the station to unleash a devastating attack on San Francisco and entice the United States to retaliate.

Sam Gideon, our protagonist, joins the battle in his ARS battle suit. He joins because he’s looking for Professor Candide, the creator of his suit and the station. This game lacks a well-written plot and unique ideas. However, players will enjoy the game for its otherworldly weapons and Sam’s suit functionalities. These components will hold gamers’ attention more than their mundane storytelling.

From slowing down time to firing neat lasers, you’re bound to grow attached to this game’s interesting style. Give this game a shot if you want something that’s faster and fancier.

Winback: Covert Operations

Before Gears of War and Kill Switch, Omega Force developed Winback: Covert Operations for the Nintendo 64. This is a third-person shooter game that uses the same cover-based game mechanic as those two titles mentioned. Even Resident Evil 4 uses the same laser-sight-free aim mechanic Winback utilized during its time.

While holding an N64 controller to play a shooter doesn’t sound like a fun time, Winback doesn’t feel terrible to play. Sure, you have to hold down specific buttons to aim and shoot. However, there are dedicated button presses that make it easy to shroud yourself behind a barricade to avoid taking severe damage. The game’s plot is strange and gets more bizarre over time.

Fans who liked the emotional plotline in Gears of War won’t enjoy Winback’s storytelling. For those worried about getting their hands on the game, fear not. You can play the game via the Nintendo Switch’s Online Service via its N64 Online app. Although you’ll have to pay a nifty fee to access the app, the other titles, apps, and games that come with the service make it worth picking up.

World War Z: Aftermath

World War Z: Aftermath is a zombie shooter through and through. This game takes place in Vatican City, where players control one of three survivors. You must guide this survivor through this dreadful apocalypse while opening fire on endless zombie hordes. The game features a stellar online co-op where players can tackle story missions with their friends.

This game features great weapon variety like Gears of War and a solid campaign mode. The combat is fun and you may find yourself putting many hours into the game. Gears of War fans who enjoyed that series’s horde modes will enjoy World War Z: Aftermath’s Horde Mode XL. This mode has you shooting your way through endless zombie hordes.

It becomes more difficult the further you get into it. If Gears of War has started to wear you out with the same repetitive waves and gory mayhem, consider picking up World War Z: Aftermath if you’re after something that’s familiar and refreshing.

So there we have it, our 10 video game picks to keep you busy after playing Gears of War.

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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