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As the Entertainment world becomes wider, more attention is being paid to films and TV shows from Asian countries, especially South Korea, Japan and China.

Indonesia is one country that is widely known for its horror movies but there are many other lesser-known titles from the country that are now gaining global popularity all thanks to their availability on the streaming giant, Netflix.

Here are the 10 Best Indonesian Movies that are available on Netflix to give you your movie fix.

27 Steps of May (2019)

One of the best-rated Indonesian titles on Netflix, this movie follows the story of a woman who is tormented by a traumatic sexual assault. Following the horrible experience, May isolated herself and stopped talking. Her father blames himself for her predicament and tries to live by May’s conditions year after year.

One day, a hole appears in the wall and through it, May discovers a magician who helps her discover a world beyond her life in isolation.

Ave Maryam (2018)

Based on real-life events, the movie follows the story of Maryam, a catholic nun who was born into a Muslim family. After she starts helping at a nursing home, she meets seven older nuns who live in inhumane conditions. This prompts her to take care of the nuns but when a new pastor named Yosef shows up at the nursing home, Maryam faces a life-changing decision when she develops feelings for him.

Cemera’s Family (2018)

After the debt collector confiscates Abah’s house and steals all his treasures to collect his brother-in-law’s debt, he is determined to withstand his struggles by staying in a house in a remote village in West Java. Abah initially believes that his situation is temporary but after losing his court case he is doomed and lives in his childhood home. After being thrown into poverty, Abah must now get used to his new economic status along with his family.

June & Kopi (2021)

The heartfelt movie follows the story of June, a former stray dog who is taken in by a graphic designer named Aya. Aya’s other pet, Kopi, is a pit bull who takes an interest in June. Aya’s husband does not approve of June and she is sent to a shelter where Aya grows concerned for the dog and takes her back home.

With June and Kopi living under the same roof, the two dogs grow into friends while June starts growing to be a part of Aya’s family.

My Stupid Boss (2016)

This 2016 comedy follows the story of an absurd boss and his employees. Bossman owns a large but disorganized company in Kuala Lumpur. The reason behind the company’s disrupted organisation is the bossman himself. His first principle of management is that “Bossman Is Always Right” and all thanks to this policy, whatever he fancies, he’ll get it done. The film follows the story of Diana, the Bossman’s secretary, who is left to juggle the antics of her chaotic boss who tests her patience on a daily.

One Day We’ll Talk About Today (2020)

The film follows the story of three siblings who live in a seemingly happy family. When Awan, one of the trio rebels against their parents after meeting a new guy, her siblings Angkasa and Aurora also start rebelling against their parents. All this prompts the three siblings to discover family secrets that cause great trauma to the entire family.

Plastic Island (2021)

Every day, 93 million single-use straws are used in Indonesia. Together with other plastic waste, they end up in the ocean, break down into microplastics, and are eaten by marine life, which eventually end up on the plates of humans to eat. This 2021 documentary is a Netflix original that is adapted from a series of films that Indonesian filmmakers curated from around the country to show citizens the magnitude of the plastic pollution problem they are faced with.

Possessive (2017)

This psychological drama follows the story of a high school couple in a turbulent and toxic relationship. Lala is a platform diving athlete in her final year of high school when she first met Yudhis, a transfer student. The initial romance blossoms but Yudhis soon turns into a textbook possessive boyfriend as their relationship turns toxic all too soon.

The Night Comes For Us (2018)

This thriller follows the story of Ito, a gangland enforcer who belongs to the South East Asian Triad. One day, Ito ends up sparing a girl’s life during a massacre and is targeted by an onslaught of murderous gangsters that get him entangled in a treacherous and violent insurrection.

Vengeance Is Mine, All Others Pay Cash

Set in the 1980s, the film follows the story of a dystopian society ruled by machismo, a hibernating “bird”. This turns into a serious matter as people live a life of brutality. The sleeping bird is an allegory for a peaceful and serene life, even when the whole world tries desperately to rouse it.

There we have it, our list of the 10 Best Indonesian movies to watch on Netflix!

What do you think about our picks? Did your favourite make the list? Were there any honourable omissions? Let us know in the comments below.

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