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10 Bands Like Jimmy Eat World

Arizona’s emo kings Jimmy Eat World have become a revolutionary band in their scene, and they have catapulted to superstardom while staying humble and sticking to their roots.

Their songs have an emotional connection with the listener too, and not only this, but the lyrical qualities the band has developed always generate talking points amongst the emo contingent. Here are 10 bands that are similar to Jimmy Eat World in style and musical foundations.


Since 1997, Florida band Yellowcard has been dishing out emo songs worthy of high praise and actually more exposure. The act is similar to Jimmy Eat World because of the way the songs embed the mind, the way they’re produced with lyrics in mind. Frontman Ryan Key is a absolute powerhouse of a musician and lyricist, who has developed song after song with sheer angst and ease.

The band is an emo favourite, and those chord driven songs have ended up on 9 full lengths, 9 albums which all are different in character and story. Although the band has disbanded occasionally, they still come together for tours and they power their way through fiery sets.

The Early November 

A band that has flown the flag for emo since 2001, The Early November is no strangers to melancholy. From New Jersey, the act has created some phenomenal music over the years, combing in their emotions when needed, and diversifying the scene while doing so. Their songs are on the sad side, though, but it doesn’t impair the quality of music the outfit put out.

Their album Imbue which was released in 2015, is a masterclass in emo artistry, giving emo that needed a spotlight. The band’s frontman Ace Enders sounds so much like Jimmy Eat World singer/songwriter Jim Adkins. It’s crazy.

Dashboard Confessional

A true lynchpin in the emo scene, Dashboard Confessional has paved the way for many bands in the industry. Started in 2000, and led by enigmatic singer/songwriter Chris Carrabba, the act has stolen the hearts of many, producing poignant songs that resonate on a high level. Similar to Jimmy Eat World in sound and memorable lyrics, the outfit has become a trailblazer, amassing a colossal following who hangs onto every aching word.

The 2007 album Dusk And Summer put Dashboard Confessional on the map, securing them a place in the emo sector, and giving the emo crowd something real to confide in.

Something Corporate

A band that produces songs that profoundly engage, Something Corporate has been dazzling with their way with words. 2002 LP Leaving Through The Window made them a household name in the emo world, and lead singer Andrew McMahon drew from his own woes and memories to create lyrical strands that immersed the listener into his world.

Motion City Soundtrack

This band that made waves in the emo scene, and even though they’re not around at the moment, their music is still as relevant. A band that began their venture in 2003 with I Am The Movie, Motion City Soundtrack truly laid a marker with quirky sounds and rhythms. Their songs were truly told, through lyrics of realism, the downsides of life, the demands of trying to see through the fog, and the debilitating bouts of crippling anxiety.

Their 2010 album My Dinosaur Life really caught the fans’ attention, as it managed to propel the act to the top of the emo pile. Such an emotional album, it showcased maturity and originality.


A band that has immersed themselves into their emotions, Anberlin demand your attention. The act, have garnered an avid fanbase over the years, and their music is for the outcasts and the people walking aimlessly. Music like this can aid people and give them a lifeline, and often, Anberlin has conveyed through their lyrical leanings, a chance of hope.

The band walked back into the emo sector with 2022 EP Silverline, and it showed progression, even though the band didn’t need to up their game.


New York punks Bayside have been showcasing their melodic emo sound for many years. Led by the talented Anthony Raneri, the act deliver crushing riffs and memorable lyrics that cut into realism. Their 2004 release Sirens And Condolences placed the band in the mainstream circuit, and to this day, the band has committed to delivering consistently good albums and EPs.

It may surprise some that Bayside is on this list, but they do have that melodic sound that Jimmy Eat World is renowned for.

The Dangerous Summer

The Dangerous Summer is a gifted band from Maryland, and their sound has many traits similar to Jimmy Eat World. Their emotive lyrics are bounded in grace, and lead singer AJ Perdomo writes fearlessly about his mental health and the world, while respecting where he comes from. The band’s music resonates with many, and it has the power to change perceptions.

The band is clearly influenced by Jimmy Eat World and their lyrical endeavours, and throughout the band’s discography, you’re likely to hear many similar sounds.

The Get Up Kids

Legendary pop punk band The Get Up Kids has been an experimental act for many years. Since their start, they’ve influenced many artists, and they have become a mainstay in the emo scene too. With melodic underpinnings and inspiring lyrics that cut to the bone, the band has truly committed themselves to their muse.

In the same frame as Jimmy Eat World, the band have the same aura as the Arizona stalwarts.

Saves The Day

A true lynchpin in the pop punk setting, Saves The Day, has been around for a substantial time proving to the world that they have perfected their sound. Their melodic guitar work and straight to the point lyricism has earned them acclaim, and they’re still going strong. The band also take influence from Jimmy Eat World in sound and focus, while adding their own unique slant.

So there we have it! 10 bands that are similar in sonic and style to Jimmy Eat World. Do you agree with our picks? Think we’ve missed a crucial artist? Let us know in the comments below!

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