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Unlike Marvel comics, DC comics are filled with superheroes, or supervillains who’ve got lightning-fast speed, and they can totally turn a losing battle around with their speed. From the Scarlet Speedster to his notorious villains and many more, here are 10 of the fastest DC characters that have turned the tide with their speed. 

The Flash 

The most obvious choice, the Flash, aka Barry Allen, is notorious for being the fastest man alive, even faster than light! During the Crisis on Infinite Earths saga, the whole Multiverse was about to be annihilated, and Barry had to save the day.

Barry decides to sacrifice himself by running faster than he had ever run before and eventually merges with the Anti-Monitor’s antimatter cannon. Barry soaked up all the antimatter energy, stopping the cannon from wiping out the other universes. 

Professor Zoom

Professor Zoom, also known as Hunter Zolomon, can also tap into the speed force, just like The Flash. In The Flash: Blitz story, Zoom did something outrageous with his speed – he altered the fabric of time. His goal was to help Wally West, who was The Flash at that time, become a better hero.

Zoom kicked things up by speeding up his own time, creating a time-bending effect. This made Zoom move so crazily fast that it looked like he was in multiple places at once. His speed was off the charts, even faster than the fastest speedsters, making him a serious challenge for The Flash. 

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is not just strong and tough – she’s also super fast. Thanks to her awesome divine powers, she can move as fast as some of the quickest characters in the DC Universe. In different stories, she’s shown off her amazing speed by doing something outrageous– deflecting bullets with her Bracelets of Submission.

One time, Diana effortlessly deflected a bunch of bullets coming at her, proving she’s not just fast but also super quick to react. Wonder Woman’s speed comes from a mix of divine strength and rigorous Amazonian training, making her zip around at crazy speeds and dodge stuff like a scarlet speedster.


Superman’s speed is out of this world, and “Superman: Rebirth” proves it! In this legendary saga, there’s a solar flare ready to wipe out a whole solar system, and Superman steps up. In the blink of an eye, faster than you can even think, he whisks an entire alien species to safety.

Superman doesn’t just move fast, but he makes split-second decisions and does the impossible in the blink of an eye. Superman’s super speed isn’t just a cool trick; it’s a game-changer that shows the full power of the Man of Steel!

Max Mercury

Max Mercury, aka Quicksilver, is like the speed guru in DC Comics, especially in “The Flash.” He’s the guy helping speedsters like Wally West amp up their fast game. In the “Speed Force War,” Max Mercury takes speed to a whole new level.

Using his Speed Force know-how, he moves through different dimensions and timelines at a speed that’s off the charts. Max isn’t just, but he knows all about the Speed Force inside out. Max Mercury isn’t just a speedster but a speed maestro, playing a crucial role in the Flash family and unraveling the mysteries of the Speed Force.


Reverse-Flash, Eobard Thawne, isn’t just fast; he’s one of the speedsters you don’t want messing with time in the DC Universe. Take “Flashpoint,” for instance. Thawne cranks up his speed to warp time itself. He runs back in time, alters things, and creates a messed-up dystopian reality.

Thawne’s time-manipulating speed isn’t just a party trick; it’s a warning. It shows what happens when a speedster goes rogue with time. This jaw-dropping feat cements him as a top-tier speedster, pushing the boundaries of speed and time in the DC Comics world.


Billy Batson, also known as Shazam, isn’t just known for his super strength, but has some serious speed in his arsenal. In the “JSA” storyline, he faced off against speedster Johnny Sorrow, and it became the battle of speed. Sorrow fires a bullet at a crazy speed, and in a blink, Shazam catches it.

Billy Batson doesn’t just pack a punch; the speed of God Mercury makes him a force to be reckoned with in battles where lightning-quick reactions can make all the difference.

Black Adam

Black Adam, or Teth-Adam, isn’t just one of the strongest DC characters but one of the fastest, too, packing great speed up his sleeve. In the comic storyline “52,” Black Adam faced off against the hero Infinity-Man, and things got intense.

In a flash of explosive speed, Black Adam takes down Infinity-Man, not just with power but with lightning-quick reflexes, in a blink of an eye. This was in no way an average beatdown; it proves Black Adam’s is on the same level as most of the speedsters. 

Atom Smasher

Atom Smasher, also known as Albert Rothstein, might not be your typical speedster in the DC Comics line-up but don’t underestimate his agility. While he’s better known for changing size and having super strength, his time with the Justice Society of America revealed some hidden speed and quick reflexes.

In the “JSA” comics, Atom Smasher turned the tie in the Justice League’s favor with his speedy moves. He might not wear the speedster label, but his quick actions and prompt reactions in the heat of combat make him a superhero worth having on the team.

Black Racer

In the comic “Final Crisis,” Black Racer, aka embodiment of Death, is the speedster’s worst nightmare. In this legendary storyline, The Black Racer races behind the heroic speedster Barry Allen, who is temporarily turned into the death during the crisis.

Despite Barry’s own super speed, the Black Racer easily keeps pace, proving the transcending and unstoppable nature of death. Black Racer’s feat of going against the fastest man alive and keeping on the same level proves he’s never to be trifled with. 

So, this was our top 10 fastest characters in DC Comics. Did your favorite make the cut? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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