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Joe is the most unbothered character of Family Guy. Unlike others around him, Joe doesn’t easily flinch nor does he have any bizarre obsession, but that never means he isn’t silly. The dutiful cop often makes a fool out of himself in a bid to act smart. And, oftentimes, he gets into trouble due to his friends and family.

With this article, we take a look at Joe’s best moments in Family Guy. Let us know what you think about our picks in the comments below:

Best of Joe - Family Guy

Swapping places with Peter

Joe’s father is coming to town, but Joe doesn’t want to meet him because of his father’s hateful disposition against disabled people. Oblivious that his own son is physically challenged, the old man has an awful habit of putting handicapped people down. In order to avoid confrontation with his father, Joe swaps places with Peter. In other words, Peter takes Joe’s place.

The façade seems to be working well, but not for long (of course, Peter). The situation takes an unexpected turn when Peter realizes the perks of being Joe, and starts getting too close to Joe’s father.

Best of Joe - Family Guy

Joe got poopies

Joe needs one of his friends to be in charge of changing his diapers during a trip the guys are planning to take. Based on his observation, he considers Quagmire to be the most suitable for the task as he has got long fingers.

Joe’s codeword to call Quagmire into action: “Quagmire, I have got poopies”. What’s worse, Joe has got an intimate way to say the word. Quagmire’s expressions say it all.

Best of Joe - Family Guy

Catching the man responsible

Briggs, the man responsible for landing Joe into a wheelchair has been captured by police. However, Joe’s joy is short-lived as it is reported soon that Briggs has made an impossible prison break.

Joe along with his buddies plan to capture the man because that’s the only way Joe will ever feel at ease. Joe puts his cop skills to use, and catches Briggs. However, instead of turning the man in, he decides to even the old scores.

Best of Joe - Family Guy

Being Meg’s crush

Meg has had several one-sided relationships, but this one has a different vibe to it.

A little something Joe did causes Meg to fall in love with him. Now, Meg wants love in return, on the other hand, Joe is finding a way out of this highly-weird, unspoken relationship.

Joe is stunned to discover Meg is trying to replace his wife. He reports the matter to Griffins, but as expected, they laugh it off.

Best of Joe - Family Guy

Being fed fantasies by Lois

Joe rarely falls for women, but when he does it’s destined to grow weird. In this instance, Joe walks in on Lois changing in the restroom, and the man is aroused.

Later, Lois notices Joe secretly watching her from his window, so she decides to help him taste the feeling. The seemingly harmless situation turns violent when Quagmire tips Peter off about the secret affair going on between Joe and Lois.

Joe gets Legs and gets bad

Thanks to Dr Harman’s miraculous leg surgery that he performed watching a how-to video, Joe has got his legs back. However, the Joe with legs is nothing we have seen before.

He befriends a different, more agile group of guys, and grows unbearably athletic. What’s worse, he cuts ties with his old friends because he doesn’t think they have what it takes to match his lifestyle.

Best of Joe - Family Guy

Hooking up with a fellow officer

The police department is throwing a big party in Joe’s honour for making a drug bust. A new recruit makes a pass at Joe, but he gently rebuffs.

However, after his friends point out Bonnie’s dishonest behaviour, the cop decides to go all out. Joe has a strange, but highly romantic date with his mistress in the washroom reserved for physically challenged.

Best of Joe - Family Guy

The perfect pair

Joe and Bonnie are the perfect pair despite being odd in every sense. Both are highly unsatisfied, and as a result, they resort to weird ways to vent their frustration. For some reason, the two always have super-mini conversations, and they are rarely together. But in these little moments, they always have something to say or do that totally stands out.

For example, in one of the episodes, Bonnie and Joe go to a shooting range, and Bonnie unloads her bullets on a special target paper with a guy-on-a-wheelchair printed on it. Joe comments, “I think next time you should bring someone else “.

Best of Joe - Family Guy

Pants off

Peter and Quagmire are helping Joe experience a nice walk with the help of a crane. Just as the man is lifted up, he starts making unpleasant comments to passing people.

Meanwhile, his pants slip off, and the situation grows even more hysterical. Oblivious to being naked beneath, Joe continues to be a walking schmuck.

Best of Joe - Family Guy

Beating the guys

Joe is insufferable after getting legs, so his friends decide to break his leg as the only way to bring the old Joe back. However, just as they launch an ambush, they learn they shouldn’t have messed with the cop. Joe beats all three with a combination of powerful punches and spinning kicks.

When the guys are down, Bonnie pops up with a gun in her hand. Before Joe can say a word, Bonnie shoots him in all the wrong places.

There we have it, our list of 10 best Family Guy episodes featuring Joe. What do you think about our picks? Did we include your favourites? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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