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10 Bands Like ‘Frightened Rabbit’

Frightened Rabbit are a band from Glasgow that have influenced many acts with their poetic lyricism and sonic input. If you like their style and are looking for more of the same, we’ve got you covered with our latest article. Below, we take a look through the archives to bring you 10 bands that are similar to the act in sound and focus.


Wrest is a band from Glasgow that has grown with a cult status. Since their inception, the act has released two popular EPs and two studio albums, which have garnered them respect from their musical peers and infatuated fanbase. A band that wears their hearts on their sleeves, and creates music that focuses heavily on the written word, they’ve certainly grabbed the attention of a cut-throat industry.

Notable songs from Wrest are ‘Human’ and ‘End All The Days’, which show depth of lyrics and empowering, well-shaped guitar strokes. Definitely a band to watch, and if you’re close to your emotions and love poetry.

The Twilight Sad

Such an underrated band, The Twilight Sad is purveyors of the poetic word. Their sound is brooding too, expertly drawn from experiences and the downsides of life. Though some of their songs are gritty and sombre, there’s a connection they’ve built over the years with their fans that will never be broken.

The band’s sound is certainly brooding, and cathartic, dealing with broken promises and derailed trust. Every lyric lands on the mind like a heavy touch, but that’s what we expect from a band that has seen so much.

The band’s 2019 release It Won’t Be Like This All The Time is a nod to the sadness that impacts our daily lives. This act, see the world differently, and their music reflects that. Their rock songs also conjure up monologues and stories, with those rousing instrumentals adding depth.

The Xcerts

Glasgow band The Xcerts have built an underground presence with songs that showcase bourgeoning instrumentals and thought-provoking lyricism. Again, this is another band that implements emotion into their sound, a sound fuelled by adrenaline and perseverance. Since their inception in the rock circuit, they’ve released 3 studio albums that have earned them rave reviews.

It is their 2014 album There Is Only You that really shot the band to some fame, and solidified them as true contenders.


Such an able band that create vivid commentary, and source their material from their own original minds, Fatherson came to the fore with their brilliant album I Am An Island in 2014, and the brooding vocals and discerning lyrics on that record can transport the listener into a space where they can release their own wrath.

Intelligent and worthy of more plaudits, Fatherson has grafted and crafted for many years before being fully noticed by critics. Their sound has a lyrical quality that bridges the gap, and they certainly grew to the challenge with their 2022 album Normal Fears, which musically changed the band’s landscape and their sonic output.


These guys are somewhat veterans in the scene, a band of complete musicians who have created some of the most dynamic rock songs. For being such an underrated act, Idlewild eventually broke through and dished out their pain in tracks such as ‘American English’ and ‘You Held The World In Your Arms’. Completely focused, the outfit still remains together and they always stay humble and stuck to their roots.

Fronted by the ever enigmatic Roddy Woomble, Idlewild to this day, keep their momentum flowing, crafting songs that mean so much to them as they do to their fans. Not the most glamourous act out there, but they’re certainly one of the most talented.

Twin Atlantic

Twin Atlantic began their musical travels in 2009 with LP Vivarium, and since then they have built up a avid fanbase throughout Glasgow and beyond. Led by Sam McTrusty, the band have taken their sound to the masses and they’ve dazzled with their creative approach. By detailing their pain and misfortunes through their muse and sound, the outfit has become a band to follow, a band for the disenchanted.

Second album, Free, put the band on the map in terms of popularity, and secured them a place in the mainstream stratosphere. Recent release Transparency, collected the splinters of McTrusty’s broken soul, and he let his guard down and his vulnerabilities’ become assessed.

The War On Drugs

This selection may surprise many, though, The War On Drugs is a band that connects to their fans on a lyrical level similar to Frightened Rabbit. Focused and resolute, this act cater for the lost, the people walking aimlessly, looking for the shimmering light. On their latest record, I Don’t Live Here Anymore; the outfit have raised their sound and have stepped into the mainstream without the glitz and glamour.

Beautifully told, their songs wrap around the listener like a warm overcoat, though, be prepared for the melancholy.

Manchester Orchestra

American rock band Manchester Orchestra provide grace just like Frightened Rabbit did. An act that doesn’t deter from their emotions or change their sound to fit the masses, they play with the utmost sincerity, proving that they’re at one with the music. Lead singer Andy Hull is similar to Frightened Rabbit’s late singer Scott Hutchison in terms of commanding the crowd with a singing voice that lingers after it stops.

The band has created a sound which people fall for, and fall in love with.

The National

Formed in 1999, Ohio band The National quiver the spines with their emotional songs. Such an intelligent band that writes tracks that provoke responses, they have built a rallying fanbase, and they’re definitely similar to Frightened Rabbit in focus and lyrical cohesiveness.

Built on solid foundations and creativity, the music the band has made over the years has been outstanding, and they’ve reached stellar heights, while never looking back.

Death Cab For Cutie

This band doesn’t need an introduction, as they’re frontrunners in the indie scene. With a extensive catalogue, Death Cab For Cutie, has been thrilling fans for years, providing songs which are emotionally engaging. The brooding vocals from Benjamin Gibbard are similar to Scott Hutchison’s, and those lyrics that poetically infiltrate the mind are similar too.

Also, Death Cab For Cutie’s musical arrangements are in parallel with Frightened Rabbit’s, and the similarities are endless.

So there we have it! 10 bands that are similar in sonic and style to Frightened Rabbit. Do you agree with our picks? Think we’ve missed a crucial artist? Let us know in the comments below!

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