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Joe doesn’t crack easy, everybody knows that. But, over time, Jokers have got his number. Though there’s nothing too extreme for the man, there were a couple of things that have got  him on the ropes. Even so, whether or not he won, Joe’s effort would always be A+.

With the piece, we explore the 10 best Impractical Jokers moments highlighted by Joe. As usual, if you feel we missed including one of your favourite bits, let us know in the comments below:

Impractical Jokers Best of Joe

Hot Toys for Girls & Boys

Joe is presenting his ideas for potential toys for kids. He has got stuffed animals with lingerie on – Babe-a-roo, Mother Coconuts, and Hard-Bodied Raccoon. Just as he brings out the first one, people’s faces light up with absurd expressions of various kinds.

To make it even weirder, Murr suggests he play the advertisement which is a seductive voice introducing the hot toys. One of the members remarks, “This is a lawsuit”.

Impractical Jokers Best of Joe

Pants Down, Still Loud

The punishment was that Joe had to beg for toilet paper, but the way he does it, it looks more like he demands it. At a cafe, while people are having their food, Joe, on toilet, pants down, opens the washroom door and asks for a piece toilet paper.

In the first few shouts, nobody helps the poor man in obvious need. But then Joe raises his voice, and within a second, a good Samaritan gets up and hands him a piece.

Impractical Jokers Best of Joe

Being Female Presenting Fe-Mail

One of the most awkward things you will ever see on television. Joe is dressed up as a woman and told that he is participating in a beauty pageant. When the man, rocking woman’s swag, walks through the door, he finds a group of techies expecting a presentation on upcoming technologies.

Joe’s eyes pop (the usual), and he starts the presentation with nothing but a wild expression on his face. The tech proposals he is presenting include Femail (mail only for females), Racebook, and a Random Number Generator. Thank goodness, tech development is not in Joe’s hands!

Impractical Jokers Best of Joe

Impractical Parent

Joe is a participant along with his daughter in a focus group that’s discussing parenting techniques. The moderator asks straight questions, but Joe has twisted answers.

For example, when asked how he likes to discipline his daughter, he says he reduces the amount of water she can drink. His responses mixed with his lunatic body language go from lightly silly to completely bizarre. The man does it again, and by the end, he has everybody shooting him daggers.

Impractical Jokers Best of Joe

The Magician Can’t Do Magic

Joe is about to perform a great escape while shacked in a glass cage filled with water. Guessing by Joe’s Genie-like face, people in the audience think he’s going to put Houdini to shame.

But, the opposite happens. Joe wiggles and wiggles, but the shackles and straightjacket remain intact. People leave, one by one, and the hall is empty. A clueless Joe looks around in sheer discomfort.

Impractical Jokers Best of Joe

Belly Flops

Jokers know Joe would say or do anything to people, this is why they often found punishments for the man that caused physical ordeal. In a public swimming pool, Joe has to do belly flops, not once, not twice, but until he can’t take it anymore.

After just a couple of jumps, his colour turns pure red as though he was beaten with a whip. People around the pool have no idea what’s going on except it’s a man who has gone total bananas. Everybody exits the pool as Joe carries on.

Impractical Jokers Best of Joe

Gym Creeper

While people are busy working out, Joe has to work out as outlandish expressions as possible. His job is just to creep out people with his stares. Later, Joe is handed a Ham and Swiss.

You can’t imagine anything weirder while you are chomping on a huge sandwich. He looks and looks and looks until a man finally confronts him and drops an F-bomb.

Impractical Jokers Best of Joe

Can’t Find My Wife

At a mall, Joe stops a woman to ask if she has seen his wife. When asked how she looks, Joe gives quite a description. The man tells his wife looks defeated like a trash bag full of mango pulp with a bear rug on. All of this coming from the Jokers with cue cards.

Of course, nobody has seen such a woman. The woman he is enquiring about his wife does ask a question out of curiosity, “Do you take medication?”

Impractical Jokers Best of Joe

Unbreakable Joe

Murr is posing as the moderator and Joe is a focus group member. All of Joe’s highly embarrassing answers have been mindfully written by Murr. Of course, it’s tough, but the unaffected way Joe goes through each of the questions speaks volumes of his nature.

He doesn’t flinch an inch, let alone hesitate. Just to give you an idea of the sort of answers are on his sheet, here’s an example. To Murr’s question about his preferred activity, Joe’s answer is that he Dutch Ovens his cats. Nobody in the room can keep it together after this one.

Impractical Jokers Best of Joe

Joe Goes Scoopski Potatoes

This one is an example of absolute madness. The goal is to serve diners as many scoops of mashed potato as possible. Joe makes a song out of it, and manages to throw dozens of scoops in an absolutely effortless way.

Instead of getting annoyed, the diners roll with laughter and Joe’s impromptu rhyme. The Jokers behind the camera are left amazed one more time due to his confidence and infectious persona.

There we have it, our list of 10 best Impractical Jokers moments featuring Joe. What do you think about our picks? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below:

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