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10 Epic Norse-Inspired Romps

God Of Wart has been a mainstay for console gamers since the PlayStation 1. Since then, the game has only grown in popularity, with the more recent iterations adding an amazing narrative arc and plenty of action, epic stakes and encounters with the Nordic Gods.

If you’re in the mood for more of the same, fret not! We’ve gathered together 10 books to check out when you’ve finished playing God of War. Of course, if you feel we’ve missed any of your favourites, do comment below and let us know!

Kings of the Wyld by Nicholas Eames

Clay Cooper and his band of mercenaries were once renowned but are now past their prime. When one of the band’s daughters is trapped in a city under siege though, the group reunites for a legendary quest filled with monstrous foes.

Beyond the mythical setting filled with massive adversaries, the theme of old warriors battling again for the sake of family resonates with Kratos’s own journey and motivations in the newer God of War games.

Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman retells the classic tales of Norse myths here, covering the stories of Odin, Thor, Loki, and the cosmos’ creation and end. It brings the ancient myths to life in a modern voice and in a way you’re unlikely to have read before.

 The 2018 God of War game is deeply rooted in Norse mythology and with many of the characters, lore, and stories presented explored in Gaiman’s novel, this is a must-read companion piece to that book. It provides lots of context to the game’s setting and characters.

Faithful and the Fallen Series by John Gwynne

The Faithful and the Fallen series depicts an epic tale of good versus evil, angels and demons, and the quest to control the world’s fate, all culminating in a dramatic and Earth-shattering conclusion in the final story.

While the whole series is a great read, the final instalment is where the comparisons with God of War really shine. There’s plenty of themes of prophecy, gods and demi-gods, and intense, brutal combat found within the pages which are reminiscent of the battles and narrative depth of the God of War series.

The Last of the Renshai by Mickey Zucker Reichert

The Renshai are fierce warriors and in this world, have been nearly exterminated by those who fear their martial skills. The last surviving Renshai, Rache, embarks on a quest for vengeance and redemption.

The narrative of a lone warrior seeking vengeance, combined with a rich backdrop of mythology and combat, mirrors the journey of Kratos, especially in his earlier adventures on PlayStation 1. The exploration of martial prowess and its implications also resonates with the game’s combat dynamics.

The Poetic Edda: Stories of the Norse Gods and Heroes

An ancient collection of Old Norse poems, The Poetic Edda delves into the tales of the Norse gods, heroes, and the cosmos, covering topics from creation to the fate of the gods at Ragnarök.

The Poetic Edda, like Gaiman’s Norse Mythology earlier in this list, offers foundational stories of the Norse gods, heroes, and world. Many of its tales, characters, and themes are intertwined in the narrative and setting of the 2018 and 2022 God of War games, making it another must-read.

The Winnowing Flame Trilogy by Jen Williams

In this fantasy series, characters from different backgrounds unite against a malevolent alien threat. With dragons, war-beasts, and mysterious powers, they journey through an epic landscape of war and magic.

This epic quest, complete with ancient threats, and the melding of magic and combat, aligns with the grand scale and nature of the challenges faced by Kratos and Atreus, although in a different mythological setting.

The Road by Cormac McCarthy

While not about Nordic Gods, if you enjoyed Kratos and Atreus’ father/son bond, then The Road is definitely worth checking out. Here, the story takes place in a bleak post-apocalyptic world, as the duo journey toward the coast while facing countless dangers and the constant threat of starvation. The father’s desire to protect his son from the world’s harshness are at the story’s core.

The father-son dynamic, with the parent’s protective instinct and the journey through a dangerous land, parallels the relationship between Kratos and Atreus as they navigate a perilous world.

Paternus Trilogy by Dyrk Ashton

Mythical creatures and gods exist and have been in hiding throughout human history. At least, that’s the premise for the Paternus Trilogy. When an ancient war between two godlike races reignites, these beings are drawn into the conflict that spans the world.

The presence of deities from various mythologies and the exploration of  relationships and conflicts echo Kratos’ interactions with gods in the God of War series.

Lord of Light by Roger Zelazny

On a distant planet, those who  were once humans have become like gods, using advanced technology to grant themselves divine abilities. A renegade called challenges the established godly order though, drawing from Buddhist and Hindu mythology in the process.

The theme of challenging deities and the blurred line between divinity and mortality resonates with Kratos’s quests, especially his battles against gods. The mythological undertones, while from a different pantheon, align with the game’s mythological roots.

The Odyssey by Homer

The Odyssey is an ancient Greek epic, following the hero Odysseus as he attempts to return home from the Trojan War. Along the way, he encounters various mythical creatures, gods, and challenges, testing his wit and valor.

The original God of War games drew heavily from Greek mythology, so it makes sense to put Homer’s epic novel that delves into the supernatural and encounters with the Gods here. Kratos’s adventures, fraught with divine intervention and monstrous challenges, parallel many of the trials faced by Odysseus, making for a solid read.

These are just a few books that will give you the vibe and feel of the God of War games. What did you think of the list? Have you read any of these books before? Or are we missing a must-read novel? Comment below and let us know!

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