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War Never Ends!

Code Geass follows Lelouch Lamperouge, a boy who finds himself amid a war between an empire and its former rulers. With his back against the wall, Lelouch encounters a mysterious woman named C.C., who grants him supernatural power. With this power, Lelouch aims to overthrow these new rulers.

There is no need to worry if you’re watching Code Geass this season and can’t find more of the same.

We’ve discovered 10 alternate shows that’ll give you a similar experience as Code Geass.

For your reading pleasure, we have included the similarities they all share.

Additionally, for each anime we’ve reviewed, we’ve included a link that allows you to view our full thoughts about the series to see if it’s worth your time.

So without further ado, we present 10 TV shows that should whet the appetite when you’ve finished streaming Code Geass!

Legend of the Galactic Heroes

Similarities – Themes & Characters

While everyone has the freedom to do as they please, there are many rules in place to keep people from abusing privileges. Like Code Geass, Legend of the Galactic Heroes is a well-written narrative filled with dynamic characters, epic battles, and similar themes.

However, Legend of the Galactic Heroes features two strategic masterminds wishing to overthrow each other. Furthermore, battles in Legend of the Galactic Heroes are more complex, and there are no superpowers at play. Despite its differences, fans of Code Geass will adore what Legend of the Galatic Heroes offers.

The story follows two masterminds named Reinhard and Yang, and each of them runs a specific superpower that’s currently at war with the other. Amid the war, both aim to ensure that their side ends up victorious. However, Reinhard and Yang will encounter personal issues that’ll challenge them further.

Legend of the Galatic Heroes features a well-rounded cast of characters who understand their importance to the cause. These characters also love to contemplate their rise to status and judge themselves.

The storyline is also heavily detailed and loves to show the grand scale of its conflicts through imagery and dialog. Like Code Geass, Legend of the Galatic Heroes tackles ideas regarding politics, rebellion, and one’s morality.

Despite having dated animation, the art style chosen for its characters and settings helps bring the world to life with its realistic design. The insertion of select classical compositions is executed well, especially in the battle scenes. If you’re looking for an anime that’s similar to Code Geass in theme, but features a more detailed and complex storyline, Legend of the Galatic Heroes is worth watching.

Terror in Resonance

Similarities – Psychological Warfare

Imagine a world where members of the security forces are at the mercy of two masterful terrorists, and you’ll end up with Terror in Resonance. Terror In Resonance’s clever characters, intriguing storyline, and distinctive art style may leave some viewers surprised.

Unlike Code Geass, viewers can expect Terror in Resonance to be more serious. The colors used in Terror in Resonance are also more darkened and gloomy compared to the vast amount of hues utilized in Code Geass. On the other hand, fans can expect similar psychological warfare and tragic scenarios in Terror in Resonance.

The story follows two boys named Nine and Twelve, who are the culprits behind the bombing of a nuclear facility in Japan. After challenging the police force and its primary detective, Kenjirou Shibazaki, Nine and Twelve aim to cause more controversy in hopes of burying away their pasts.

Like Lelouch, Nine and Twelve utilize horrifically cunning tactics and violence as a means to support their cause. They also have aliases to mask their identity from the public and undergo psychological warfare with an opponent worthy of their prowess.

Both anime have a unique art style that helps their series stand out among other suspenseful, thought-provoking anime. The soundtracks in both anime help elevate feelings of mystery or intrigue to a character’s dialog or an impactful scene.

Death Note

Death Note

Similarities – Super Powers & Themes

Death Note’s a well-written, thought-provoking series filled with characters that’ll satisfy anyone’s third for the unknown. Furthermore, Death Note and Code Geass are well-known for their characters’ utilization of strategy and tactics to outdo their adversary.

However, Death Note contains fewer thrills and action elements. This anime prefers psychological combat to physical violence. Nevertheless, fans will find entertainment in Death Note’s cat and mouse antics and well-rounded characters.

The story follows Light Yagami, a boy who comes across a mysterious book called Death Note. If someone were to write an individual’s name in the book, they’d die soon after. On that note, Light aims to utilize Death Note’s power to rid the world of all criminals. However, there’s a young detective named L he’ll have to tangle with first.

Death Note contains a plethora of twists and mysteries to keep fans of the genre entertained and guessing. The back and forth banter between the protagonist and their adversary adds another engaging dynamic to each series.

As for the animation, many fans can expect multiple scenes depicting characters with exaggerated and intense reactions to specific moments. The soundtrack in Death Note is also spectacular and adds a chilling component to many of its iconic sequences.

You can read our thoughts on Death Note in our full-season review here!

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Similarities – Internal Conflicts & Mechs

Neon Genesis Evangelion is an anime series that was highly experimental in the Mecha genre. Although it had giant mechs fighting a supernaturally powerful organism, the series also analyzes the mental state of its characters.

It set the stage for many anime, including Code Geass, to adopt similar forms of storytelling in its genes. With its blend of excellent characterization and brutal action, there’s much to look forward to with Neon Genesis Evangelion.

The story takes place in a futuristic setting where humanity is at war with mythical beings called The Angels. To combat the threat, an organization leader named Gendo Ikari forcefully employs his son, Shinji, to pilot a giant mech called Evangelion. Despite having severe mental trauma from his past, Shinji must overcome his issues to save the world.

Despite Lelouch being a more cunning and intelligent character unlike Shinji, both undergo similar emotional conflicts involving their childhood. Furthermore, several other characters from each series display similar personality traits.

On that note, both anime contain beautifully animated action scenes and engaging dialog. Themes regarding justice, morality, and human nature are present in the anime. If you find these commonalities interesting, definitely check out Neon Genesis Evangelion.


Blast of Tempest

Similarities – Characters

Life can be unpredictable at times, and many anime love to feature double up on the conflicts their characters must resolve. In the case of Blast of Tempest and Code Geass, both series’ protagonists must resolve a bigger problem than they initially anticipated.

As such, Blast of Tempest features a lot of dramatic dialog and scenes that help bring out its characters. Since the anime also covers themes like revenge and fate, viewers should feel emotional about the characters’ turmoil.

The story follows Yoshino Takigawa, whose dating his friend’s sister in secrecy. One day she’s murdered without Yoshino’s knowledge and causes Yoshino’s friend to depart on a short quest to find the culprit. After a month, Yoshino reunites with his friend. Not only does Yoshino receive no news about his girlfriend’s murderer, but he learns that a world-ending threat is upon them.

For the most part, both anime have intelligent male lead characters that drive the plot forward with their actions. Both even share similar goals of overwriting a wrong that affected them in the past. Furthermore, Blast of Tempest is also gorgeously animated and features a select few classical tunes that’ll soothe you.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Similarities – Action & Story

Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood is known as one of the best shonen series because of its phenomenal storytelling, well-written characters, and memorable soundtrack. Considering this anime features metallic combat and captures a war-like atmosphere at times, many Code Geass fans would adore it.

While it’s similar to Code Geass, Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood is also different. This series fleshes out its side characters and makes them integral to the overarching plot.

The story follows Edward and Alphonse Elric, two brothers looking for a powerful stone in hopes of restoring their bodies to normal after tampering with Alchemy. With prosthetics and an entirely new armored body for Alphonse, Edward and his brother journey out to find the stone. However, more problems await them.

As stated earlier, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood loves to give viewers attention to side characters, even those that only appear in a couple of episodes. Furthermore, the storylines of these side characters contribute to the development of the Elric brothers’ character because of the harsh or gentle impact they had on them.

The series also balances the serious sequences with lighthearted comedy that eases viewers. While these are subtle differences, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood offers superb action scenes, war-like activity, and plot twists to keep you engaged.

Eden of the East

Similarities – Story & Themes

You can find a similar appreciation with Eden of the East’s male lead, Akira Takizawa if you enjoyed Lelouch’s characteristics and motives. Eden of the East combines romance, subtle mysteries, and a constant sense of danger in a way that is similar to Code Geass.

Eden of the East does tend to introduce complex topics out of nowhere that may require some rewatching to attain a proper understanding. It also suffers a bit near the second half of the season with rushed resolutions and lifeless suspense. Otherwise, the series delivers an impressive storyline.

The story follows Saki Morimi, who meets Akira Takizawa, a strange man who suffers from amnesia. In addition, he claims he is a terrorist and carries 8.2 billion yen in his cell phone. Without hesitation, Saki befriends him but realizes the dark truth behind his circumstances.

Both series touch upon tragedy, terrorism, and the dangers of the unknown. Lelouch and Akira are intelligent and strategic-minded males, despite Akira lacking memories of his past as a terrorist. They both even develop a romantic relationship along the way despite having no interest in love.

While the character designs in Eden of the East are simple compared to the distinct pencil-thin designs in Geass, both anime feature beautifully animated sequences coupled with excellent executions of colors. In addition to superb sound design, the soundtracks add emotional impact to particular scenes.


Similarities – Characters & Drama

It doesn’t matter if it’s Halloween or not; many people enjoy sharing urban legends to get hilarious reactions. However, what if that urban legend became true and led to more weird circumstances?

Durarara tackles that idea and presents an intriguing story of mystery and suspense. Furthermore, Durarara’s story structure spans several narrative arcs, unlike Code Geass, and maybe more complicated than the latter.

The story takes place in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro district, where rumors of a headless Black Rider lurking the streets. It follows a new resident named Mikado Ryuugamine, whose excited to see how life plays out in the city based on word of mouth from friends. While Mikado does encounter the Black Rider, he later notices strange events occurring that he didn’t expect.

In both anime, the main characters gain control of their surroundings through their intellect and manipulative behavior. Durarara also contains numerous plot twists that’ll catch some off guard. Suspense is a crucial component of each story, as both anime aim to create dramatic tension through specific scenes.

Check out Durarara if you’re looking for a different approach to storytelling, but want to follow a character with Lelouch’s characteristics.


Similarities – Defying An Unjust Governmental System

Psycho-Pass is an anime with a fascinating futuristic setting and approach to the justice system. With its incredibly detailed art style, well-written premise, and ability to question viewers on their morals, Psycho-Pass presents content that’ll keep you discussing even after it concludes.

Code Geass fans shouldn’t expect giant mechs in this series despite Psycho-Pass taking place in a futuristic-styled setting. However, the combat in Psycho_Pass is on par with select scenes from Code Geass and doesn’t hold anything back.

The story follows Akane Tsunemori, a woman who values peace and justice but realizes that the system condemning people as criminals is flawed. Aiming to make matters right, Akane’s determined to persuade everyone of her discovery.

As with Code Geass, fans can expect many mind games and violence in Psycho-Pass. Psycho-Pass’s characters are also well developed as their time in society aids in their perspective changes of justice. The animation in Psycho-Pass is beautiful; even the scenes featuring the characters discussing a topic with each look superb. The soundtrack in this anime is also top-notch and brings life to scenes that’d feel bland without it.

Attack On Titan

Similarities – Action & Characters

In some ways, Attack On Titan revived another push for anime to become mainstream with its incredible animation, intense storyline and world, and lovable characters. Attack On Titan shares some similarities with Code Geass despite being more brutal and action-oriented.

For those unaware, Attack On Titan follows the story of Eren Jaeger, whose wish is to rid the world of Titans because of what they did to his family and homeland. Joined by his childhood friends, Eren enlists in the Survey Corps, who he believes will train him to fight these savage beasts.

Although Lelouch’s combatants aren’t large fictional creatures, he and Eren both desire freedom from a greater power. Attack On Titan even features characters planning out attacks and forming strategies to subdue adversaries and foil plans.

Attack On Titan is also gorgeously animated and has a compelling soundtrack that adds more tension to fights and emotional moments. In some regard, Code Geass and Attack On Titan also include mysteries and twists that’ll encourage viewers to keep watching.

If you’re looking for an anime that delivers excellent combat, compelling characters, and intensity, watch Attack On Titan.

You can read our thoughts on Attack On Titan in our full-season review here!

So there we have it, our 10 anime/TV show alternatives to watch when you’ve caught up with Code Geass!

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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