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Street Fighter is a well-beloved fighting game franchise. It introduced many gamers to the world of fighting games with its intricate combo system, stellar cast, and iconic stages and soundtracks. Since its early arcade days, the franchise continues evolving and delights fighting game enthusiasts with its latest trailers and entries.

Whether you’re a fan of the first game or the latest entry Street Fighter 6, the Street Fighter franchise doesn’t look like it’s closing shop. With the praise Street Fighter 6’s been receiving (as of this writing), fans are likely to receive more exciting developments for the franchise in the coming years ahead. 

Therefore, here are the 10 best entries from the Street Fighter franchise that are worth your time. Of course, feel free to comment on your favorite Street Fighter games down below.

Street Fighter II: The World Warrior

Street Fighter II is a fantastic entry in the Street Fighter series. It’s known for introducing fans to many of Street Fighter’s noteworthy characters from Chun-Li to Guile.

Characters from the past installment make a return and everyone receives a unique fighting style and set of special moves that’ll appeal to specific fighting game enthusiasts. Whether it’s Ryu’s Hadoken or Chun-Li’s devastating kicks, each character offers a unique experience that’ll keep played hooked and wanting to master their style.

This game strikes a remarkable balance between simplicity and complexity. While they may seem easy to understand at first, Street Fighter II delivers a complex system of combos, counters, and mind games for players to master. With its lasting legacy, fighting game fans are in for a treat with this one. 

Street Fighter Alpha 3

Street Fighter Alpha 3 offers a rich gaming experience and a mix of familiar faces and new additions. Each character has a distinct fighting style and moveset, making it fun to explore. For instance, this game adds characters like R. Mika and Juli who not only add new blood to the franchise but provide exciting gameplay options. 

Furthermore, Street Fighter Alpha 3 introduces the “World Tour” mode. This mode allows players to customize and upgrade their chosen character by earning experience points from battles. This innovative feature allows players to tailor their character’s abilities to match their preferred playstyle, creating a sense of progression and personalization.

In addition to having stellar graphics, Street Fighter Alpha 3 is an excellent entry in the Street Fighter franchise. 

Super Street Fighter II Turbo

Super Street Fighter II Turbo is a standout in the Street Fighter franchise. It delivers fast-paced gameplay and introduces a variety of gameplay tweaks and enhancements, such as faster game speed and additional special moves for specific fighters. These changes not only make the game more delightful but it provides players with different options to tamper with. 

The “Turbo” mode is a fine addition too. This mode allows players to adjust the game speed to their preference, providing customization and added replayability. Players can choose between various turbo speeds, which not only affect your match’s pacing, but it adds an extra layer of challenge.

In addition to introducing great balance changes that appealed to the competitive gaming crowd, Super Street Fighter II Turbo’s significance should not be overlooked. 

Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6 is the latest entry in the Street Fighter franchise and won the hearts of many fans. This game features visually stunning graphics, gives characters like Ryu and Chun-Li great development, and features new fighters for fans to try out.

The game includes a fun “World Tour” mode that allows you to create a fighter of your own and help them navigate Metro City and train with its masters. This game mode will not only appeal to casual fighting game fanatics but there are hours of fun to be had with it for competitive audiences. Further, the game’s powered by Capcom’s RE engine, which shows in this title’s realistic graphic fidelity. You’ll be bewildered by everyone’s marvelous re-designs.

On top of having rich online play via its Battle Hub and Game Center, Street Fighter 6 is shaping to be a major hit for Capcom. 

Street Fighter EX

Street Fighter EX is a remarkable entry in the Street Fighter franchise. One aspect that sets it apart from others is its intriguing 3D graphics, which provide players with a fresh and visually striking experience. This deviation from the franchise’s 2D sprites allows for more dynamic character animations, detailed stages, and impressive special effects. 

Moreover, Street Fighter EX introduces a roster of old and new characters. Characters like Skullomania and Daeruda offer fresh gameplay styles that complement the existing cast. For instance, Skullomania’s acrobatic moves and grab-based techniques provide a nice twist on the traditional Street Fighter gameplay.

The “excel” system that is introduced to the franchise here is intriguing since it allows players to perform stylish combos for a limited time. This is definitely a title worth acknowledging since it shows players that Street Fighter can evolve and deliver new experiences. 

Street Fighter Alpha 2

Street Fighter Alpha 2 is an entry that included multiple improvements and exciting additions that enhanced the Street Fighter experience for players. One notable aspect is its expanded roster which introduced fighters like Rolento and Gen, each with their own unique moves and playstyles. This roster expansion provides players with more engaging matchups to look forward to.

Furthermore, Alpha 2 introduces the “Custom Combo” system, which revolutionized the gameplay by empowering players to create their own intricate combos, This system enables players to link together a series of attacks and customize them to their liking, resulting in unique combos.

On top of presenting fans with detailed pixel art and immersive settings, Street Fighter Alpha 2 is a huge step-up from the first title. 

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition is many Street Fighter fans’ preferred version of Street Fighter 5. One of Street Fighter V’s significant improvements was its implementation of the V-System, which adds a new layer of strategy to the gameplay.

Each character possesses unique V-Skills, V-Triggers, and V-Reversals that can turn the tide of battle when used efficiently. For instance, Ryu can enter his Denjin Renki V-Trigger to enhance his fireballs and gain access to powerful combo opportunities, adding depth and variety to his gameplay style. The V-System encourages players to explore different options to find their optimal playstyle.

The Champion Edition includes 40 characters, 34 stages, and over 200 costumes for players to use and witness in Street Fighter V. If you’re looking for the most robust version of Street Fighter V, then this is the version you should get. 

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike is one of the best fighting games ever made. With its deep mechanics, diverse character roster, and stunning visual design, it serves as a testament to the franchise’s evolution.

This game’s iteration of the parry system was iconic at the time of its release. Parrying allows players to negate incoming attacks by having precise timing and positioning. This awards players for reading their opponents correctly, encouraging them to put hours into the game to master it.

Furthermore, 3rd Strike has a good mix of characters, some old and new. Each fighter possesses their own distinct moveset, strengths, and weaknesses, sundering matchups remain refreshing and satisfying.

On top of having a striking visual aesthetic with its hand-drawn sprites and animation, Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike is an incredible fighting game that’s worth your time. 

Street Fighter Alpha

Street Fighter Alpha is an outstanding entry in the Street Fighter franchise. It not only delivers the classic Street Fighter experience but introduces new gameplay mechanics and a compelling storyline that’ll appeal to Street Fighter’s fandom. With this diverse roster, polished gameplay, and captivating visuals, Street Fighter Alpha has solidified its place as one of the finest entries. 

This game features many incredible characters from Dan Hibiki to Rose. Whether you prefer classic fighters like Ryu or intriguing ones like Rolento, Capcom gave everyone a pleasing set of characteristics.

This game’s “Alpha Counters” mechanic is equally enticing. It allows players to perform counterattacks while blocking an opponent’s move, the “Super Combo” system feels like the cherry on top. 

On top of having beautiful visuals that complement this game’s distinct approach well, Street Fighter Alpha was a great title that served as a nice foundation for Alpha 2 and 3. 

Ultra Street Fighter IV

Ultra Street Fighter IV is a great entry that builds upon the foundation laid by its predecessors well. This game includes many fun characters like Hugo, Poison, and Rolento who weren’t seen in the original Street Fighter IV title. These characters not only bring fresh playstyles and strategies, but they expand the roster and offer players new options. 

The “Ultra Combo Double” feature is a nice addition too. This allows players to choose two Ultra Combos instead of one, leading to more strategies for them to use during battles. Further, this game includes some nice balance adjustments that appeal to competitive players and help increase the game’s longevity.

On top of having astonishing and refined online modes, Ultra Street Fighter IV is one of the best ways of experiencing the fourth entry in the Street Fighter franchise. 

So, there we have it, our pick for the 10 best Street Fighter video games through the years!

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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