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This first-person survival horror game gained a cult-like following upon its release. It contains spooky visuals, a chilling atmosphere, and riveting lore that fans can’t get enough of. The second game ups the any by introducing more challenging puzzles, mind-numbing plot developments, and more monsters for you to defeat during your expedition. From its dark cartoony characters to its disturbing, ink-covered corridors, you’d be foolish to play this game alone in the dark.

If you’ve finished playing Bendy and the Dark Revival and are looking for alternatives – fret not! We’ve combed through the archives and saved you the hassle with our top 10 picks.

Of course, for all the games we’ve reviewed, we’ve also added a handy link, so you can check out our full thoughts on that and see if it’s something you want to invest your time in.

So without further ado, we present 10 games to check out if you’re looking for a game like Bendy and the Dark Revival.

Bioshock Remastered

Another gritty adventure awaits you in Bioshock. In it, players travel through an underwater city called Rapture filled with menacing humanoid beasts. You’ll wield typical weapons from shotguns to SMGs, but will attain supernatural powers called Plasmids. These will be used to fend off the game’s challenging adversaries and for completing its multiple puzzles.

Rapture engulfs players in its eerie atmosphere and chilling sights. The game’s story elements may horrify you while other moments will shock you. The game’s plot is well-written and features several plot twists to keep you hooked. If you enjoyed Bendy and the Dark Arrival’s horrifying locales, spooky beasts, and enchanting lore, then you’ll find yourself at home with Bioshock.

Dead Space Remake

The first Dead Space game that captivated fans with its immersive gameplay and spooky atmosphere has finally received a remake. Although many remakes failed to deliver a refreshing experience, the Dead Space remake succeeds in recapturing what fans loved about the original 2008 game. As always, fans navigate Isaac Clarke through countless puzzles and enemy hordes while aboard an old ship.

The puzzles provide fans with significant challenges and are well-implemented. Isaac Necromorph’s enemies are as vicious and grotesque looking as in the original game. The game’s profound gravity mechanic makes a return in the remake and still offers the Necromorphs a chance to do you in.

As you scavenge the flagship for resources, you’ll want to take note of your current supply of goods. The remake introduces a New Game + mode that allows you to replay the game for alternate endings and collectibles not found in 2008 original. If you love Bendy’s dark setting and spooky ambiance, you’ll love the Dead Space 2023 remake.

You can read our thoughts on Dead Space Remake in our video game review here!

Westwood Shadows: Prologue

Gamers tend to flock to first-person horror games for a more immersive experience. Westwoodf Shadows: Prologue is a story-rich first-person horror game with great mystery elements that will keep you hooked to your screen. In it, you play a police detective who visits his abandoned hometown to confront his past and resolve an unsolved case.

His journey is filled with many chilling scares, nerve-wracking puzzles, and a heavy atmosphere that’ll feel like someone’s breathing down your neck. Players will encounter numerous riddles that drive them toward insanity. The game’s still in active development, so the prologue acts like a demo for players to enjoy before they drop the full course meal.

From what players have played so far, the story has vast potential. The puzzles are challenging and require much thought. The game’s environments look engaging for a small-budget indie title like this one. The game offers voice acting that’ll help players grow attached to the game’s protagonist and invested in its plot. If you’re looking for a game with fun gameplay, decent storytelling, and enjoyable puzzles, check this out.

Poppy Playtime

In this first-person horror game, players travel through an abandoned toy factory. This factory engulfs players with its alluring mysteries, charming puzzles, and spooky imagery. In the factory, you’ll be equipped with a nifty GrabPack that’ll help you hack electrical circuits and capture things from far distances.

The game knows how to build tension. The game includes several jump scares and frenetic moments that’ll put you under a lot of pressure. The factory-enclosed spaces will make players feel like they’re trapped in a corner with no way of escaping. The game’s mascot Huggy Wuggy may look adorable at first but will appear more sinister as you encounter him further into the game.

This is an ongoing game project with a fun follow-up chapter fans can purchase. However, the first chapter offers players enough material to satisfy them.

Jenny LeClue – Detectivu

Jenny LeClue – Detectiveu is a fabulous adventure game. In it, players follow Jenny LeClue who must find a way to clear her mother’s name after she’s accused of murder. The game’s art style resembles the cartoon-like designs Bendy and his friends have in Bendy and the Dark Arrival. Detectiveu may look innocent but it contains dark undertones that’ll keep Bendy fans hooked.

The gameplay follows the point-and-click adventure formula to a tea. You’ll investigate and interact with your surroundings to secure clues that’ll help prove Jenny’s mother’s innocence. The decisions you make in the game have an impact on the direction the story takes. This gives the game high replay value since many players will feel enticed to revisit the game’s earlier storylines.

The game’s handling of its traumatic themes is stellar and fans will enjoy the subtle twists sprinkled throughout its narrative. If you adored Bendy and the Dark Arrival for its storytelling and gloomy themes, you’ll love Jenny LeClue – Detectiveu.


Clea is a short horror title that won’t take you too long to complete. The game’s story-driven, so it’s best to enter this game blind with no knowledge of the core things that occur in its plot. The game’s graphics are simple like its gameplay. Nonetheless, many fans might be creeped out by the way our characters look as they mesh well with the game’s terrifying locales.

The game has slight jump scares that are effective. They don’t feel forced and will add value to the game’s creepy factor. The game touches upon some mature subjects, so those who don’t like blood, won’t enjoy this one. Some subjects include experimentation, death, and suicide awareness. As you traverse the game’s eerie setting, you’ll find items that you can merge together.

These new creations will make your traversal less horrific and easier. If you loved Bendy for its horror aesthetic and enchanting lore, you’ll adore this little indie horror game.

The Forest

The Forest is like Minecraft’s creepy cousin, despite that game having its spooky moments. In it, players can craft, build, and explore the game’s mysterious forests. These forests include dangerous creatures and humans who aren’t right in the head. These beasts make traversing the game’s wilderness horrifying and tense.

That said, The Forest can be violent at times. You’ll find yourself swinging and shooting at enemies until they are battered to a pulp. You’ll utilize weapons like knives and guns to defeat them. Playing the game during the nighttime is one of the best feelings, though. This will make the game’s atmosphere feel more realistic and dark. While its animations aren’t as impressive as Bendy’s, you’re bound to enjoy the frightening world The Forest presents.


Detention is a psychological horror game with a chilling atmosphere. This game contains a brutal story that will send chills down your spine. It’s set in a high school and follows two students. They’re trapped and worried for their safety since the school’s overrun with spooky monsters. To escape, these students must complete several puzzles and avoid interacting with these creatures.

Bendy and Detention are horror titles with great cultural references. With Bendy, it paid tribute to classic animation. However, Detention takes its notes from Taoism, Buddhism, and Chinese mythology. It mashes these together to forge a diverse terrifying tale from it. The gameplay’s basic and follows the point-and-click adventure formula.

You’ll help the students navigate the school’s corridors, hide from the monsters, and interact with artifacts found in the school to learn more about its dark history. It’s an interactive and immersive experience you don’t want to skip out on. If you loved Bendy and the Dark Arrival, you’ll get a kick out of Detention.


Bendy isn’t the only horror indie franchise that benefitted from content creators building it up. Phasmophobia also saw a rise in popularity after content creators like Markiplier played it for his fans to see. Nonetheless, this game’s incredibly immersive and has VR compatibility, which will make you enjoy the game even more.

It contains intricate puzzles, countless jump scares, and chilling moments that’ll make players scream loudly. Like Bendy, Phasmophobia is played from the first-person perspective and emphasizes its mystery aspects. You can play this game alone to make things spookier or with friends to make it more hilarious.

This game’s all about identifying ghosts to complete contracts. The ghosts won’t make your job simple and will try their hardest to make you freak out. The game features multiple areas for you to explore. This allows players to experience paranormal activity from different locations to spice up their experience and time with the game. With excellent sound design and genuine scares, you’ll adore what this horror game has in store for you.

Outlast (Series)

Thanks to films like The Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity, many creators have been influenced to create various projects utilizing the technique. Outlast is a horror game series that uses the classic technique to create a first-person experience that’s worth your time. In it, players explore misty terrains, haunted asylums, and mysterious villages.

These are home to many horrid creatures and decrepit humanoids who want to make your life miserable. Each game features simple and complex puzzles for you to complete to advance the story forward. Players hoping to carry a pistol with them the entire time will be disappointed with this one. Outlast wants players to feel as vulnerable as ever, so you’re given limited resources.

Therefore, you’ll wind up dodging, hiding, and sneaking past enemies most of the time. If you get too close to an adversary, you’ll start trembling and possibly screaming. If you’re looking for enjoyable horror games that’ll play with your psyche, the Outlast games are worth picking up.

So there we have it, our 10 video game picks to keep you busy after playing Bendy and the Dark Revival.

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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