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Dark Gathering is a horror anime with a touch of lighthearted comedy and supernatural elements. The story follows Keitaro, a boy with the power to sense spirits who must tutor a child prodigy named Yayoi. After gathering intel about Yayoi’s supernatural abilities from his close friend Eiko, Keitaro vows to help Yayoi find the spirit that took her mother away in the past. They’ll do so by hunting down as many spirits as possible, resulting in many eerie and comical instances. 

Fear not if you’re having trouble finding anime similar to Dark Gathering! We’ve discovered 10 alternate shows that’ll give you a similar experience as Dark Gathering.

Additionally, for each anime we’ve reviewed, we’ve included a link that allows you to view our full thoughts about the series to see if it’s worth your time.

So without further ado, we present 10 TV shows/anime that should whet your appetite when you’ve finished streaming Dark Gathering!

Gegege No Kitaro (2018)

Similarities – Supernatural, Spirit Investigations, Themes 

Gegege No Kitaro is a classic series that ended up getting a remake in 2018 by Toei Animation. Like Dark Gathering, it immerses readers in a world where humans coexist with supernatural entities. It wonderfully depicts the challenges and conflicts that arise from its unique dynamic. In it, we follow Kitarto, a boy who protects people from malevolent spirits. 

One thread that holds these two tales together is their exploration of the human condition through a supernatural lens. Both series excels at showing audiences how otherworldly creatures and humans would interact with each other. Kitarao and Yayoi act as mediators between humans and spirits. They use their strengths to maintain balance and prevent conflicts among both organisms.

In addition to both series having wonderful creature designs and a dark atmosphere, you’ll love Gegege No Kitaro. 

Hell Girl

Similarities – Themes, Horror, Supernatural

A series rooted in psychological mischief, dark visuals, and a chilling atmosphere is what you can expect from Hell Girl. This revolves around a mysterious website where people can request vengeance on someone but at the cost of condemning their soul to hell. Both series highlight the consequences of seeking revenge.

With Hell Girl, protagonist Ai will interact with many people who have no problems selling their souls to see someone they despise suffer. This bloodlust is displayed throughout Dark Gathering’s tale, preferably from the spirits Yayoi and her friends encounter during their travels in the anime. Both stories excel at creating foreboding atmospheres through imagery and tension.

On top of having riveting supernatural scenarios, you’re likely to enjoy Hell Girl’s content. 



Similarities – Horror & Characters

Despite leaning more into comedy than Dark Gathering, Mieruko-chan shares many things in common with it. For instance, both stories feature characters with distinct abilities. In Mieruko-chan, we follow Miko, a girl who can see apparitions while Dark Gathering has people like Keitaro, who can sense a spirit’s presence.

Both stories give a wonderful depiction of an unseen world through their gifted characters’ perspectives. Miko navigates her daily life while being aware of ghosts’ presence. This leads to various comical and chilling scenarios that elicit different responses from audiences. Similarly, viewers get to see Dark Gathering’s twisted world from multiple angles thanks to Yayoi and Keitaro’s powers.

On top of having satisfying suspenseful scenarios that’ll put you in the spooky mood, Mieruko-chan is a must-watch. 

Ghost Hunt

Similarities – Paranormal Investigations, Atmosphere, Horror

Ghost Hunt is a stellar anime for those looking to get freaked out by ghost investigation tales. In it, we follow Mai, a girl who gets embroiled in paranormal investigations led by Kazuya. Its premise is nearly similar to Dark Gathering, except the roles are reversed with our male lead being the one who gets roped into our female lead’s need for horrific entities. 

Nonetheless, paranormal hunts are a central theme in these works. Kazuya leads a team of investigators who specialize in solving paranormal cases. They tackle multiple supernatural phenomena like possessions, hauntings, and apparitions. Their activities parallel the horrid circumstances Yayoi drags Keitaro into as they’ll be tackling scenarios involving suicide and starvation.

With their shared emphasis on suspense and exploration, Ghost Hunt is a great alternative for Dark Gathering fans to watch. 


Similarities –  Themes & Supernatural

xxxHolic is a supernatural tale that centers around Kimihiro, who gets involved in multiple supernatural occurrences with a mysterious witch called Yuuko. Like Dark Gathering, this story features a world brimming with mystery, otherworldly entities, and emotion. Moreover, it features characters with unique powers that allow them to interact with the supernatural. 

Like some characters in Dark Gathering, Kimihiro can see spirits and meets a female who is well-versed in their kind. Kimihiro undergoes extensive growth in the series like Yayoi, Eiko, and Keitaro. This is all thanks to his involvement in Yuuko’s affairs, allowing him to come to terms with his own wants and past conflicts.

For those who want a horror tale that exceptionally explores concepts like personal growth and self-discovery, check this out. 


Similarities – Mystery, Supernatural, Horror

Another is one of the goriest and most mysterious series you’ll ever watch. Where it lacks proper character development, it makes up for it with gruesome kills, a perplexing world, and a chilling atmosphere. It takes place in a town plagued by a curse, where people die left and right. It’s a series known for making folks uneasy and keeping them on the edge of their seats with its murderous depictions. 

Like Dark Gathering, this series features the presence of supernatural phenomena and curses that threaten the cast. In Another, the curse manifests into a “chain of deaths,” requiring our cast to investigate a way to break it. Similarly, Yayoi, Eiko, and Keitaro embark on a journey to find spirits so they can hopefully encounter the Specter of Death, the being responsible for stealing Yayoi’s mother.

If you’re after another tale where characters attempt to confront supernatural phenomena diligently, check this out. 


Similarities – Mystery, Characters, Themes

In/Spectre is a supernatural mystery series, known for captivating viewers with its intricate plotline and engaging character dynamics. The story follows Kotoko, who becomes the intermediary between humans and yokai. Like Dark Gathering, this anime delves into the myths and legends surrounding entities, providing viewers with an immersive world to get lost in. 

Both anime feature strong-willed protagonists with unique powers. Kotoko can mediate and negotiate with Yokai. She employs her sharp intellect to conjure strategies to solve supernatural dilemmas. As for Dark Gathering, Yayoi utilizes her eye powers, extensive spiritual knowledge, and Keitaro’s sensory abilities to help her prevail in Dark Gathering.

With their shared emphasis on unraveling complex cases being another aspect they hold, In/Spectre is a compelling choice. 

10 TV Shows & Anime Like Higurashi When They Cry_Feature Image

Higurashi When They Cry

Similarities – Suspense, Horror, Psychological

Higurashi When They Cry is one of the most chilling anime you’ll ever watch. It captivates viewers with its uneasy atmosphere, complex take on the human mind, and intricate plot that’ll keep viewers guesstimating. Higurashi, like Dark Gathering, presents viewers with a setting plagued by mysterious happenings, leading to an atmosphere filled with immense dread. 

Both series will make you feel like danger is lurking behind every corner. Moreover, both stories feature characters undergoing psychological breakdowns due to the trauma their environment causes them. Like Keitaro, but worse, Higurashi’s cast displays inner and outer turmoil, which is further enhanced by Studio Deen’s chilling depictions of their reactions to matter. From disoriented facial features to insane levels of violence, you’ll be speechless by what occurs in this anime.

If you’re after a horror tale with more plot twists and turns though, check out Higurashi When They Cry. 


Similarities – Supernatural, Themes, Atmosphere

Shiki is a well-acclaimed horror title with unsettling visuals, a spooky atmosphere, and a well-crafted narrative. Shiki takes place in a secluded village where deaths and vampire-like beings called Shiki roam. Its ominous setting and chilling visuals evoke a sense of unease, similar to the dark atmosphere crafted in Dark Gathering’s tale. 

Both series will leave you on edge, providing you with enough tension and mystery to keep you invested. Additionally, both stories feature supernatural entities and curses. The villagers in Shiki must combat evil entities who prey on their neighbors to assert dominance in the village. These events are gruesome and are depicted in a terrifying fashion akin to Dark Gathering. 

On top of highlighting the problems that arise when both species attempt to coexist, Shiki is a noteworthy horror series everyone should watch. 

Ghost Hound

Similarities – Themes, Supernatural, Psychological 

Ghost Hound is a phenomenal horror series known for its eerie tone, shocking revelations, and supernatural and psychological aspects. The tale centers around people who can astral project into the unseen world, a realm harboring ghosts. This is reminiscent of Dark Gathering, where our characters encounter dark forces that threaten their and others’ lives. 

Both series excel at using their supernatural aspects to heighten tension. Moreover, Ghost Hunt’s cast come from traumatic backgrounds and will struggle to overcome the obstacles that plague their personal growth.

With its well-crafted plot that slowly unravels its delightful mysteries over time, Ghost Hound is a must-watch horror anime. 

So there we have it, our 10 anime/TV show alternatives to watch when you’ve caught up with Dark Gathering!

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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