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Meg’s existence in Family Guy is as significant for the show as she is insignificant for the Griffins. The young girl is not peculiar as one might think, in fact, she is like every other teenager who wants to socialize and be popular among friends. However, she has never once gotten what she longs for. She is aloof, mostly because her attempts to chime in often ends with a “Shut up, Meg”.

With this piece, we take a look at 10 best Family Guy moments highlighted by Meg. Do let us know what you feel about our picks in the comments below:

Family Guy - Best of Meg

Straight outta jail

When Meg returns home after serving time in prison, she becomes a person that does more and hears less – quite the opposite of her regular personality.

A tomboyish Meg beats up Peter, and doesn’t even forgive Stewie. Her rampage sets the Griffin family right, and they learn Meg is not the one to mess with. 

Family Guy - Best of Meg

In love with Brian

Meg falls in love with Brian, the womanizer, after he takes a stand for her at a party. However, the dog doesn’t fancy Meg’s love nor her company for that matter.

The more Meg tries to get close to Brian, the harder he repels. The intensity of Meg’s unrequited love turns her crazy and she resorts to violent methods to win Brian. Still no help for poor Meg!

Family Guy - Best of Meg

Meg, a blogger

Meg finds much-needed success in life as a YouTube blogger. Under the name Refrigerator Meg, she makes posts in favour of unhealthy food items.

Her popularity on the Internet gives Meg a sense of achievement, but excessive consumption of junk food leaves her bedridden with legs that need amputation. The latest Internet sensation still doesn’t quit it though!

Family Guy - Best of Meg

Meg beats up a random guy

Meg is driving Peter and the guys. While she nicely minds her own business, Peter, along his buddies, start bullying the teenager. They even set her cap ablaze.

To make matters worse, a car bumps into the vehicle from behind. Expectedly in a fit of rage, Meg pulls up and gives a serious thrashing to the innocent man. Peter and the guys find Meg’s violent devilry impressive.

Family Guy - Best of Meg

Meg lashes out at her family

Due to a storm, the Griffins can’t go out. While the family tries to kill time, a small incident makes Meg mad, and she lets out how she really feels about her family.

First she lays into Lois, and then she turns her attention towards Peter. In sheer fury and frustration, Meg rips Peter’s whole basis of existence. Interestingly, it takes Peter more than half her lecture to realize she wasn’t praising him.

Family Guy - Best of Meg

Airport security

Meg gets a job at the airport as a security assistant. Surprisingly, she is the most desirable woman on the shift, hence she gets all the attention she has always so craved.

However, her fun at the job is short-lived as a jealous colleague of hers begins causing trouble. It’s over a man, of course.

Family Guy - Best of Meg

Meg gets a makeover

As usual, Meg is low because her crush wouldn’t go on a date with her. However, unlike other times, Meg gets help from Lois who suggests a makeover.

The transformation does wonders with her, and she gets all from the appreciation of friends to date with her crush. However, she fails to handle the popularity, and her attitude grows insanely arrogant.

Family Guy - Best of Meg

Filling in for Bonnie

In another instance of unrequited love, Meg longs for Joe’s affection with all her heart after a little incident involving Joe’s good gesture. However, Joe is not comfortable with Meg wanting more than she should.

While Bonnie is not at home, Meg dresses and behaves as though she is the lady of the house. When Joe doesn’t reciprocate, she throws herself in front of his car. Well, it seems this time it was actually intense.

Family Guy - Best of Meg
Hooking up with Quagmire

After Meg turns eighteen, Quagmire casts his net to hook up with her. The trick works, and the two start seeing each other. Meg likes Quagmire’s company, and it’s not long before the two appear to be willing to take it to the next level.

However before they could go any further in their relationship, Peter’s dormant fatherly side gets activated and he and Lois set out to stop the pair.

Family Guy - Best of Meg

Meg being lesbian

Every character on Family Guy has the habit of doing the unimaginable to get what they want, so why shouldn’t Meg do the same? When Meg gets to know that the Lesbian Alliance Club is throwing a party especially for her for coming out of the closet, she could not tell them that she wasn’t homosexual. Instead, she took it as an opportunity to get into a social circle.

The quirky teenager goes so far as to change her lifestyle, looks, and even her nature to fit into her new club. However, as expected, the charade goes downhill pretty darn quick.

So there we have it, our favourite Meg moments from Family Guy. Do you agree with our picks? Which bits would you have included? Let us know in the comments below!

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