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It’s been a while since we all fell in love with the massive phenomenon Squid Game season 1 which took 2021 by storm. This Netflix original K-drama had everything from suspense and betrayal to angst and action. Well, with season 2 set to film this summer, it is time to revisit this exciting K-drama. There were so many jaw-dropping and shocking plot twists in season 1 that had all viewers hanging on the edge of their seats in every episode. 

Well, let’s go through the 10 best moments from Squid Game season 1 as we begin our re-watch binge session. 

P.S. – There will be spoilers so advance with caution.

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Episode 6 ‘Gganbu’ – Sang-woo betrays Ali in the game of gganbu

The fourth game, gganbu, (aka the marble game) is possibly the most loved and hated level of Squid Game ever as we get so many heartwrenching moments. Of course, it includes Sang-woo betraying Ali in such a cold way that shocks everyone. He lulls him into a false sense of security by calling him brother and claiming that he has a way out for the both of them.

However, in the end, he sneakily replaces all of Ali’s marbles with stones and takes the marbles for himself. He sends Ali on a futile chase with a reasoning that honestly doesn’t make any sense, but like Ali, we feel Sang-woo has some secret trick up his sleeve. But who knew it is to betray Ali and win the game?

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Episode 6 ‘Gganbu’ – Gi-hun takes advantage of Oh Il-nam’s dementia

It looks like Netflix wants viewers to see the gganbu game teary-eyed because another team that breaks our hearts is Gi-hun and Player 001 aka Oh Il-nam. Before they learn what the game is about, everyone avoids 001 as a partner who is happy when Gi-hun picks him. But when they find out that the aim is to have more marbles than their partner to win and the loser is killed, Gi-hun is heartbroken.

It gets worse when he realises that 001 has dementia and has forgotten the rules. So, while Gi-hun cheats his way through the game he regrets every second and tears up when he wins and 001 is shot dead. With so many deaths in this episode, viewers were crying for 001 too, but that was of course before we knew who he was.

Episode 1 ‘Red Light, Green Light’ – Ali’s entry

It is the first shocking moment that had our jaws open and sweat breaking as we realise the stakes of the game and knew at that point they were going to make Ali the greenest flag only to do something horrible to him in the end. When the first level, Red Light, Green Light begins and people realize the punishment for losing is death, Gi-hun loses his nerve.

Sang-woo encourages him to run but he trips and is about to fall right when the Squid Game doll is about to turn. However, Ali comes right in time and stops him by holding his collar with just one arm while staying completely still. If this episode had a big screen premiere, the theatre would have erupted in cheers.

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Episode 6 ‘Gganbu’ – Ji-yeong loses to Sae-byeok on purpose

Ji-yeong and Sae-byeok’s game is equally fascinating and heartbreaking. Both girls initially start out with no notion of helping the other. But Ji-yeong declares they should spend their last moments talking about things they cannot say to others as one of them will anyway die. They realise that Sae-byeok needs to win for her brother and mother while Ji-yeong has nothing to live for.

So, when they finally play the game, Ji-yeong loses on purpose. Sae-byeok is furious and upset but she simply thanks her for picking her as a partner. Of course, if this selfless moment and innate kindness towards a stranger does not have you bawling then nothing will.

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Episode 7 ‘VIPS’ – Jun-ho takes off his mask

One thing even better than Jun-ho’s iconic iPhone battery (which somehow lasted several days), is his face reveal when that creepy VIP makes an advance on him. The dialogues, the dark, morbid ambience and Jun-ho’s UNO reverse moment all makes it for a very satisfying scene. First, the VIP compliments his looks by saying it is not a face one should hide behind a mask, which is just him spilling facts.

Then he threatens Jun-ho by saying should he satisfy him in 5 minutes, he may live. This only leads to the cop pulling out his gun (no pun intended) and throwing the VIP’s words back at him as he extracts information about Squid Game while pointing the gun at his head.

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Episode 8 ‘Front Man’ – Jun-ho’s brother shoots him

With Jun-ho going to extreme lengths and life-threatening situations to find his brother, this moment is pretty surprising. First of all, the brother, In-ho is not only played by the Korean movie star, Lee Byung-hun but he also happens to be the Front Man, the game master who manages the levels.

After Jun-ho is exposed and the Front Man learns of his identity, he himself participates in the chase and corners him at the edge of the cliff. As they face off, the Front Man takes off his mask to reveal that he is In-ho and point-blank shoots Jun-ho who is shocked as he falls off the cliff. Poor guy risks his life for his brother only for him to be betrayed. But hopefully, he isn’t dead and makes a miraculous return in season 2.

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Episode 8 ‘Front Man’ – Sang-woo kills Sae-byeok

So, we already know Sang-woo will do anything to win the game when he betrays Ali so cruelly. But the moment when he kills Sae-byeok is so well done we don’t even realise he has made a move till the guards enter to take her body and Gi-hun sees him with the knife.

This list is turning into a top 10 betrayal and shocking Squid Game season 1 moments but her death is so good it hurt. Especially since she stops Gi-hun from killing Sang-woo in a similar situation just moments before he kills her.

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Episode 7 ‘VIPS’ – Mi-nyeo’s win-lose moment

Look, it is no secret that no one likes the curly-haired, loud-mouthed player, 212 aka Mi-nyeo. But a loophole that has her automatically winning a game without even playing is pretty hilarious. With the total number of players being odd, Mi-nyeo is skipped in the gganbu level because no one chooses her as a partner.

Everyone teams up with their best buddies or someone who has some sort of skill while they all think she is useless. But with them finding out that they either have to kill their partner or be killed, Mi-nyeo comes out on top as the guards simply let her chill while everyone is busy crying and betraying each other.

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Episode 1/9 – Gong Yoo’s cameo

K-drama heartthrob Gong Yoo going viral for his 5-second cameo back in 2021 as the game recruiter is everything. One-half of the internet made memes of running away the moment they see him while the other half wanted to join the game just so he can slap them.

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Episode 9 – ‘One Lucky Day’ – Oh Il-nam’s reveal

The meme ‘top 10 shocking anime betrayals’ was made for this moment. For us to cry our eyes out over Oh Il-nam’s death only to find out it is all fake and he was safe the whole time is the final twist of the knife in this brutal game. When Gi-hun gets the invite from his gganbu, most viewers can already guess who it is from, yet we hope that isn’t the case.

However, it is then revealed that Oh Il-nam created the games out of boredom and just on a whim decided to participate in the 2021 version. With all the nice things that Gi-hun did for him, to protect him, he definitely didn’t even deserve it.

And there we have it, our picks for the best moments from Squid Game season 1.

What do you think of our list? Have we missed any of your favourites? We love to hear from you so do feel free to let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Instead of Jun-Ho’s reveal and Mi—Nyeo’s surviving Marbles, I would substitute Mi-Nyeo’s taking Deok-Su down (ep 7) and Sang-Woo’s suicide (ep 9)

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