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Are you a fan of Stephen King? If yes, then you know how unique his writing style is. King has written numerous novels and short stories, some of which have been adapted into movies and TV shows. But what if you’ve read all of his books or want to try something new but similar? We’ve got you covered.

Here are ten novels you should try if you love Stephen King: 

The Weight Of Blood by Tiffany D. Jackson

If you are searching for a coming-of-age story that follows an outcast in a small town, but with a racial twist. Madison Washington, like Carrie White, is an outcast who has to deal with a fanatical parent as well as having to deal with bullies at her school. However, while Carrie is dealing with discovering her womanhood under the roof of a fanatical mother and unforgiven pair.

Madison is dealing with a fanatical father who forces her to hide her blackness from their small town. However, when it is revealed things take a dark and dangerous turn. Carrie and Madison share a lot more than a similar home life.

The Weight of Blood is a contemporary retelling of Carrie with a twist, so if you are looking for a similar story taken in a similar direction you should read it. 

You Can Stay by Elle Connel

Misery is one of Stephen King’s famous psychological horror novels. It tells the story of writer Paul Sheldon after he was rescued from a car accident by his No.1 fan, Annie Wilkes. It is a book about addiction and isolation, as Paul Sheldon is left at the mercy of his host. 

If you like the thought of that and want more, You Can Stay by Elle Connel is the closest you will get. Lost during a training exercise, Conner, a Special Forces trainee, finds refuge in Eilidh’s farmhouse and is invited to stay the night. But she isn’t the sweet old lady, she seems to be.

Dogs by Nancy Kress 

Cujo is a book about a mother and her son being terrorized by a neighbourhood dog infected with rabies. Cujo is really underrated and is worth recommending if you are looking for thrilling suspense. If you’ve read it and liked it, you should read Dogs by Nancy Kress. 

This is a gripping sci-fi tale where the threat comes from your own pets. A small town is quarantined and comes under attack due to a dog plague, which happens after a virus is released onto the town by terrorists. The story explores the complex relationship between pets and their owners. 

Clown in a Cornfield by Adam Cesare

IT is one of Stephen King’s most well-known books. It tells the story of an entity that takes the form of a clown called Pennywise that terrorizes the children in a small town in Maine called Derry. If you like the thought of being haunted by a clown in a small town, check out Adam Cesare’s Clown in a Cornfield, a horror thriller novel. 

The story follows a group of teenagers who live in a small town called Kettle Springs. The town is known for its cornfields and the local corn maze. However, when a sinister clown starts to haunt and terrorise the teenagers. They need to work together to uncover the mystery behind the clown and their town. 

Hex by Thomas Olde Heuvett 

Needful Things is about the small town of Castle Rock which falls under the spell of a new business called Needful Things. Patrons shopping at Needful Things soon find themselves revealing dark secrets and evil forces that threaten to take over the town.

If you are a fan of Stephen King’s Needful Things and want more about a town having dark secrets and being under the hold of evil forces, check out Hex by Thomas Olde Heuvett. 

This chilling horror novel is set in a small town where a witch was burned at the stake centuries ago. But her curse lingers, and the town is haunted by her ghost. The local teenagers begin to investigate the legend of the witch. It’s a great eerie atmospheric book if you’re looking for something with supernatural elements. 

Things Have Gotten Worse Since We Last Spoke by Eric LaRocca

If you are looking for a short story collection after reading Everything’s Eventual by Stephen King, you should read Things Have Gotten Worse Since We Last Spoke by Eric LaRocca.

This short story collection is unsettling, exploring themes of loss, isolation and obsession. Like Everything’s Eventual, there are a lot of good stories that will stay with you after you’ve closed the last page. 

Swan Song by Robert McCammon 

The Stand is one of Stephen King’s longest and most notable novels. A story about the survivors of a deadly pandemic who clash with others. There are many fans of this series. If you want something similar you might want to check out Swan Song by Robert McCammon. his post-apocalyptic novel explores themes of survival, hope, and redemption in a world devastated by nuclear war.

With vivid characters and a gripping plot, it’s a thrilling and emotional ride from start to finish. Swan Song takes place in a world ravaged by nuclear war, two groups fight over a special child. If you have finished The Stand and like its vibe, this book will keep you in a ruined world a little longer. 

Devil House by John Darnielle 

The Shining is one of King’s most famous novels. The Tale of the Torrance Family’s haunting stay in the Overlook Hotel. For many, this is the quintessential Stephen King novel and a must-read for any King fan. So, when you’re finished exploring the murderous hotel, what should you do next?

If you are looking for another murderous house story, you should try Devil House by John Darnielle.  This novel will take you on a thrilling ride through a haunted house, similar to The Shining. It will keep you on the edge of your seat as Gage Chandler, a true crime writer, decides he wants to live in and investigates what the locals call ‘The Devil House’.

There is a lot of history in that house, and Chandler is going to discover it hopefully it won’t be the last thing he does. 

Commodore by Philip Fracassi 

Christine is one of two novels that King wrote about a supernatural car (the other being From A Buick 8). Christine is arguably the more well-known of the two. A captivating novel about a possessed car that brings terror. 

However, writer Philip Fracassi has decided to give it a try. This short novel tells the story of four young children from a small town on the hunt for a haunted car in the local junkyard. This book has the feel of The Body by Stephen King with the Christine twist. Enjoy. 

The Only Good Indians by Stephen Graham Jones 

Thinner is Stephen King’s 1984 novel about a man cursed by a Romani woman after he hits her in a car accident. If you are looking for a book about people dealing with a curse that comes back to haunt them. You can’t go wrong with The Only Good Indians. 

It’s a story of revenge intertwined with Native American culture. As four young men try to distance themselves from their culture, events from their past come back to haunt them.

These are just a few novels by other authors that can help you if you are looking to feed your Stephen King itch. 

Have we missed any on the list? Do you have any additions that you would like to add? Comment below and let us know. 

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