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House, M.D. was a hit medical drama that aired on FOX from 2004 to 2012. The show followed Dr. Gregory House, a diagnostician with incredible deductive reasoning, as he solved complex medical mysteries that other doctors couldn’t figure out. Although the show has ended, fans of House, M.D. can continue to enjoy similar stories in book form. Here are ten books like House, M.D. that capture the same medical drama, critical thinking, and investigative nature as the show.

A Study in Scarlet by Arthur Conan Doyle

A Study in Scarlet is the first novel in the Sherlock Holmes series by Arthur Conan Doyle. Just like House, M.D, the story revolves around the brilliant mind of a protagonist who employs logic and deduction to solve complex mysteries.

The novel introduces readers to the character of Dr. John Watson, a former army doctor who becomes the sidekick to the incomparable detective, Sherlock Holmes. Together, they investigate a series of murders involving poisoned pills, and their unconventional methods help unravel the mystery. Both House, M.D and A Study in Scarlet share similar themes of medical mystery and brilliant deduction, making them thrilling for fans of detective dramas.

Doctor Who: The Resurrection Casket by Justin Richards

The Resurrection Casket is a Doctor Who novel written by Justin Richards. The story follows the Doctor, a time-traveling alien, as he investigates a mysterious planet called Starfall, where technology just isn’t working. He must use his intelligence, wit, and problem-solving skills to uncover the truth behind the phenomenon, so that he and Rose may leave.

Just like House, M.D., The Resurrection Casket explores the complexities of and importance of deductive reasoning, and the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity, making it an exciting read for fans of the medical drama.

Medicine Man by Saffron A. Kent

Medicine Man by Saffron A. Kent is a contemporary romance novel exploring some similar themes to House, M.D. surrounding the medical field. The story revolves around Willow Taylor, a medical student with a troubled past, and Luka, an unconventional doctor.

Just like House, M.D., Medicine Man delves into the complexities of medical ethics, the challenges faced by doctors, and the emotional toll of dealing with patients. While the focus of the novel is primarily on the romance between the characters, it offers glimpses into the medical world that may resonate with fans of House, M.D.

This is Going to Hurt by Adam Kay

This is Going to Hurt by Adam Kay is a memoir that follows the author’s experiences as a junior doctor in the British National Health Service (NHS). It shares a lot of parallels with the medical drama House, M.D. Both delve into the demanding and often chaotic world of medicine, shedding light on the highs and lows faced by doctors. Like House, M.D., This is Going to Hurt exposes the gritty realities of healthcare, the emotional toll it takes on medical professionals and the ethical complexities they encounter. Both provide captivating insights into the medical field, making them intriguing choices for fans of medical dramas

Storm Front by Jim Butcher

Storm Front is the first book in the Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher, which follows the character Harry Dresden, a wizard and private investigator, as he solves supernatural cases in modern-day Chicago. There are similarities to House, M.D. in how the investigative skills are used by both Harry Dresden and Dr. Gregory House. Just like House, M.D., Storm Front features investigation through deduction and reasoning while solving complex cases, as well as a dark sense of humour that adds to the excitement. Fans of House, M.D. looking for a supernatural twist to their detective stories may enjoy this series.

The Woman with a Worm in Her Head by Pamela Nagami

The Woman with a Worm in Her Head by Pamela Nagami is a captivating medical memoir that explores various cases of infectious diseases encountered by the author during her career as an infectious disease specialist. Both this book and House, M.D. delve into the intriguing and often perplexing world of medical mysteries, showcasing the intellectual rigor and problem-solving skills required to diagnose and treat complex illnesses.

Additionally, like House, M.D., The Woman with a Worm in Her Head highlights the ethical dilemmas, emotional struggles, and humanistic aspects of medicine, making it an engaging read for fans of the show.

Eleven Blue Men and Other Narratives of Medical Detection by Berton Roueche

Eleven Blue Men and Other Narratives of Medical Detection by Berton Roueche is a collection of gripping and true medical mysteries that showcase the detective work involved in diagnosing unusual diseases. The book shares similarities with the TV show House, M.D. as both highlight the intellectual challenges and investigative nature of medical diagnostics.

Roueche’s narratives, much like House, M.D., present complex and perplexing cases that require meticulous analysis, creative thinking, and teamwork to unravel. Moreover, both delve into the human aspect of medicine, exploring the emotional toll and ethical dilemmas faced by doctors. Fans of House, M.D. will find these medical tales equally intriguing and captivating.

Unnatural Causes by Richard Shepherd

Unnatural Causes by Richard Shepherd is a gripping memoir about his experiences as the UK’s top forensic pathologist, revealing the secrets of the dead. There are notable similarities between the book and the TV show. Both dive into the world of medical mysteries and the process of uncovering the truth behind complex cases. Just like House, M.D., Unnatural Causes showcases the intellectual rigor and determination required for medical detection, as Shepherd investigates sudden or unexplained deaths. Fans of House, M.D. will appreciate the thrilling and thought-provoking nature of Unnatural Causes, delving into the world of forensic pathology.

It’s All in Your Head by Suzanne O’Sullivan

It’s All in Your Head by Suzanne O’Sullivan is a thought-provoking exploration of psychosomatic illnesses, where physical symptoms have no clear organic cause. It highlights the complexities and challenges of diagnosing conditions that defy conventional medical explanations, just like House, M.D. does. O’Sullivan’s experiences in unravelling the mind-body connection reflect the investigative nature of House’s diagnostic process. Furthermore, like House, M.D., It’s All in Your Head delves into the psychological and emotional aspects of illness, emphasizing the importance of understanding the patient’s mental state. Fans of House, M.D. seeking medical mysteries combined with a deeper understanding of psychosomatic conditions will find this book enlightening.

The Andromeda Strain by Michael Crichton

The Andromeda Strain by Michael Crichton is a gripping techno-thriller that explores the outbreak and investigation of an extraterrestrial microorganism that threatens humanity. There are striking similarities between the book and the TV show as both delve into the realm of medical mysteries and the race against time to diagnose and contain a deadly threat.

Like House, M.D., The Andromeda Strain showcases the intellectual rigor, problem-solving skills, and interdisciplinary teamwork required to solve complex medical puzzles. Additionally, both highlight the ethical dilemmas, scientific advancements, and tension-filled suspense that captivate audiences. Fans of House, M.D. will appreciate the thrilling and thought-provoking nature of The Andromeda Strain.

These books have different styles and themes, but all of them have similarities with House, M.D. in their portrayal of problems that require critical thinking, determination, and a certain level of dark humour.

 They are perfect to satisfy the cravings of those who have missed the TV series and want to delve into mysteries, thrillers and dramas. Do you have any recommendations for books like House, M.D.? Let us know in the comments below.

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