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As an avid reader, reading books has become a big part of life. However, most of us have busy lives and can’t always search for brand-new releases. That’s where book subscriptions come in! These services deliver a carefully curated selection of books straight to your doorstep, so you never have to worry about searching through new releases to find your next best read: 

Date Night With A Book


Date Night With A Book is a UK-based book subscription service, that offers monthly subscriptions. Their subscription service covers the UK and the EU. Unfortunately, they don’t offer subscriptions to the rest of the world. 

Their monthly subscription offers children’s books and their popular date night with a book subscription as well as a few others. Each month you will surprise book, along with hot chocolate, tea and a bookmark. All you need to do is let them know your five favourite books and your choice of genre. You can leave everything to them. So, if you like a blind date with a book motif, you will enjoy this subscription service. 

Abominable Book Club


If you are a horror fan, Abominable Book Club will keep you up-to-date with all things in horror literature. Abominable Book Club is a monthly subscription service that delivers horror books, and exclusive items. 

Each month, ABC selects two new indie releases from different parts of the horror genre and surprise you with a pre-loved book! That’s not all. ABC also includes exclusive items such as bookmarks, art print stickers, author-signed bookplates, and locally sourced UK snacks. While ABC is a UK-based book subscription service horror lovers will be happy to learn that they offer overseas shipping. 

A Box Of Stories


Not all new releases are treated equally. For every book that you’ve heard of, there are thousands more that you will never know existed. This is where A Box of Stories comes in. A Box of Stories sends you a box of a perfectly curated books every month.

 The books are chosen by the company’s team of expert readers who curate contemporary fiction from a wide range of genres. All of their books are new releases. So, if you’re just looking for books that you’ve never heard about, check out this subscription service. 



Are you obsessed with pretty books and fantasy? Fairy Loot might be the subscription for you.  Fairy Loot is a monthly subscription service for book lovers who love young adult fantasy and science fiction. 

Their boxes provide special editions of new-release hardcover books and some bookish items related to the month’s theme. They also offer an adult-only box which provides just the book for their readers. If you like the idea of special edition books on your bookshelf, Fairy Loot is for you.



If you’re a book lover and want a diverse subscription service, Illumicrate offers a variety of books from different genres ranging from young adult to adult fiction. Each box offers a newly released book along with other bookish items that follow the theme of the month. These items could be totes, book sleeves and even bookish candles. Each item is created to perfectly complemented the theme of the month and the book. 

Words with Wine


Words with Wine is a perfect box for you if you are a wine drinker and like enjoying a good book. Every month you will receive a book, a full-size bottle of wine as well as information about the book, author and tasting notes for your wine. You can also become a part of an online book club where you can enjoy your wine along with the book of the month and share pictures with the online community. 

The Broken Binding


The Broken Binding has a book subscription service that offers book-only special editions. If you love Sci-fi, Fantasy and various other genres. The Broken Binding prides itself on being different from those on the market. Instead of just producing special editions of new titles every month they concentrate on back-list series as well as stand-alone titles.

So, if you are looking for a subscription service that will help you to collect special edition book series, this might be what you are looking for.



If you are searching for a more bookish box complete with candles, and other bookish goodies. Bookishly has you covered. They have a wide variety of book subscription boxes that will fit your tastes. Whether that is Classics, Thrillers, Poetry, Coffee Subscriptions, Tea Subscriptions as well as Vintage books. Bookishly also offers a Book Blind Date option perfect if you want a surprise with your books. 

Tea Time Bookshop


Tea Time Bookshop is the perfect subscription service if you are looking for a simple subscription service. They offer a wide variety of options, from Vintage books to young adults, to crime and thrillers to fantasy. If you want something for your children to start their reading journey, they also offer a children’s book subscription service which offers pre-loved books and new books as well as treats such as hot chocolate. Everything that is perfect for your young reader. 

Amazon Kindle Unlimited


Amazon’s subscription service, Kindle Unlimited gives you access to a large library of books directly to your phone or tablet. Kindle Unlimited also provides  First Reads. These are new-release books from different genres that haven’t yet been placed on the market. You also have access to audio and ebooks with their read-and-listen option. 

Kindle Unlimited not only allows you to have access to a larger catalogue of popular new releases but also access to books from indie authors as well as comic books and manga. So, if you are looking for a service that allows you to have a wide variety of books at your fingertips this might be the subscription service for you. 

These are just a few subscription services that provide a much needed service for book lovers. Are there any that you use? Do you recommend any of these? Let us know in the comments below!

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