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Jackie Chan and action go hand in hand. Almost all of his movies feature action sequences in some capacity. What’s interesting about Jackie’s fights is that he doesn’t follow the regular method of cinematic action: Fight, win, and go.

Instead, he likes to create what can best be described as a “circus fight” – toying with his opponents using all kinds of props he can find from umbrellas to slippers. The combats with Jackie in it are highlighted by the element of surprise, outlandish skills, and cringey emotions.

We’ve checked and compared dozens of action sequences from various movies to put together our list of Jackie’s best action scenes over the years. As ever, if you think we missed one of your favourites, feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

Who Am I

Rooftop Punch – Who Am I (1998)

A lethal fighting tandem brings out their best to take Jackie down, but Jackie proves far too skilled to mount. In this two-on-one situation that takes place on the roof, Jackie proves he is the king no matter the venue.

You might be wrong if you think Jackie lacked props since the fight took place on an empty roof – because Jackie actually used a number of things to his advantage including the coat and tie of his enemy.

Rumble in the Bronx

Giving Lessons in the Arcade – Rumble in the Bronx (1995)

Detailed choreography and Jackie’s flawless moves result in what’s been described by many as one of the best fight sequences of the era. The showdown begins atop a pool table, and soon the entire arcade is down.

Since Rumble in the Bronx was an effort to launch Jackie in the west in full swing, the choreography has put additional emphasis on his craftwork. Well, that’s been a mission successful.

Shanghai Knights

Chan Takes On Donnie Yen – Shanghai Knights (2003)

While a rotating machine gun wrecks havoc, Jackie has to control an enemy who is not easy to get hold of. Innovative for the standards of the day, the sequence features a superb set of punches and kicks along with a dab of Jackie-typical humour.

Shanghai Knights contains many more scenes of this calibre throughout its entire run, but this one has a bit of extra intensity to it, and it shows.

Rush Hour

Fighting to Preserve – Rush Hour (1998)

Unfortunately, Jackie has to use some fists in a hall full of Chinese artefacts due to some unwanted guests. While he does his job of breaking bones well, he is not able to keep the antiques intact even though he tries awfully hard.

Though quite short, the sequence features everything we love to see about Jackie from enigmatic moves to hysterical facial expressions.

Police Story 2

Playground Fight – Police Story 2 (1988)

The playground fight from Police Story 2 is the one you should check out if you want to have the best look into Jackie’s flair in fighting. The hysterical sequence has Jackie putting up a gymnastic show featuring slides, glides, jumps, and whatnot.

The Police Story series has been home to some of Jackie’s most awesome martial arts sequences. Our favourites from the series include The Mall Fight from Police Story and Jackie’s Ladder Trick from Police Story 4.

Drunken Master II

Drunk & Fiesty – Drunken Master II (1994)

The final fight of the Drunken Master II is an intense one where Jackie needs more than just skills to emerge victorious. Jackie’s character is exchanging blows with two fierce henchmen – one of whom proves stronger than imagined. Ultimately, it takes some factory alcohol for Jackie to show the opponents their place.

If you dig these drunken fights, we recommend watching the original Drunken Master where Jackie teams up with his Drunkard teacher to bring down armies of fighters.

Wheels on Meals

Jackie Chan Vs. Benny Urquidez – Wheels on Meals (1984)

It’s one of those rare contests where Jackie shares jabs with somebody of his class. In other words, it’s the combat of two equal forces. Benny is highly quick, confident, and equally skilled. But, Jackie seems to have the answers to almost everything Benny could dish out.

That’s not the only time the two collided. There is an impressive fight scene from Dragons Forever in which the two put their fighting skills to display.

The Karate Kid

Beating Without Beating – The Karate Kid (2009)

A bunch of cocky kids are no match for Jackie Chan’s unrivalled martial arts skills. Jackie has to intervene in the scuffle of young boys in order to save a helpless kid from being bullied.

When the boys launch an attack, Jackie is forced to get into action. However, he doesn’t hit a single boy, instead, he gets them to hit each other.

The immaculate choreography highlights one of the major principles of fighting: Never hit an enemy who is weaker than you.

Project A

Chan Vs. Pirates – Project A (1983)

The only thing worse than facing a pirate is facing an armed pirate who is bent on killing. Generally, it’s Jackie who fights alone, but in this sequence, Jackie has to team up with his friends to take on a highly skilled pirate who seems anything but easy to control.

The fight might not have been as well choreographed as Jackie’s other epic battles, but it surely is one to behold especially due to Jackie’s desperation to end it.

Snake in the Eagle's Shadow

Against the Pro – Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow (1978)

After inventing a new fighting technique called Cat-claw, Jackie is out to take on a man a thousand times more experienced and skilled than him.

Initially, the contest seemed one-sided as Jackie’s fierce opponent kept toying with him, but it didn’t take long for Jackie to turn the table. Jackie’s movements were so impressive that even his enemy was forced to inquire mid-fight what’s the technique called.

There we have it! Our list of Jackie Chan’s best fight scenes. What do you think about our picks? Did we include your favourites? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments below:

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  1. I felt early on in the list “hmmm I wouldn’t have put these quite that high” but after reading the whole list I’m thinking yes these are some phenomenal scenes. The reason I initially thought “hmmm” is because I was looking at Martial Arts content and not necessarily entertainment value so all in all good list. Only thing I would add to this list (again purely for Martial Arts content) is the final fight from Gorgeous. Has some real intensity but the trademark comedy

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