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Lois is one of the very few characters on Family Guy having the voice of reason, but she often fails to stick to a sane course of action. Well, she lives around characters such as Peter and Stewie, so we can’t blame her for going berserk every so often.

Her sensitivity and inability to soak in all that’s happening around her results in hysterical situations where she loses control and goes haywire. With this article, we take a look at the 10 best Lois moments from Family Guy. As usual, if you feel we missed out one of your favourites, do let us know in the comments below:

Best of Lois - Family Guy

Customer of the week

Lois has a dark side, and sometimes it’s even darker than that of the so-called future world dominator Stewie. When Lois repeatedly fails to earn the customer of the week title at a coffee shop, she loses it and begins to resort to evil means to fulfil her pointless ambition.

She does something that lands one of the baristas on the hospital bed. Despite going to extreme lengths to wipe off her traces, she gets caught. After her prison term in over, Lois comes out with her sight still set on the title.

Best of Lois - Family Guy

Married to Quagmire

Peter was allowed to go back in time, and he does something that changes the entire course of action. Returning, he finds Lois happily married to Quagmire.

Lois and Quagmire are leading an ideal married life with kids – Meg, Chris, and Stewie, all having signature Quagmire appearances. Poor Peter does his best to convince Lois that he is her husband in a parallel universe.


Best of Lois - Family Guy

Saving Peter from Fat Guy Strangler

Lois reunites with her brother she never knew existed. The love-filled moment soon comes to an end as she discovers her brother is the infamous Fat Guy Stranger whose next target is none other than Peter himself.

Lois pulls off an amazing rescue move and saves Peter just in nick of time. And of course, everything happened more comically than like in a good action movie. 

Best of Lois - Family Guy

Lois gets ripped

Lois gets a present from Peter – a brand new recumbent cycle. Though she didn’t like her gift initially, she begins spending an increasing amount of time cycling once finds a competitor in the form of Bonnie.

Within no time, she gets ripped and muscular – a wholly different person physically. Well, the new look causes Stewie to fall in love with her for the first time.


Best of Lois - Family Guy

Putting on the gloves

Lois is forced into boxing by Peter. Surprisingly, she knocks out a pro and then goes on to defeat a series of powerful opponents. However, just as she is about to hang her gloves up for good, she gets a humiliating challenge from a fierce opponent who is known to have killed three of her opponents in the middle of the ring.

The brutal fight ends with Lois making her opponent bite the dust. What’s more, the fight features a number of awkward cameos from Peter.

Best of Lois - Family Guy

Lois gets sassy

Peter unwittingly cracks a series of outrageous jokes about Lois’ advancing age on her birthday. In order to cover her insecurities, Lois transforms herself into a bombshell. 

As ever, Lois doesn’t leave any stone unturned and she ends up in Justin Berber’s dressing room trying to seduce him. However, Peter shows up to apologise but not before beating the bejesus out of the pop star.

Best of Lois - Family Guy

Stewie just won’t listen

No relationship can be more loveless than that between Lois and Stewie. When Lois is encaged by Brian, she calls Stewie for aid. Expectedly, Stewie doesn’t respond, but Lois continues calling him using different variations of the name Stewie as though that was going to make a difference for the little guy. She goes from Stewie to Stu to even Stuart. We have never heard that one before.  

Well, that was all probably done in reciprocity as in an earlier episode, Stewie kept uttering different synonyms of the word mom for over a minute just to say hi. 

Best of Lois - Family Guy 

Reporting for Fox

Lois takes the anchor’s position at Fox. The job takes just a little time to turn into a nightmare as Lois discovers Fox News is not being fair in its reporting. When she sets out to perform investigations on her own, the task of reporting seems tougher than her imagination. 

The bit features a number of awkward scenes from auditions to quitting. Just to bring home the point, when Lois doubts whether she is capable of doing the reporting, her boss exclaims, “Please take the job for Fox’s sake”.

Best of Lois - Family Guy

Lois’ rivalry with Bonnie

It is not just one moment, it’s actually every scene featuring Lois and her neighbour Bonnie that stands out due to the weird chemistry between the two.

Their relationship is powered by the sole motive to stump each other while pretending to be close friends. What’s interesting is that the tension between the two could be caused by anything from something as minuscule as Instagram likes to something much bigger like raising their kids, and everything in between!

Best of Lois - Family Guy

Lois reprimands Brian

There are several instances where Lois treats Brian like a regular, everyday dog – nothing more than that. Brian has feeling for Lois, and the latter is well aware of her dog’s intentions.

In this instance, Lois commands Brian to get on the sofa, but he doesn’t move an inch. Irritated, Lois pours some more energy into her effort to get Brian to behave like a dog. Well, the trick doesn’t work, and Brian bites her hand. 

So there we have it, our favourite Lois moments from Family Guy. Do you agree with our picks? Which bits would you have included? Let us know in the comments below!

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