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Murr is an interesting Joker. The man they call ferret is vulnerable despite not having a clear weak spot. He is articulate, innovative, and goes to extreme lengths, still, somehow he fails more often than others (except Sal, maybe). What’s more, he sometimes has a fresh way to get tasks done which often ends up being ridiculous.

With this article, we take a look at some of Murr’s funniest moments. As ever, if you feel we omitted one of your favourite bits, let us know in the comments below:

Baring it All

Murr has had to undress quite a lot of times on the show, but this one is a bit too embarrassing. Reason: Murr’s striping spot is a busy street in broad daylight.

After losing the episode, Murr and Joe are given a double punishment called strip high-five. Every time a passerby doesn’t give a high-five, a piece of clothing needs to come off. Unfortunately for Murr, he didn’t get many high-fives, and as a result, he had to be the naked statue.

Best Impractical Jokers Moments Featuring Murr

Culinary Expert can’t Stop Spitting

Murr is a culinary expert who is to talk about cuisines from all across the world before food buffs. However, his gums have been injected with anaesthetic which causes him to develop a horrible lisping issue made worse by a whole lot of spit. While the expert is talking, the people in the class make faces of various shapes.

The Jokers in the background deliberately throw tongue twisters Murr’s way to make it even more difficult for him to carry on. Poor Murr had to work up a sweat trying to say braised beef is brilliant.

Best Impractical Jokers Moments Featuring Murr

Murr Interviews Danica Mckellar

A clueless, oiled-up Murr in briefs thinks he is being sent to a bodybuilding competition. However, just as he steps into the room, both his wildest dream and worst nightmare come true at the same time.

His childhood crush Danica McKellar is inside only to be interviewed by him. However, he is in no state to be comfortable let alone marvel at the beauty of his crush. Worse yet, the questionnaire is too crooked to read through without getting the fat sweats.

Best Impractical Jokers Moments Featuring Murr

Don’t Work

Murr is sent to a coffee shop for his punishment, and all the man has to do is close every laptop that’s open. While people are busy working on their computers, Murr closes their laptops without any explanation.

And, if they reopen the laptop, he has to push the lid down again. Understandably, people are fuming, but Murr carries on. In all seriousness, it gets pretty hard to watch towards the end.

Best Impractical Jokers Moments Featuring Murr

Eyebrows Off

Murr is taken to a barber’s shop where his eyebrows and head are shaven against his will of course. In order to make sure Murr’s new look radiates absolute absurdity, the guys ask the barber to leave a patch of hair on the back of his head.

Wait, the punishment isn’t over yet. After getting the fresh look, Murr is taken to DMV for a license photo update. Well, that’s gotta stick.

Best Impractical Jokers Moments Featuring Murr

No Longer Bald

The Jokers keep it balanced with Murr. In this punishment, Murr gets a brand new wig made out of Q’s hair. The man is forced to rock the wig for the rest of the season.

And, this time, he gets a passport photo update. In short, his two most important government IDs have a world of difference in terms of hair.

Best Impractical Jokers Moments Featuring Murr

Public Polygraph

Murr has to go through a polygraph test at his old school. Questions, all deeply personal and embarrassing, are read aloud, and the test screen is visible to everybody – the staff and the students.

Despite being on the lie detector, Murr tries to mask the truth, and it just gets all the weirder. By the end of the session, Murr is left with nothing but a stinging pain of broken privacy.

Best Impractical Jokers Moments Featuring Murr

Tantrum for the Toy

At a toy store, Murr clings to a stranger and asks him to buy him a toy in the most childlike way possible. Although, some might argue he acts more psychopathic than childish.

The man makes grumpy faces, cries loudly, gets on the floor, and whatnot to get what he wants. At last, the gentleman gives in and agrees to buy him the toy but not before asking Murr to behave.

Best Impractical Jokers Moments Featuring Murr

Muscles can’t Defend Tattoos

While people are working out in a crowded gym, Murr’s doling out harsh comments about their tattoos. Well, the gym is the last place one wants to cause trouble in, but the punishment code doesn’t let Murr stop.

The bitterness of his remarks is so intense that a couple of guys appear to be ready bully him. At the end when the tension is seen escalating, Joe asks Murr to run. We have never seen this one happen.

Hey Ice Cream Boy

Murr’s acting is always spot-on. No matter what role he has to get into, he does the transition seamlessly. Even better when he has to be brutal.

At an ice cream parlour, as a super-rich guy, Murr is being as insufferable as he can be. The customer in the shop though doesn’t refrain from giving him a piece of his mind.

There we have it, our list of 10 best Impractical Jokers moments featuring Murr. What do you think about our picks? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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