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The legendary actor, Michael Gambon played some truly memorable characters during his extensive and strong run in the film industry. No matter what role he was in, he always turned it into an experience viewers couldn’t forget easily.

With this piece, we remember and celebrate 10 of  Sir Michael Gambon’s best film and television roles.

Sit back and get ready to explore different shades of the late actor’s acting prowess. The list contains some titles that might not have rung the bell in your head in a long time. 

Best Michael Gambon Roles

The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover (1989)

Sir Michael Gambon is the ‘Thief’ in the title. As an aggressive gangster who runs a malfunctioning restaurant, he is the cause of trouble almost everywhere.

The movie’s engaging plot and Sir Gambon’s incredible flair as a gangster make The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover a must-watch for his fans. The crime drama features some remarkable scenes that you are going to want to rewatch.

Best Michael Gambon Roles

Gosford Park (2001)

Directed by Robert Altman, Gosford Park has Gambon in the role of a resourceful industrialist named Sir William McCordle. The narrative of the film takes a wild turn when an affluent shooting session turns into a murder spot.

The movie is not just entertaining, but it’s also quite captivating thanks to its interesting plot and the solid performances of its all-star cast.

Best Michael Gambon Roles

The Insider (1999)

Michael Gambon had this special knack for subtly upgrading supporting roles to the stature of main roles no matter how small those were. The Insider is a film where his technique is on display.

In an antagonistic role, Gambon plays the CEO of the Brown & Williamson tobacco company. Al Pacino and Russell Crowe star in lead roles but the flair with which Gambon plays his part shows why he’s considered one of the finest in the industry.

Best Michael Gambon Roles
The King’s Speech (2010)

Academy-winning movie The King’s Speech is a captivating piece of drama that captures your attention and doesn’t let go until the last second. The film centers on the future king, King George VI, who suffers from a speech impediment.

Here you find Gambon in the role of Queen Victoria’s grandson, King George V, alongside an ensemble cast that included Geoffrey Rush, Colin Firth, Helena Bonham Carter, and more. Gambon’s solid performance as the honest royal member received loads of praise from critics and audiences alike.

Best Michael Gambon Roles
Path to War (2002)

Path to War is a biographical television film that circles around President Lyndon B. Johnson as he and his cabinet steer through the complexities of the Vietnam War.

Gambon in the role of President Lyndon embodies the distinctive aura of a government under pressure to right the wrong. Many consider Path to War as showing Gambon at his best.

Best Michael Gambon Roles

Page Eight (2011)

The political thriller has Gambon in the role of Benedict Baron, the Director General of MI5. The soul of film’s plot is based on the death of Gambon’s character, but that doesn’t mean his role is insignificant.

In fact, with his impeccable dialogue delivery and ability to own the screen, he outshines even those in lead roles. You can’t miss Page Eight if you are a fan of Gambon’s performance.

Best Michael Gambon Roles

Maigret (1992-93)

Maigret was a popular TV show in the early 90s, an adaptation of French detective novels penned by Georges Simenon. In the titular role, Gambon plays a detective with some special personality traits – rough on the outside, soft on the inside.

Set in post-WWII France, the episodes focus on tricky investigations into a variety of cases. The series consisted of 12 episodes in total which were divided into two seasons.

Best Michael Gambon Roles

The Wings of the Dove (1997)

Based on the 1902 novel of the same name, The Wings of the Dove is an intriguing tale of a woman who resorts to unfair plans to have love and money in life. Gambon plays her hard-to-deal-with father.

The film offers an engaging yet realistic look into the weird and unsanctioned connection between love and greed. The Wings of the Dove was nominated for four Academy Awards and five BAFTAs.

Best Michael Gambon Roles

The Singing Detective (1986)

The Singing Detective is a BBC TV drama that aired in 1986 for 6 episodes. Gambon is in the lead as thriller writer Philip E. Marlow who is going through writer’s block and is hospitalized due to an unrelated condition.

Troubled by his memories, he starts experiencing an altered reality. If you watch The Singing Detective, you can experience the polished flair of Gambon’s acting talent in probably the best manner.

Best Michael Gambon Roles
Harry Potter and Half-Blood Prince (2009)

Arguably the best Harry Potter film to watch for Dumbledore fans. Here, Dumbledore appears to sideline even Harry himself even though Harry does the majority of the job.

The sixth Harry Potter installment features many scenes where the Professor’s incredible power and wisdom are on display. Of course, there are better Harry Potter movies, but nothing comes close to it for Dumbledore fans. 

Michael Gambon has left behind a legacy that will serve as an important lesson to young artists everywhere and always. Thank you Sir Michael Gambon!


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