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10 More Fantasy or Comedic Shows To Check Out!

Helck is a new fantasy comedy that has a semi-decent following. It’s set during a tournament to crown the new Demon Lord as the previous ruler has been defeated. Our protagonist Helck is a human who loves demons but is hated by our female lead, Vermilio. After learning about a castle’s downfall, Vermilio must team up with Helck and others to retake this castle. 

Fear not if you’re having trouble finding anime similar to Helck! We’ve discovered 10 alternate shows that’ll give you a similar experience as Helck.

Additionally, for each anime we’ve reviewed, we’ve included a link that allows you to view our full thoughts about the series to see if it’s worth your time.

So without further ado, we present 10 TV shows/anime that should whet your appetite when you’ve finished streaming Helck!

Mashle: Magic & Muscles

Similarities – Genre Subversion, Themes, Comedy

Mashle: Magic and Muscles is a hilarious fantasy action-comedy that subverts various conventions of its genre as Helck does. In it, the protagonist, Mash Burnedead, is part of a world where he lacks magical capabilities unlike the others present within it. Despite this, Mash’s impressive strength allows him to overpower magical opponents, creating a contrast to the hierarchy present in fantasy tales. This echoes how Helck appears as the typical heroic human archetype but is slowly revealed to adore demons instead of humans.

Moreover, both series rely on comedy to hold people’s attention. Mashle likes to overexaggerate Mash’s muscle powers by giving his ability to fly in the air with the swing of his legs or have him perform 100+ bench presses without breaking a sweat. This echoes how Helck started off as a semi-dark tale but gradually incorporated comedy to subvert one’s expectations of the genre it’s portraying.

On top of both tales tackling power dynamics and what it means to be strong, you’ll love what Mashle: Magic and Muscles delivers with its story. 

The Slayers

Similarities – Comedy, Fantasy, Action

Before Konosuba, Helck, and Mashle, there was The Slayers. This story carries similar characterization, a sense of adventure, and a boatload of humor many Helck fans will enjoy. The story follows the absurd and action-packed adventures of a talented sorceress named Lina Inverse and her companions. Lina’s journey with her friends is thrilling to observe and never gets dull. 

From fighting giant monsters for cash to exploring dungeons to find hidden treasure, you’ll adore the level of creativity and nuance that flows throughout this anime’s storyline. While some episodes feel less important than others, you’ll adore this anime most for its colorful cast and the ways they bounce off each other.

If you love powerful heroes like Helck and his connection with Vermilio, you’ll find yourself at home with Lina and her buddies’ endeavors. 

One Punch Man

Similarities – Characters, Action, Comedy

One Punch Man is an amusing action comedy with a parodic take on the superhero genre. Like Helck, it explores power and heroism through the eyes of an unconventional protagonist. In One Punch Man, we follow Saitama, a hero who can defeat anyone in one punch. Unfortunately, this causes Saitama great pain as he can’t find a worthy opponent and struggles to gain recognition. 

Similarly, Helck is a muscular human hero who surprisingly favors demon life over humankind. Both stories offer a great stance on heroism and question the true meaning behind it. Like Helck, Saitama is an interesting and complex lead protagonist. From his struggles with his power’s limitations to his longing for fulfillment, you’ll be amazed by the immense depth he has.

I’m Quitting Heroing

Similarities – Action, Comedy, Fantasy

I’m Quitting Heroing is an interesting fantasy anime. It employs stellar action scenes and enough adventure and comedy aspects to hold viewers’ attention. The story follows a powerful human hero named Leo, who defeats the evil Demon Queen Echidna’s army to protect humanity. However, humanity turns on and fears Leo because of his strength, resulting in them banishing Leo. 

Choosing to secretly align himself with Echidna under the alias Onyx, Leo plans to improve demons’ civilization while uncovering the mysteries behind Echidna’s reasons for warfare. As one can tell, Helck and I’m Quitting Heroing deliver similar premises and male leads.

Like Helck, Leo is a human hero who abandons humanity in favor of helping their enemies. The hilarity that ensues between our leads and the demons is compelling and will get a laugh from audiences. From witty banter to comical action bits, you’ll adore the similarities between the two.

Although I’m Quitting Heroing tends to lean into similar ideas and tropes too much throughout its run, it should leave you feeling satisfied by the end of it all. 

Welcome To Demon School Iruma-kun

Similarities – Demons & Comedy

Welcome to Demon School Iruma-Kun is an amusing school comedy with occasional dark elements. In it, we follow Iruma, a human who is sold to demons and enrolls in a demon school. While he appears weak and helpful, Iruma surprises the demons with his resilience and clever thinking habits.

Similarly, Helck is a strong hero who surprises Vermilio with his hatred for humans. Both protagonists defy their characters’ expectations and break the mold by showcasing their unique qualities and abilities. Moreover, Helck and Iruma-kun blend comedy and dark storytelling well.

Despite incorporating tons of slapstick comedy and absurd situations, Iruma-kun delves into deep themes like friendship and the pressure to conform. Helck offers a similar experience but delves into complex subjects like political intrigue, ethical dilemmas, and intense battles.

Give Iruma-Kun a watch if you’re after something with a school-themed setting though.  

Skeleton Knight In Another World

Similarities – Comedy, Characters, Action

Skeleton Knight In Another World is a hilarious isekai series with great action and characters. Like Helck, it features a lead who defies traditional norms. In it, we follow Arc, a being who is transported into a fantasy world and takes on the identity of a skeleton knight. He proves to be a skilled and capable warrior and surpasses those around him. 

Like Helck, he’s a character who challenges preconceived notions and breaks stereotypes, giving his character and tale depth. Both tales offer a nice balance of light and dark elements. Skeleton Knight features your typical humor but delves into topics like loss, betrayal, and war well.

In addition to handling heroism and identity to wonderful effect as Helck does, this is a must-watch isekai series. 


Similarities – Comedy, Fantasy, Adventure

Konosuba is a popular fantasy anime that prioritizes humor and subverts traditional fantasy tropes. Like Helck, it employs a satirical and comedy style, using humor to mock various fantasy genre elements. In it, we follow Kazuma, a boy who gets transported to a fantasy realm along with a water goddess named Aqua. The series pokes fun at multiple things from RPGs to adventure-themed tales. 

Like Helck, Kazuma isn’t your typical hero. He’s a socially awkward and often perverted individual who likes doing things his way. His strange behavior echoes wonderfully throughout the story and meshes well with his allies’ colorful personas too. Moreover, you’ll adore seeing Kazuma, Aqua, and the others struggle with mundane tasks from making money to solving people’s problems. 


Similarities – Themes, Characters, Genre Subversion

Maoyu may be different from Helck from a narrative and setting perspective, but shares common ground with it. Firstly, both tales debase traditional fantasy ideas and expectations. In Maoyu, the story centers around a hero and a Demon Queen, who are initially enemies at first. However, instead of fighting each other, they form an alliance to challenge their world’s status quo. 

Their alliance and relationship are slightly reminiscent of Helck and Vermilio’s. Both groups feature a human and demon character teaming up to forge some type of resolution for their universe. Maoyu’s tone is less comical than Helck’s but the connections established between both groups gradually develop over time and have a layer of complexity and seriousness to them.

In addition to tackling political and social themes with similar virtue to Helck, Maoyu is a must-watch. 


Similarities – Characters, Themes, Action

Bastard!! is an action-packed series with a gritty narrative and complex cast. Like Helck, it offers a nice deconstruction of traditional hero narratives. Like Helck, this series contains pleasing action scenes that’ll make you feel uneasy at times. It centers around the powerful sorcerer Dark Schneider, who embraces his dark side to protect his loved ones. 

The series delves into ideas concerning betrayal, sacrifice, and the consequences of one’s actions. Helck explores similar ideas and its lead has a past that’s akin to Schneiders in tone and theme. Essentially, both tales challenge the idealistic heroic journey and portray a world brimming with tragedy, manipulation, and moral ambiguity.

Uncle From Another World

Similarities – Fantasy & Comedy

Uncle From Another World is another fantasy series with enough comedic scenarios to keep you entertained. It follows Takafumi, who realizes something weird is happening to his uncle after he awakens from a coma. He loves video games and has been transported to another world as a hero. Takafumi must reeducate his grandfather on what he missed while coping with his grandfather’s powers. 

Like Helck, this manga features various forms of comedy. From clever one-liners to amusing misunderstandings, you’ll get a kick out of Takafumi and his grandfather’s interactions with each other, supporting cast members, and the world they inhabit. Moreover, both tales feature great fantastical locations that’ll whet your magical appetite.

Nonetheless, if you enjoy Helck most for its hilarious storytelling, you’ll adore Uncle From Another World. 

So there we have it, our 10 anime/TV show alternatives to watch when you’ve caught up with Helck!

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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