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Most of us recognize the lead protagonist of Family Guy, even if you haven’t seen the show. The careless individual who tends to go way too far before realizing he shouldn’t have taken the first step, Peter embodies a big fat load of hysteria, unpredictability, and – to a great extent – childlike curiosity.

What generally proves to be fatal for him and his friends leads to rounds of laughter for us as viewers.

With this article, we look back at some of Peter’s best moments. As usual, let us know what you think about out picks in the comments below:

Family Guy - Best of Peter

Eating himself shut into a food truck

After Lois kicks off a healthy food regimen, Peter’s love for junk food is intensified. He soon starts selling junk food from a food truck. As always, he takes his endeavour a little too seriously and soon starts inhabiting the truck.

After weeks of eating junk food, he piles on so much weight that he can’t even get out of the truck. Eventually, a crane needs to be summoned to take him out.

Family Guy - Best of Peter

Addicted to Road House

Most of us must have at least once tried to replicate a scene or something of some sort from a show or a movie. That’s exactly what happened with Peter. After watching Road House, it takes Peter only a couple of moments to gain Road House fever.

The man develops a fondness for kicking, and starts throwing kicks no matter the place or situation. Peter’s fancy kicks may come anytime – in the house, at the takeaway, during sex,  and even while driving.

Family Guy - Best of Peter

Roasted, too much

After watching a roast show, Peter feels like being roasted himself. Well, his wish comes true, and a roast is arranged with all of Peter’s friends and family members invited to take the mickey out of him.

What Peter thought would be fun quickly turns brutal for him, and he feels painful embarrassment. The wide variety of jokes hardly leaves any part of Peter’s life intact. Consequently, when Peter is handed the mic, he snaps.

Family Guy - Best of Peter

Peter tells his name, don’t know how

You might have been in a situation where you were hesitant to tell your name to somebody. Well, Peter has been in a similar situation.

When a condemning lady asks his name to put him on the watchlist, Peter spells his name even though he tries really very hard not to say it. What’s funny is what caused him to say – Peter Griffin. He notices a pea on a plate, tears in a girl’s eyes, and a flying griffin, and he utters his name like a trained parrot. Pea-tears Griffin. 

Family Guy - Best of Peter

Fixated on a comic book while driving

While Peter is driving with Lois in the passenger seat, he pulls out an idiotic comic book. The page he is on is all about hamburgers, and a man staring at them. Interestingly, some invisible hamburger-y-force keeps him stuck to the page, and he crashes the car into a tree.

When Lois starts lecturing in frustration, Peter again opens the same page to check out the hamburgers. He wants what he wants!

Family Guy - Best of Peter

Beating up Chris’ bully

There aren’t many things that Peter is serious about, however when one of his kids gets busted by an outsider, the man doesn’t refrain from taking charge.

When Chris is bullied by a teenager named Kyle, Peter decides to speak with him. The peace-talk immediately turns south, and some unnecessary name-calling pushes Peter off the edge, and he is forced to batter the kid. Peter takes flight just as he realizes he wrecked up.

Family Guy - Best of Peter

Pulling off The Voice auditions

Peter is as bad at singing as he drives, but luckily he has a knack up his sleeve for every situation. The man begins his audition with an incredible sob story about him missing his mother.

Right after wrapping up his emotional introduction, Peter sings a rubbish song with a lot of booty-shake.

Family Guy - Best of Peter

The Godfather

As Joe requests Peter to be Susie’s godfather, Peter paints himself in godfather colours. From his dress to his style of talking, everything about him drastically changes. He even gets a cat to complement his mafia boss style.

But what remains with him is his awful sense of judgement, and people closest to him have to suffer. The usual Peter.

Family Guy - Best of Peter

Becoming a woman for Emmy

Peter badly wants to bring an Emmy to Family Guy whether by hook or by crook. He takes things too far in a bid to impress the Emmy committee. Yes, he becomes a woman.

As the sex-reassignment process draws nearer to completion, he describes the entire situation as, “that’s how I became your mother.” Well, that makes all the sense.

Family Guy - Best of Peter

Getting intimate with Quagmire

In a bid to convince his accidentally-wifed wife to cut ties with him, Quagmire needs to prove he is gay. For that, he needs to have sex with a man while she watches. And, Quagmire chooses his best friend, Peter. Who else but Quagmire and Peter?

Surprisingly, Peter wants the full girlfriend experience before he would be ready to take it to the next level. Both the straight men get close to each other reluctantly, and the scene gets ugly pretty darn quickly as they vomit into each other’s mouth while kissing. Thankfully, the woman stops them.

So there we have it, our favourite Peter moments from Family Guy. Do you agree with our picks? Which bits would you have included? Let us know in the comments below!

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