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10 Most Underrated Horror TV Shows

In the vast labyrinth of horror television, there are often series eclipsed by their more popular counterparts. These are the underrated horror series – shows that, for various reasons, haven’t received the widespread recognition they undoubtedly deserve. But what does ‘underrated’ really mean? In this context, it refers to series that, despite their brilliance in storytelling, character development, and atmospheric horror, have somehow slipped under the radar of acclaim or audience viewership.

It’s a term that beckons avid horror enthusiasts to dig deeper, to go beyond the obvious, and to uncover stories that might have been overlooked in the crowded arena of horror television.

As we venture into the dimly lit corridors of these lesser-known treasures, prepare to uncover tales as chilling – if not more so – than their renowned counterparts. These underrated shows beckon with the promise of fresh nightmares, innovative plots, and the chance to discover a new favorite that many might have missed.

So, without further ado, let’s shine a spotlight on the most underrated horror series; the unsung heroes of horror TV that deserve their moment in the limelight.


The Exorcist

The TV adaptation of The Exorcist has absolutely no right to be as good as it is. It’s also one cancellation that remains a bitter pill to swallow to this day. The series adaptation of the critically acclaimed film follows pretty much the same story but dives a lot deeper into the various characters and lore.

There’s some really creepy scenes here, including one infamous Jenga game during season 1. With two seasons to get through, The Exorcist serves up enough bang for your buck but sadly resides as another casualty to add to the chopping block.

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Channel Zero

With four delightfully sinister tales to choose from, Channel Zero’s four-season run makes for really compelling viewing. However, our top pick remains season 1 which is arguably the creepiest of the bunch.

With a new spin on The Tooth Fairy (pictured above) and some seriously creepy dolls, this one is worth its weight in gold. The rest of the seasons are good too and tackle a variety of different ideas that should get your bones shivering.

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With decent pacing, some nicely worked scares and an unsettling atmosphere, Marianne takes the best elements from a number of different horrors and blends them together to deliver a frightfully good horror series.

With elements of Haunting Of Hill House, Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark and Stephen King, Marianne is a deliciously dark cocktail of horror that continues to impress right through to its finale.

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brand new cherry

Brand New Cherry Flavor

Brand New Cherry Flavor feels like a heady cocktail of different influences; a little bit of David Lynch and Quentin Tarantino mixed in with the unsettling atmosphere of Channel Zero.

At the heart of this show lies aspiring film director Lisa Nova. Set deep in the heart of 1990’s Los Angeles, she’s just finished her first student project, Lucy’s Eye. So unsettling and grotesque is this movie, it immediately piques the interest of film producer Lou Burke. Unfortunately, he completely screws her over.

The architect in all this happens to be a strange woman called Bora. She stalks the periphery of Lisa’s storyline, slowly becoming more integral to the plot as the episodes progress. There’s definitely an air of “be careful what you wish for” with this, as Bora’s strange witchcraft and rituals allow Lisa to get her revenge – at a cost.

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30 Coins

From its stunning opening scene to the suitably bombastic climax, 30 Coins delivers a creepy, suspenseful and atmospheric show that’s sure to please horror aficionados.

The story here blends elements of alt-history akin to that seen in Dan Brown novels with a creepy underbelly of supernatural phenomena. The opening scene to 30 Coins is arguably one of the best in recent memory. Within this, a mysterious figure walks into a bank and steals a coin from a safety deposit box.

Shrugging off bullets from incredulous guards and hitting them with a barrage of his own, he steps inside a black car and hands over the coin to a shadowy priest. From here, the story only grows weirder and more frantic as the episodes progress.

To give much more away would be a disservice to this story but suffice to say, 30 Coins is well worth your time.

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Strangers From Hell

Split across 10 episodes, Strangers From Hell is certainly a shorter offering than the usual 16 chapter Korean dramas. The story revolves around a boy called Jong-Woo who moves to Seoul and finds himself abandoned and alone inside a creepy apartment block.

Strangers From Hell isn’t particularly scary but it does hold up as a compelling psychological thriller. There’s some pretty gruesome scenes midway through and a couple of genuinely shocking segments. This one is not for the squeamish but should be enough to reach those looking for a dose of anxiety and paranoia from their horror.

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Save Me

Save Me is a chilling drama with a very gripping premise. The main storyline here revolves around a religious cult known as Goseonwon which has much of the country in its grasp, boasting a large number of followers. Although they present themselves as a peaceful church, there are certainly some dark secrets lurking under this pleasant façade.

Following their son’s suicide, Sang-Mi’s family is torn apart as the cult leader Baek Jung-ki, lures them to the dark side. With her Father fully brainwashed and her Mother mentally unstable, Sang-Mi is trapped in this nightmarish hell.

Girl From Nowhere

Thailand’s Netflix Original Girl From Nowhere is an engrossing, dark and oftentimes shocking drama series. Echoes of Black Mirror can be felt throughout the 13 episodes as the series weaves a wicked web of moral tales about succumbing to temptation and your darkest desires.

All of this is showcased through the mysterious Nanno, who quickly establishes herself as the unpredictable wildcard in each tale. While some viewers might find some of the content a little shocking and dark for their tastes, Girl From Nowhere poses as Thailand’s answer to Black Mirror and boy does it deliver.

katla season 1


The quintessential part of any compelling mystery box show is the hook. There’s also the fine-tuned balance between dangling a carrot on a stick and actually giving some solid answers to said mysteries. Over the years there have been a lot of these shows, each with varying degrees of success – and quality.

Netflix’s new Icelandic series is a bit of a mixed bag. This moody, atmospheric show absolutely revels in its unique mystery and there’s undoubtedly a compelling hook to all this. It is a slow burn but if you stick with it, the ending certainly makes it worth the wait.

Tell Me A Story

In this unsettling world, familiar stories like “The Three Little Pigs”, “Hansel and Gretel”, and “Little Red Riding Hood” are intricately woven into tales of love, loss, greed, revenge, and murder. The characters’ paths cross and collide in unexpected, often brutal ways, as their traditional stories take a sharp turn into the ominous and the suspenseful.

Tell Me A Story effectively blends the familiarity of classic fairy tales with dark, contemporary themes, adding a fresh and innovative spin to the stories we thought we knew. The interweaving of various tales serves up a compelling mix of horror, drama, and psychological thriller elements, providing a surprisingly great viewing experience. Not bad for a CBS series! Unfortunately this one was cancelled due to low viewership figures.


This Korean drama follows Ku San Young, who is a young woman working to the bone to better her life and become a low-ranking public officer. Her life changes after she receives numerous articles left behind by her late father, and people start mysteriously dying around her. It turns out that the door to another world opened, and Ku San Young was possessed by a demon from that other world.

Enter Yeom Hae Sang, a rich chaebol who teaches folklore at a university. He has a special ability to see demons in this world and has been searching for the one that killed his mom. He comes to face to face with the demon when it possesses Ku San Young.

So there we have it, our picks for the 10 most under-rated horror series, which should whet the appetite for enthusiasts of all types! Are we missing one of your favourites? Let us know your favourite horror choices in the comments below!

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