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What’s common among the most loved and top-grossing films? Well, among other things, most feature action scenes capable of sending shivers down the spine. These are the special sequences that mingle emotions, aggression, and efforts in the best proportions.

Over the years, action scenes have acquired a whole different meaning with the advancements in CGI. As a result, we have a variety of action scenes from a variety of movies.

We combed through the extensive libraries of film to put together our list of favourite action scenes. As usual, if you feel we’ve missed one of your favourites do let us know in the comments below:


Saving Lives While High – Flight (2014)

The scene takes place in the cockpit  where Denzel Washington as an alcoholic pilot is trying to turn around the fate of his nose-diving plane. Despite the excruciating tension, the pilot’s confidence doesn’t budge an inch. Calm and focused, he ultimately manages to save the life of most passengers.

The scene is so detailed that it allows viewers to get into the shoes of a pilot who is steering the plane during a crash – and hence a must-watch.

The Lion King

Mufasa’s Sacrifice – The Lion King (1994)

This incredible scene from The Lion King ticks all the boxes – 1) loads of emotion 2) mammoth displays of courage and 3) the sacrifice of life. In order to save his son, Mufasa jumps in the path of a deadly stampede.

Against all odds, he rescues Simba. But, his own life comes to an end after his cunning brother betrays him. The scene’s intensity might prove tear-jerking for some viewers as it’s all for love.

Casino Royale

Stairway Fight – Casino Royale (2006)

One of the most beloved Bond movies, Casino Royale features several great scenes from gunfights and fistfights to even a parkour chase. And, one of those incredible scenes is the brutal fight that takes in the stairway.

Bond is cautious because he is aware his enemy is strong and knows the ropes. Most of the sequence takes place on the stairway where Bond must put all his fight skills to use to take down the enemy.


Settlement Gone Wrong – Equalizer (2014)

Equalizer earned praise for everything from its story to direction. But, undoubtedly, it’s the outlandish action that stands out the most.

A good Samaritan is out to free a sex worker from the deadly clutches of the sex mafia. Mayhem ensues when the money he offers as a settlement is refused by the gang. The bloody fight goes beyond the limits and renders the pretty bar nothing more than rubble.

Baby Driver

Pro Behind The Wheel – Baby Driver (2018)

The bar of car chase scenes set by Baby Driver isn’t easy to crack  – not even for the movies that are entirely dedicated to cars and races. The movie features multiple scenes where Baby pulls off impossible escapes and saves his team.

The true beauty of the chase sequences in the movie is that. The inside commentary from his teammates makes the car scenes even more fun to watch.

The Revenant

Bear Attack – The Revenant (2015)

Nobody will ever downplay the risk of attacks from the bests after watching this bit from The Revenant. An enormous grizzly bear attacks Hugh Glass played by Leonardo DiCaprio – who is forced to employ age-old trickery of laying motionless to fend off the bear.

However, just as he thought the bear has had enough, the beast comes back for more. The fierce attack leaves the man in a state of almost dying.

Saving Private Ryan

Omaha BeachBattle – Saving Private Ryan (1998)

Heavily intense, realistic, and disturbingly bloody. The battle that takes place at the Omaha beach is one of the best-crafted action scenes to date. It’s not an average action sequence from a regular movie, instead, it’s something with a deep meaning embedded. Tom Hanks in the role of Captain Miller is at his wit’s end after witnessing the gruesome sight.

The scene is so strong in its appeal that it leaves us wondering whether battles are really an option.

Home Alone

Thieves’ Woes – Home Alone (1990)

Not technically an action scene, but we must accept the struggle of the thieves is as real as the earth is round. Macaulay Culkin as Kevin does what he does best (creating harmful inventions) when a bunch of thieves break into his house.

The game of cat and mouse turns the movie into a laugh riot. Every fall, slip, and blow is a result of intelligent thinking. It’s a treat to watch how the action unfolds.


Achilles vs. Hector – Troy (2004)

The battle between Achilles and Hector is a reminder that the way true warriors fight is different and probably more supreme. A little error and it’s game over. The scene offers a glimpse of two combatants, evenly matched and giving it their all.

It’s just one of many great action bits in the movie; there are many more. Another one we recommend from the movie is Achilles vs. Boagrius.

Top Gun: Maverick

Battle in the Sky – Top Gun: Maverick (2022)

The way this movie combines CGI with real-life stunts is going to serve as an ideal example for action movies in the future. The sky becomes home to shuttles, jets, and various kinds of weaponry.

The scene appears to be taking us into the conflicts of future years – as though it’s 2050. And a special kudos to the camerawork that takes the entire viewing experience to the next level.

There we have it, our list of our favourite courageous action scenes. What do you think about our picks? Did we include one of your favourites? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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