10 Days of a Bad Man (2023) Ending Explained – Why was Adil-Sadik trying to commit suicide?


10 Days of a Good Man was released this year in March right after the devastating earthquakes in Turkey. While a sequel was expected to be released soon, we certainly didn’t expect that to happen so far ahead of time.

As reminded by the title, the sequel follows Sadiq’s story after the events of the first film with a slight change in the nature of his actions. In this ending explainer, we break down the complicated plot of the film which features two investigations and also chart Sadiq’s character arc from the first film till now. 

10 Days of a Bad Man Plot Summary

The sequel’s events take place two years after the events of the first film. Day 1 in the sequel begins after Sadik is involved in a car accident – in one of Sir’s cars – in Tosya. He is picked up by Sir’s men, Huso and Zeynel. As revealed in the last film, Sadik has changed his name to Adil now. He should have ideally been in Eskişehir with Fatos and Meral. But something has clearly happened.

Now, he has to pay off the debts to Sir for all the expenses he incurred to get Adil back into shape. Adil is tasked with finding Ferhat Gönen, a rich playboy. Sir also gives him a gun, which he is uncomfortable with. Huzoor and Zeynel are staying with Adil as a precaution. Sir has a new right-hand man called Hayati. Zeynel doesn’t trust him.

Adil meets up with Hatice, (now called Pinar) who is graduating in a couple of months. Although she is already 18, Pinar is yet to get the money that Adil deposited in her name during the events of the last film to get her back on track. Pinar indicates she is planning to start a business when she gets her money from a stranger.

Adil advises her to be wary of people who might want to take that money from her (which later turns out to be true). Adil wants her help to find Ferhat, just like she helped him with Tevfik and his phone in the previous film.

He brings her back to his place and asks her to go through Ferhat’s social media for activity. Ferhat had been talking to a girl with the username Bahar95 for months. But his own profile doesn’t have any clue as to what he looks like. Bahar95 lives nearby and Adil wants her help to find the girl. Maide, Adil’s former law partner from the previous film, calls Pinar and speaks with Adil. She wants his help as well! A friend of hers, Buket, a psychiatrist, intends to meet with him the next day to discuss her case.

What is the second sub-plot all about?

Buket’s uncle Hasmet was killed at his house the previous month. Jale, his wife, was badly injured. She knows who the killers are but they were never caught. Adil isn’t asked to go after the killers but to look over the files and ascertain if the case is solved or not. A Moldovan couple, Ianna and Ranat, worked at their house. They were fired for thieving but came back for more and are suspected of killing him.

Adil takes the case for the promise of a prescription from Buket. She takes him to meet her mother, who has been distressed ever since. Buket’s mother believes Jale is the killer and is framing the helpers. Gulhan and Canberk are Hasmet’s children. Kenan is also an interested party. He was a servant at Hasmet’s house and also a secret spy for Buket’s mother.

What happened to Fatos and Adil in Eskişehir ?

In his session with Buket, Adil narrates what happened after the last film. As planned, he moved to Eskişehir with Fatos and Meral. They married and Adil converted his mother’s old house into a hotel. They tried to grow as a couple and Fatos got pregnant soon. Unfortunately, Fatos passed away during childbirth. According to her wish, he buried Fatos next to her mother. But then her father came to confront Adil and refused to allow Fatos to be buried with her mother. He also brought Fatos’ brother-in-law with him, who raped her when she was a minor. Adil stood firm and fulfilled her dying wish.

Why do Zeynel and Huso change their loyalty to Sir?

Kenan soon contacts Adil and tells him exactly what Buket’s mother told him – with one moderation. According to him, the couple wasn’t fired. They accepted a higher-paying job offered by Timurlenk, the dog carer at Hasmet’s house. Pinar updates Adil about Bahar. She hasn’t been seen for 10 days and no one knows where she is.

Pinar sets up a trap for Ferhat by posing as bait. And he takes it. They finally have a picture of him which Zeynel showed to the bouncers. It turns out that someone else is also looking for Ferhat. Zeynel tells him that the person who asked about Ferhat introduced himself as Sadik.

Adil holds off on telling Hayati all of this. Sule, who still does Adil’s groundwork, updates him about Hasmet’s case. Buket and Gulhan are very close and there are no men around them – ever. Zeynel meets Timur and learns about Filiz, his estranged daughter who has cut ties with him. Timur also claims to have never seen the Moldovan couple. The plot thickens…

Sir learns about Adil’s withholding of information and confronts him. Adil openly accuses Hayati of being involved in something fishy, justifying his actions. Adil protects Zeynel against Sir, who wants to fire him. In a brutal show of power, Sir also instructs one of his men to rape Maria, Zeynel’s girlfriend, in front of him. Secretly, Zeynel and Adil plan to kill Sir and his goons for what they did. Huso also joins in on the plan. In order to expedite their plans, Pinar sends skimpy photos to Ferhat, who sends her his address at once.

Who is Ferhat Gönen? Why does Sir want him dead?

The next night, they implement their plan. Ferhat tells them that he had been talking to someone posing as Adil for months. Sir’s niece, Yasmine, who died a few months ago in an accident, was previously involved with Ferhat. She killed herself because of Ferhat. Adil warns him to disappear from town and go into hiding.

Sir wanted to kill him but couldn’t since Ferhat’s father is a congressman. That’s why he wanted to use Adil for it. Hayati was also involved in this scam. They’re trying to set Adil up but now that he has found Ferhat and warned him, their plan is foiled.

What plan does Adil make to turn the tables on Sir?

Adil comes up with a new plan, which we watch unfold in the second half of the film. He asks Maide to set up a meeting with the father of the twins, whom Sir killed in the last film. Adil wants to set Sir up like he wanted to set Adil up to his demise.

Adil meets Buket and her family for lunch. Unfortunately, Jale does not show up. Adil takes a ride with Canberk and learns that Gul and Buket do not like his partner, Sukran, with whom he is opening up a health centre. To keep Pinar from getting closer to him, Adil tells her about Tevfik and how he delivered him to the twins.

Adil strikes a deal with Kaan to kill Sir and exact his revenge. A few days later, Buket delivers the news that Ianna and Ranat are dead. Their bodies were found frozen as they were trying to cross the border into Bulgaria. Adil wants to continue the investigation and openly tells Buket that he thinks she killed Hasmet. His theory is that Hasmet was an obstacle to Buket and her social welfare program. She is unfazed but warns him to stay away from her.

Adil meets Sukran to learn more about her past with Gul and Buket. She is sure that these two pushed her down the stairs (while she was in school) and left her a cripple because they thought Sukran spread the rumours about them being lovers.

10 Days of a Bad Man (2023) Ending Explained:

Who killed Hasmet and why?

The next day, Adil sets up a meeting with Gul and Buket at Hasmet’s mansion to tell them about his theory. Ismet, Buket’s mother, was furious when she learned Jale was pregnant with Gul. Hasmet bought Buket from someone to ensure that the inheritance does not pass on to Jale. And Buket is actually Timur’s daughter. Buket and Filiz are twins, who met shortly after Buket discovered the truth. It also turns out that Gul was not Hasmet’s daughter. Jale was cheating on him. If that was the case, Gul could be thrown out of the family just like that.

And that was not acceptable to Buket, her lover. There’s the motive. But his death didn’t solve everything. Dr Cetin, who looked over the genetical results and knew Gul wasn’t Hasmet’s daughter, was also a loose end. So they killed him as well. Timur killed the Moldovan couple and everything was set.

Why does Adil decide not to reveal the true identity of the killer to Ismet?

That is when Gul takes over. She explains that Hasmet wanted a son from Jale for his inheritance. Gul learnt a long time ago from Cetin that Hasmet wasn’t her father. The doctor even tried to blackmail her. When she refused, he told Hasmet everything. His attitude became very abusive towards Gul and Jale. Buket also jumps in and says that Timur didn’t kill anyone. She says that their intention is to do good work with Hasmet’s chain of hospitals and help people. They accept that they killed Hasmet but want Adil to remain the mystery unsolved. They also reveal that Filiz is a surrogate for their child. That convinces Adil to remain silent.

In light of the attempted murder of Sir, Adil sends Pinar away to her aunt’s house. The plan is set. Sir has asked Halauk and Recep to kill Zeynel and Huso and bring Adil back to his place after he has apprehended Ferhat. Selami, Kaan’s right-hand man, and Adil make a plan to nab Halauk and Recep in an alley.

Zeynel exacts his revenge for what they did to Maria. They then proceed to Sir’s place. In the ensuing shootout, Sir and all his men are killed. Adil goes into the room where Sir is laying wounded. Against Buket’s instructions, Adil has taken the painkiller and alcohol together, which sends him into a hallucinatory state. Sir asks Adil to help him but he shoots him.

Why was Adil-Sadik trying to commit suicide?

Zeynel and Huso retrieve Adil from the room and bring him to safety. Adil alludes to how his life story is the same as Hamlet’s. It also turns out that Buket was right about Adil trying to commit suicide. In a poetic scene, we see Adil sitting in the car with Fatos and passionately kissing her. He wanted to be reunited with his wife. But life has different plans for him. Adil threw up during the car ride and didn’t die of poisoning.

Adil wakes up and finds himself surrounded by Pinar, Huso, and Zeynel. Content that he has to begin a new life, Adil finally acts on his urges to begin an affair with Pinar and vows to change his name – Ocal or Hincal.

Adil, Pinar, Huso, and Zeynel form a partnership and go to Eskişehir with the money to start afresh. It also seems that Adil has finally gotten over the ghost of Fatos. Medal greets them when they arrive. The movie ends with a fitting line, as Ocal says to Pinar, “I love you, you vixen. You sentenced me to live,” indicating his newfound inspiration to seek happiness and a purpose in Pinar.


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