Palworld: 10 Best Pals for Kindling & Why

As addressed in previous Palworld pieces, cooking food and melting down ore are important aspects of Palworld. The former allows players and their Pals to keep their health in check. The latter aids them in having more crafting materials/ingredients. Kindling is one of the most significant work suitability skills you’ll come across in this strange game. 

Considering there are many Pals who excel at the craft, players may have a tough time gunning for one that’ll suit their kindling needs. Thankfully, we’ll be highlighting the 10 best Pals who excel at the craft, with some providing you aid in other duties. As always, we’ll be mentioning why these Pals are significant and where you can find them. 

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Hawks are incredible birds due to their fierce strength and cunning demeanor. Ragnahawk is no exception. This fire-type beast carries many essential tools at its disposal that’ll serve players generously in Palworld. First and foremost, Ragnahawk has a base kindling and transporting level of 3, making it a wonderful Pal to have at furnaces or for hauling numerous items toward your base’s storage units. 

Likewise, Ragnahawk is a mountable bird, so if you’re someone who prefers air travel in Palworld, consider taking one of these fire-type Pals along on your journey. Coupled with its ability to enhance your avatar’s attack in a fiery manner, you’ll be foolish not to consider catching one of these feathered creatures. 

For those interested, the Ragnahawk species frequent the southwestern part of Mount Obsidian a lot. Moreover, you can retrieve one from a Large Scorching Egg or battle an alpha boss variant at the Cavern of the Dunes dungeon. This dungeon can be found in Palworld’s Dessicated Desert region. 

Jormuntide Ignis

It looks like Red Gyarados has some competition because Jormuntide Ignis an absolute monster in Palworld. Although it only excels in one area (kindling), it’s considered to be the best one at the job (for now). This fire and dragon-type beast has an efficient kindling level, making it a sought-after Pal for those who don’t want to wait minutes or hours cooking up fresh ingots and goods. 

Additionally, Jormuntide Ignis is a Pal sub-species with incredible attacking power and skills. As with our previous entry, this Pal is ridable. Further, if players mount it, their avatar and Jormuntide Ignis’s fire-type attacks will receive a significant buff. This is helpful for those who are searching for fantastic grass-type Pals like Lyleen or Verdash. 

With all that said, Jormuntide Ignis isn’t a pushover, so before you travel to the Wildlife Sanctuary No. 2 region to battle it, bring some water and ice-type Pals with you. However, those who love egg-hunting in Palworld could hatch a Jormuntide Ignis from a Huge Dragon Egg. 


Evoking strong Groudon and Heatran-like vibes from its Paldex entry, Blazamut is a fierce and honorable fire-type Pal in Palworld. This fiery creature will make your base’s mining and kindling duties a breeze with its exceptional skills. Whether players need assistance baking goods or mining for stones and useful minerals, they can count on this large blazing dinosaur to lend them aid. 

Besides its work ethic, Blazamut can provide Palworld hunters with proper assistance, too. Blazamut can learn and use some interesting neutral, ground, and fire-type attacks in Palworld. However, players will find its fire-type ones more alluring. Moreover, Blazamut is mountable and will increase its and its master’s fire-type damage significantly when they’re riding them. 

If that sounds enticing, players can battle and attain Blazamut at Mount Obsidian’s Scorching Mineshaft location. It’ll be level 49, so make sure you have a water-type Pal. This sub-species also likes to roam the No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary. Egg hunters can hatch one from a Huge Scorching Egg though. 


For those who aren’t a fan of Ragnahawk’s design, Palworld’s Faleris is a nice alternative. Like Ragnahawk, Faleris has the same kindling and transporting level stats, making it a respectable worker to have at your base. Unfortunately, Faleris fans lose out on the rideability aspect, unlike Ragnahawk lovers. 

Nonetheless, its Partner Skill “Scorching Predator” shouldn’t be underestimated. If a Faleris is an active Pal during your expedition, it’ll force ice-type foes to drop more goodies in Palworld. This can be useful for those who want to reap high-quality cloth pieces from Pals like Sibelyx without undergoing the farming process. 

Thus, if players want Faleris, they must travel to the No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary, similar to Blazamut. For those who want to avoid a physical confrontation with this bird, they can hatch one from a Huge Scorching Egg. 


Reptyro is an ore-gobbling machine in Palworld and one that’ll bring players immense satisfaction with its skills. In addition to being a successful kindler and miner, Reptyro’s Partner Skill will entice players to capture it. Not only can you ride this giant fire and ground-type turtle, but this beast will grant players a significant mining boost when they’re mounting it. 

Think Palworld’s Rushoar, but on a more blazing scale. Alongside its access to significant ground and fire-type attacks, thanks to its dual-typing, Reptyro is a must-own Pal in Palworld. Having said that players must navigate to the Mount Obsidian region. This species loves roaming this region’s northeastern areas. 

However, players who cherish the thrill of birth can hatch a Reptyro from a Large Scorching Egg. 

Blazehowl + Blazehowl Noct

Jormuntide Ignis isn’t the only sub-species fans should scour Palworld for if they require a kindling ally. Fortunately, for Blazehowl enjoyers, both its regular and sub-form are effective heat providers. Whether or not, you prefer its standard species or blueish cousin, both Pals will provide you with the same work suitability talent. 

Where these family species diverge is in their types and skills though. Firstly, the standard Blazehowl is fire-type and has an ability that forces grass-type enemies to release more items when they perish. As for Blazehowl Noct, they’re a fire and dark-type Pal, who can compel neutral-type opponents to relinquish their goodies when they’re beaten. 

On top of having type and ability differences, the ways players can obtain these species differ, too. For Blazehowl, players will spot them roaming the northwestern part of Mount Obsidian or the Cavern of the Dunes dungeon. Moreover, they can hatch one from a Large Scorching Egg. Regarding its dark-type cousin, players can only spot them at Mount Obsidian during the night. Additionally, they can battle Blazehowl Noct at the Cavern of the Dunes dungeon. 


Although many Pals are based on fictional and realistic creatures, Bushi seems to be inspired by samurais or ronins. With its pleasing straw hat and little katana, people wouldn’t judge you if Bushi was your favorite Pal in Palworld. Complementary to its design, Bushi happens to be a skilled Pal in Palworld, too. 

In addition to kindling, the Bushi species are great wood choppers, crop gatherers, item transporters, and tool crafters. While their skill levels at these activities vary, players will admire Bushi for its versatility. On that note, Bushi’s Partner Skill, while a one-and-done attack, is fashionable and fits its theme well. 

For those interested, these wanderers love to stroll through the southeastern parts of Mount Obsidian a lot. Players who want a challenge could battle a Bushi alpha boss at the Sealed Realm of the Swordmaster location though. This is located near the southeastern part of Bamboo Groves. Further, players can encounter Bushi in the Cavern of the Dunes dungeon or hatch one via a Large Scorching Egg, 


Considering how popular wizards, mages, and witches have become in the entertainment sphere, it’s fitting to see a fox-like mage appear in Palworld. Evoking the same energy as Pokémon’s Braixen and Delphox, Wixen is a fire-type mage players shouldn’t divert their attention from. This magical beast excels at heating, crafting, and hauling items for you. 

Its special power grants players access to fire-type damage and will offer them a minor damage boost, too. With its compelling design, interesting skillset, and enticing powers, players will find the Wixen species to be helpful allies. For those curious, they can capture Wixen at Mount Obsidian or in the northeastern parts of the Frostbound Mountains. 

Moreover, Wixen can appear in the Cavern of the Dunes dungeon area. For egg-hunters, consider scouting areas for a Large Scorching Egg. 


At TheReviewGeek, we’ve shared our thoughts on creatures we’d love to see Pal variants of in Palworld. While some were wholesome critters, others were based on horrifying monstrosities like Cthulu and Cerberus. While Incineram’s design falls in line with a beast that’s awesome and scary-looking, many Palworld players will agree that its offerings are compelling, too. 

This demonic-like Pal has decent kindling, handiwork, mining, and hauling potential. Moreover, its ability is similar to Bushi’s since it involves Incineram unleashing a devastating super-move on foes. Yet, this one not only hurts foes, but it burns them, too. While this may not aid skilled players,  newcomers will find Incineram’s flashy technique wonderful and stylish (to a degree). 

Therefore, those who want this fine multi-tasker can hunt for one in the northwestern or southwestern parts of Mount Obisidian. Wealthy players can purchase Incineram from a Black Marketeer NPC. For egg-enthusiasts, they can hatch one from a Scorching Egg.  Dungeon admirers can battle one in the Cavern of the Dunes location. 


We’ve saved the cutest kindling Pal for last, and for good reason. Despite their sorrowful backstory in Palworld, these fire-type Pals will fill you with immense joy. Not only can they provide players with mineral and food-producing needs, but the Flambelle species are incredible builders, haulers, and droppers.

Concerning droppings, if players place Flambelle at their base’s Ranch structure, they will produce flame organs for them. This is a helpful resource in Palworld since it’ll allow players to craft things like fire weapons and heat-resistant armor. While their work suitability skill levels seem abysmal compared to other Pals, they’re worth having at your base. 

Players can nab a Flambelle in multiple ways. First, they like trekking the northeastern area of Mount Obsidian a lot. Players with a lot of gold coins can purchase one from a Black Marketeer. Additionally, players can hatch one from a Scorching Egg or encounter one at the Cavern of the Dunes dungeon. 

So, there we have it, our 10 picks for the best kindling Pals you should obtain and use in Palworld. 

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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