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Myths and legends always add a great twist to our fiction. They are a gold mine for inspiration, helping authors create unique worlds in which teens can see themselves becoming a part of or interacting with them. From dragons to sirens, angels and fae, here are some of the best YA books with mythological creatures.

Eragon (The Inheritance Cycle) by Christopher Paolini

In Christopher Paolini’s Eragon, a young boy named Eragon comes across a mysterious blue stone while exploring the forest. Little does he know that it is no ordinary stone, but a dragon egg, making him the unlikely chosen one. Suddenly, Eragon’s life transforms as he enters a world of magic, power, and destiny.

Armed with an ancient sword and guided by an old storyteller, Eragon and his newborn dragon must navigate treacherous lands and face formidable enemies in an Empire ruled by a tyrannical king. Eragon’s journey will determine the fate of the entire Empire as he embraces his role as a legendary Dragon Rider.

Siren by Tricia Rayburn

Seventeen-year-old Vanessa Sands has always been fearful, relying on her older sister, Justine, to guide her through life. But when Justine dies in a cliff-diving accident near their vacation home in Winter Harbor, Maine, Vanessa suspects foul play. Discovering Justine’s secret relationship with family friend Caleb, Vanessa returns to Winter Harbor for answers.

With Caleb missing, Vanessa teams up with his older brother, Simon, and their childhood friendship deepens into something more. However, as more bodies wash ashore, all bearing eerie grins, fear grips Winter Harbor. Vanessa and Simon dig deeper, unravelling a connection between Justine’s death and the mysterious drownings, while uncovering a secret that jeopardizes their newfound romance and alters Vanessa’s life forever.

Six Crimson Cranes by Elizabeth Lim

Six Crimson Cranes tells the story of Shiori, the sole princess of Kiata, who harbours a forbidden secret – a hidden power within her. On the day of her unwanted betrothal ceremony, Shiori loses control and her mistake appears to save her from the wedding.

However, her stepmother Raikama, possessing her own dark magic, banishes Shiori and transforms her brothers into cranes. A chilling warning compels Shiori to silence: speaking will bring harm to her siblings.

Unearthly by Cynthia Hand

Angels of the mythological creatures that around In Cynthia Hand’s Unearthly. Clara Gardner discovers that she is part angel, imparting her with enhanced abilities and a greater purpose in life.

 Guided by visions of a forest fire and a captivating stranger, Clara moves to a new town and finds herself torn between two boys РChristian, who seems destined for her, and Tucker, who appeals to her more human side. As Clara grapples with her new identity, she faces unseen dangers and difficult choices.

The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson) by Rick Riordan

In Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson series, twelve-year-old Percy discovers he is not an ordinary boy, but a demigod – the son of Poseidon, god of the sea. Sent to Camp Half-Blood, a refuge for children like him, Percy learns about his newfound abilities and the dangers that come with being a demigod.

When Zeus’ master lightning bolt is stolen and Percy becomes the prime suspect, he embarks on a quest to find the real thief and prevent a war among the gods. Along the way, Percy encounters mythical creatures, forms unlikely alliances, and uncovers a destiny that could save or destroy the world.

Half-Blood (Covenant) by Jennifer L Armentrout

In Jennifer Armentrout’s Half-Blood the Hematoi are descendants of unions between gods and mortals. The children of pure-blood Hematoi possess divine powers. However, for half-bloods like seventeen-year-old Alexandria, who have one Hematoi parent and one mortal parent, their options are limited: become trained Sentinels who hunt and eliminate daimons or serve the pure-bloods as servants.

Abandon by Meg Cabot

Abandon follows Pierce’s attempts to resume her former life after surviving a tragic accident, but she can’t shake the feeling of being both connected and disconnected from the world around her.

¬†Though she’s never alone, constantly being watched, escaping the clutches of the realm of the dead seems impossible when someone there wants her back.

Of Poseidon (The Syrena Legacy) by Anna Banks

In Of Poseidon, Galen, the prince of the Syrena, ventures onto land in search of a girl rumoured to communicate with fish. Meanwhile, Emma is enjoying her beach vacation when she unexpectedly collides with Galen.

Both teenagers feel an instant connection, but it takes multiple encounters and a dangerous encounter with a shark for Galen to believe in Emma’s extraordinary abilities. Now, Galen must convince Emma that she possesses the key to his underwater kingdom.

Skin of the Sea by Natasha Bowen

Natasha Bowen’s Skin of the Sea follows Simi, a former human who now serves as Mami Wata, a mermaid tasked with guiding souls home after death at sea. A forbidden act leads Simi to save a living boy who is thrown overboard, defying the gods and risking severe punishment.

To protect her fellow Mami Wata, Simi embarks on a perilous journey to the Supreme Creator to seek forgiveness. However, nothing is as it seems. The boy she saved holds knowledge beyond his years, and a mysterious presence shadows Simi, seeking her failure.

Incarnate (Newsoul) by Jodi Meadows

In Jodi Meadows’ Incarnate, Ana is a new soul in the world of Range, where souls have been reincarnated for millennia, retaining memories of their past lives. However, Ana’s birth leads to the disappearance of another soul, a mystery no one can explain.

Believed to be a nosoul by her own mother, Ana has been kept isolated from society. Determined to discover her fate and find acceptance, Ana ventures to the city of Heart. But the city’s inhabitants fear her presence, especially when it comes under attack by dragons and mystical beings. Is Ana responsible?

There we have it! Some of the best YA books with mythological creatures. Have you read any of these books? Are there any books that we missed? Comment below and let us know!

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