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Over the years, a number of Family Guy characters who were introduced as minor comic relief have graduated to be an indispensable part of the show. One such character is Glen Quagmire, a commercial plane pilot with an abnormal sex drive. A good friend with a quick fuse, Glen Quagmire has a straightforward disposition, but he often becomes a victim of his own lack of control.

With this piece, we put together 10 best Family Guy moments where Quagmire stole the show. As usual, let us know what you think about our picks in the comments below:

Family Guy - Best of Quagmire

Quagmire befriends Stewie

In one of the recent episodes, Quagmire accidentally carries Stewie in his trolley bag to France. Annoyed initially, Quagmire goes on to enjoy the company of Stewie and the two become good friends.

When Stewie goes missing, Quagmire goes so far as to collaborate with his sworn enemy Brian to find him.

The bit is strange as Stewie is a guy who generally can’t stand anybody other than Brian, and it’s one of the very few occasions on the show where Stewie’s association with somebody didn’t amount to mayhem.

Family Guy - Best of Quagmire

Understanding Dad

Glen Quagmire’s life turns upside down when his father, a decorated Navy vet, informs him of his plans to have a sex change operation.

Quagmire doesn’t know how to soak in the transition of his father, and his bosom buddies, as expected, offer no help. Eventually, Quagmire learns the importance of a person’s choice with his body and supports his father in his decision. A happy ending there!

Family Guy - Best of Quagmire

Breaking Brian

No enmity in Family Guy has more intensity than that nourished by Quagmire and Brian. Even though Brian doesn’t really care much, Quagmire can’t stand the sight or even the voice of the dog.

In one instance, the two are at a dinner table, and Brian happens to ask Quagmire about his source of hatred for him. Wrong call Brian! It just takes Quagmire a minute to declare Brian’s entire life a shameful fraud.

Family Guy - Best of Quagmire

Sex with Peter

Quagmire accidentally marries an old prostitute, now he wants to cut the cord as soon as possible. However, the woman won’t let him go unless he has a good reason for calling it quits.

Quagmire’s solution: Pretend to be homosexual. However, the woman reckons the only way for him to prove he is gay is to have sex with a man while she watches. With no other solution in sight, Quagmire chooses Peter to help him continue his charade to success.

Family Guy - Best of Quagmire

Tricked into buying a wrecked condo

Brian, as a newly-appointed property broker, tricks Quagmire into paying big for an unsellable property that couldn’t have been worth anything more than peanuts.

Quagmire has 72 hours to annul the sale contract, however, for that he would need Brian. Aware of Quagmire’s intentions to rescind the sale, Brian turns heel and goes to an undisclosed location. When, after the game of cat and mouse, Quagmire eventually grabs hold of him, Brian deliberately strikes an emotional conversation and 72 hours are up.

Family Guy - Best of Quagmire

Anything for the sister

Quagmire would go to any lengths to save his sister, Brenda from her violently abusive boyfriend, Jeff, however, he doesn’t do anything because his sister wouldn’t like it.

After Jeff brutally beats Brenda one day, Quagmire knows it’s time to act. Along with his buddies, Quagmire takes the man on an adventurous trip with plans to finish him. The group succeeds and after a hysterical struggle, Quagmire kills Jeff. They bring home a fake goodbye note poorly written by Joe to ease her pain.

Family Guy - Best of Quagmire

Loving Lois

Quagmire has feelings for Lois, but he never lets it out. However, in an exceptional instance, Peter gets to know that Quagmire loves his wife, and he starts a fight with him.

The tension between the former best friends escalates so much that Quagmire plans to leave the town for good. However, at Lois’ request, Peter patches things up with Quagmire and the two understand each other’s stance.

Family Guy - Best of Quagmire

Quagmire, the stripper

After Quagmire loses his job as pilot due to an ongoing strike, he’s accidentally pulled into the adult business. The man begins stripping at a local club, and he enjoys his work as he gets the kind of fun he is always after, along with good amount of money.

Quagmire finds himself in an embarrassing situation when one night his friends show up in the strip club during his performance. Unsurprisingly, it’s not long before Quagmire graduates to be a gigolo.

Family Guy - Best of Quagmire

Quagmire finds a baby

Quagmire finds a baby right outside his door. Joe gets a DNA report which suggests the baby is Quagmire’s. As a result, Quagmire tries his best to take care of the baby, but he soon realizes he is not cut out to be a parent. Hence, he puts her up for adoption.

After the baby is adopted, Quagmire feels guilty about not being able to give love to his daughter. However, he finds himself at ease once he discovers the baby has found a loving family.

Family Guy - Best of Quagmire

Nothing more than porn

In Quagmire’s own words, he is not an internet guy, and as a result he doesn’t really know what internet porn is. When Peter and Joe inform him about the kind of things he can find on the Internet, Quagmire goes full-on berserk and in no time, he gets entirely submerged into it.

The guys are concerned and they need to take him out in order to get him back into the real world that was once Quagmire’s favourite playground.

So there we have it, our favourite Quagmire moments from Family Guy. Do you agree with our picks? Which bits would you have included? Let us know in the comments below!

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