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Stewie, the smartest member of the Griffin family, is also one of the strangest characters ever created for an animated sitcom. The infant has all baby-typical features, however his ambitions appear to be the farthest thing from a baby’s imagination.

The strangeness of his character has resulted in tons of outlandishly hysterical moments – ones that will never age. With this article, we look back at some of Stewie’s best moments. As usual, let us know what you think about out picks in the comments below:

Family Guy - Best of Stewie

Stewie Beats Up Brian

We don’t expect to see a lot of fierce action sequences in sitcoms but Family Guy has famously explored this with its primary characters. Stewie has had his fair share of action-centric scenes over the years.

The scene in question comes from Stewie winning a $50 wager, but a shrewd Brian won’t pay him a penny. Fed up with Brian’s negligent attitude, Stewie decides to let his fists do the talking. The beating that Stewie inflicts upon Brian is so intense that it ends with Brian being set ablaze. And, of course, the feisty baby gets his money.

Family Guy - Best of Stewie

Stewie pumping iron

There is hardly any field that Stewie has left unexplored. After Joe’s baby girl, Susie, unexpectedly beats him up, Peter forces Stewie to hit the gym. At a stranger’s suggestion, Peter puts the little man on steroids.

The next thing you know, Stewie is all bulked up and swole. He enjoys his big-boy strength and doesn’t shy away from bullying Brian and others. However, as the effect of steroids wears off, the bodybuilder turns into a big lump of fat.

Family Guy - Best of Stewie

Toiling away at the carwash

Stewie has got a woman in his life, and in order to provide for her, he is forced to take a job at a carwash. The job proves tougher than he expected – more so since his junior never shows up.

Stewie, the future tyrant, picks up the rag and hose to clean dirty cars. Poor baby, the job never seems to come to an end. Worse yet, when he returns home after a hard day’s work, he finds Brian in bed with his new wife. Well, you can expect the reaction.

Family Guy - Best of Stewie

Pregnant with Brian’s baby

Stewie reckons the best way to mend his friendship with Brian would be to be the mother of his kid. As expected, he puts a high-tech impregnating machine to use and gets pregnant using Brian’s DNA.

Despite Brian’s strong disapproval, Stewie guilts Brian into accepting his soon-to-be-born babies – along with a dab of serious melodrama. The two go shopping, have one of those trendy pregnancy photoshoots, visit the doctor and a whole array of other hilarious misadventures.

Family Guy - Best of Stewie

A super-successful Stewie in the future

Decades into the future, Stewie is one of the most influential people on the planet. While he is delivering an awkward speech after accepting an award, Brian visits and informs him of the pitiable state of his family.

Stewie agrees to meet them. The family has a plan to bluff him, however, as it turns out, Stewie is a tough nut to crack. Let’s just say, the little troublemaker doesn’t go easy on his family!

Family Guy - Best of Stewie

Ripping the child psychologist

Right off the bat, it’s one of the most interesting exchange of dialogues in an animated show. The scene takes place between Stewie and a child psychologist, Dr. Cecil Pritchfield. Before the man with expertise could utter one meaningful statement, the wild baby starts dismantling his life (personal, professional, and even romantic, to be precise).

Towards the end, Stewie lets out his feelings, however, in order to make sure the truth about his nature remains covered, the toddler lets Dr. Pritchfield die after he sustains a heart stroke. Typical Stewie!

Family Guy - Best of Stewie

Every scene featuring Tiny-Tom-Cruise

Stewie and tiny Tom Cruise have a peculiar sort of bond. Hilarity ensues every time the two meet, and they can meet pretty much anywhere.

In one instance, Stewie tells Brian that tiny Tom Cruise always likes to have the last word, Well, he was right. Tiny Tom Cruise likes to make the close statement. In general, Stewie dislikes him, but in some instances, he has even collaborated with Tommy.

Family Guy - Best of Stewie

Restaurant ruckus

Stewie has a quick temper, we all know. But the people in the restaurant had no idea, sad for them. While on a double date with Brian, an already ticked off Stewie gets into an argument with a man complaining about too much noise.

The argument doesn’t reach fist-fight, but it certainly ends in an unexpectedly better manner. What’s interesting, Stewie asks the same guy about the quality of steaks.

Family Guy - Best of Stewie

Stewie succumbing to alcohol

Little did Brian know the cough syrup he was giving Stewie would be the little guy’s early introduction to alcohol. Stewie gets addicted and starts carrying the medicine bottle like a flask.

He is drunk almost every time irrespective of the place – on the dining table, bathtub, and even while taking his toy tricycle for a spin.

Family Guy - Best of Stewie

In love with Lois

Seeing Lois ripped and muscular, Stewie gets lovestruck. Clueless about romance, Stewie longs for more than just Lois’ company. The baby who has never felt an iota of love for his mother all of a sudden wants to give his heart to her.

The weird sequence features Stewie wanting something, getting something else. His feelings flies away just as Lois gets back to in her old shape.

So there we have it, our favourite Stewie moments from Family Guy. Do you agree with our picks? Which bits would you have included? Let us know in the comments below!

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