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10 Funniest ‘Run! BTS’ episodes

From making their debut in 2013 to slowly turning into a global sensation, BTS has made a name for itself when it comes to their music and other achievements related to philanthropy. However, one would often wonder what the boys must do in their time of leisure.

ARMYs however, know that the members of the biggest boy group in the world, BTS can easily moonlight as comedians and it is all thanks to their years of experience on the variety show, ‘Run! BTS!’ also known as ‘Dallyeora! BTS’.

Just like many other K-pop groups, BTS too first started their own variety show ‘Run! BTS’ in 2015 was aired via the boy group’s official fan cafe platform – Weverse as well as on V Live for fans. The first episode of ‘Run BTS!’ was released on August 1, 2015, and to date, the show has now racked up a total of 155 episodes with six special episodes so far.

With all seven members of BTS in the same room, the show, ‘Run! BTS’ shows members of the boy group competing with each other in teams (duos or individuals) as they play indoor and outdoor games. When there are games, there are bound to be winners and losers.

The prizes for these games are lucrative as they include food coupons, rice cookers, and more items that BTS members can obviously afford. The losers get a penalty as chosen by the winning members or all other members and this is the secret behind BTS members wearing random outfits at the airport.


Over the last few years, fans have started growing to love ‘Run! BTS’ a lot more. The show often also has a spy or members are given secret missions that are unfurled into shocking reactions which is just as fun as the betrayal revelations that go down on ‘Run! BTS’ is one for the books promising fans a hilarious roller coaster ride.

As we prepare ‘Run! BTS’ returning for a fourth season this month, here are our top 10 picks for the funniest ‘Run! BTS!’ episodes to watch before the premiere of Season 4 on August 16.

There is no doubt that each ‘Run! BTS’ episode is hilarious in its own way, these are just some that stand out.

Note: The list does not rank the episodes in any hierarchical order but presents it chronologically!

Back to School (Episode 11)

In this episode of ‘Run! BTS’ members have been tasked to write their own scripts and act on them. The theme of the episode is high school and each of the seven BTS members all have their own role.

The episode is where fans first got to see Yoon-ji (another alter-ego of Suga). Fans watching this for the first time are in for a wild ride as six school boys try to charm their way into dating the very beautiful transfer student – Yoon-ji.

Taste of Korea (Episode 20)

Ever hear the phrase, ‘Too many hands spoil the broth”? Well, I guess that is true for the case of BTS as all members get together to cook in one kitchen at the same time for this ‘Run! BTS’ episode.

Be it Jin adding a lot more sesame seeds than one would expect or be it RM (Kim Namjoon) putting his hands inside boiling water to strain the noodles out or V (Kim Taehyung) paying no attention to the taste of the food as long as it is well-presented or Jungkook who made sticky yams that became one with the serving plate. 

BTS vs Zombies (Episode 24)

BTS’ leader RM (Kim Namjoon) himself declared that Jin and J-Hope are two of the most cowardly members of the group. Other than those two, this ‘Run BTS’ episode proved how Suga really is one of the funniest members of BTS.

And what is better than having both Jin and J-Hope alongside the other BTS members be threatened by scary zombies who can absolutely never kill them?

In this episode, BTS members are taken on a trip to Zombie land where they are divided into two teams. Here BTS plays three games: zombie safari, secret mission, and freeze tag to fight off zombies and get free passes to this amusement park.

Keep an eye out for Suga losing his mind as he practically fights off the zombies, ready to throw punches along the way.

BTS X Manito 1 (Episode 33)

Just like every other BTS episode, the show has a secret element to it where ahead of the game, members of BTS randomly choose a “Manito” (similar to Secret Santa) and a mission is assigned to that member. If one member succeeds in the mission, he will get the gift of his Manito.

BTS begin by playing a game where they have to jump inside the photo zone whilst expressing the keyword given. This gave ARMYs the best BTS meme face because there is nothing better than freeze-frames of the members as they “jump” into the screen.

Fans watching the episode for the first time need to pay close attention to the thumbnail of the episode.

BTS School 1, 2, and 3 (Episodes 63, 64, and 65)

Ever wondered what BTS was like in school? These episodes of ‘Run! BTS!’ show the members playing different games with the theme of a school. The seven members are divided into teams of three with the final member hosting the game.

As the episodes progress, BTS members attend a PE (Physical Education) class as well as have a debate during Korean class. During the debate, the team with the most points wins while the losing team suffers a penalty aka having water sprayed on their faces at random moments.

The members also attend a music class whereas the episode sees Jungkook as the bad-boy class monitor. Jimin is the typical cutie when he offers his lunchbox to the members with a promise of “bringing more food tomorrow.”

Summer Outing 1, 2, and 3 (Episodes 83, 84, and 85)

In this episode, the members of BTS are on their first summer outing of the year where the septet is at a resort. At the resort, BTS first start by playing various rounds of water polo and rides as they try to answer complicated math questions by using their mind.

BTS is divided into groups of two and just as expected, the big brain RM (Kim Namjoon) shines with his 148 IQ. Following that, the members actually get to have fun as they play games on water slides, blob jumps, and a water obstacle race which soon turns into BTS vs. Jungkook.

The unforgettable “BTS For… ever…” from V (Kim Taehyung) remains the most iconic part of the episode.

Hangul Day Special 1, 2, and 3 (Episodes 86, 87, and 88)

In these series of episodes members of BTS take on quizzes on Korean traditional words and phrases to celebrate Hangul Day. The catch here is they cannot speak in English whatsoever. Seems easy for a Korean boy band right? Not really as the members end up using a lot more English words on Hangul (Korean) day than one could have imagined.

The second leg of the show sees the members play a game of ‘Hide and Seek’ while being chased by a tagger.

Each BTS member is assigned a tagger who is none other than a different BTS member. The members make words using Hangul letters and win stickers. The goal of the tagger (members) is to stick these stickers on the backs of the member assigned to them.

The person who is able to stick the most number of stickers wins. This episode will be infamous for ending the friendship between Jimin and V (Kim Taehyung) as it saw the worst betrayals in the history of ‘Run! BTS’.

Pajama Party 1 and 2 (Episodes 97 and 98)

Do you ever wonder what went down in the BTS dorms when the seven members lived together during their rookie days?

Well, this episode is where fans will find BTS members hosting a slumber party where the members are dressed in PJs (pyjamas) while they play five games in a chaotic party. Jimin’s funny sock faces in this episode are unmissable!

77 Minute Debate 1 and 2 (Episodes 131 and 132)

Who would have thought ‘Run! BTS’ would give fans BTS members in white shirts while being drenched in water? Not me, never me. In this episode, the members debate on various topics while avoiding certain phrases and gestures so as to not get wet.

From Jim and Jungkook recreating the Titanic pose or V (Kim Taehyung) challenging the producers to douse him in water so he could do the Michael Jackson pose as well as Jin and Jungkook knowing the gesture and still doing it to trouble the other members purposefully.

BTS Village in Joseon Dynasty 1, 2, and 3 (Episodes 145, 146, and 147)

BTS first returned in time with the ‘Reply BTS Village’ in episodes 120 and 121. Continuing on the story at the end of episode 121, BTS is thrown back in time where they must find the missing part of the ARMY bomb headstone to return home.

However, just like a period drama, there must be a twist where one of the members is a secret spy and the goal of the other members is to find the spy (or spies).

So there we go, that’s our 10 picks for the funniest BTS episodes. Do you have any favourites not on this list? What other episodes do you think should also be featured in this list? Drop us a comment below!

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